Simply Swim Uk
In a few weeks time we will be on our first family holiday. We are all super excited and have been busy saving up all those 2ps for the arcades, Jared has always enjoyed playing these when we have had a trip to the seaside..... read more

Idea's For An Affordable Date
Having kids has made it harder for Liam and me to spend time together, in the seven years that we have been together we have only been on a handful of dates. The thing is we love dates and spending time together without the kids so we can be a couple and not just mum and dad. I have made a little list (I love lists) of affordable date idea' more

Success In Online Dating
I used to think online dating was just a way to find a quick hook up. So naturally after I left my ex I signed up. You may be thinking that that was a bit of a quick move but mine and my ex's relationship had been loveless from the start, thank King Henry for divorce. I can't say I was looking for love in fact I was just looking for more of a casual more

My Ideal Home Improvements
Currently we don't own our home, which is a shame as there is so much that I would love to do to make the most out of the space we have. We live in a semi-detached 3 bedroom house with a drive and a very spacious garden. We're actually really lucky with the amount of space we have but there is so much more

HP Stream 14 Review

A little while back I found myself needing a new laptop as Eryn had managed to fry my circuit board and break my charger on my much loved Acer. All of my pictures and video's of both kids as babies are still on that laptop and I need to find someone more techy than me who can get them off for me. So I was without a laptop which is no good when I have decided to up my blog game. I had a budget to stick to which wasn't very generous more

Top 5 Binge Shows
Now that I'm no longer working I have more time to watch TV, well in between the episode's of Peppa Pig that I have to suffer through. Seriously how many times does that school roof need mending? On a night I tend to watch programmes that interest Liam as well as myself, although with the world cup on it's been more his interests than more

The Perfect Interview Outfit
It's that time of the year where a load of young people leave education, some will be leaving high school and looking at starting college or an apprenticeship and some may be embarking into the world of work after finish their final year in education. Which ever journey you are on you will at some point have an interview either for a job, apprenticeship or a place.... read more

Go Ape! Temple Newsam Review 
Go Ape has arrived in Leeds, well it arrived a few months ago but it nearly didn't arrive in Leeds at all. The site wasn't actually originally planned for Temple Newsam it was meant for Roundhay Park but we are glad we finally have a site in Leeds. For those who are reading this who have no idea what Go Ape.... read more

Get Fit For Free
Since being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes I have been making more of an effort to get fitter. I'm a realist so I know that I'm not going to be running marathon's anytime soon but I've got to start somewhere and running is a great way to start. Ok so maybe I walk quickly and jog more then run but it is a start and better than sat watching Jezza. I have a huge issue more

Tin Foil Curls
I can never get my hair to curl how I want it too. I have had loads of curling irons but none of them give me the look that I want. I accidentally came across a little tip, which I'm now going to share with you and show you how you how I did more

25 Before 25 2013

West Indian Carnival Leeds 2013
The Start Of An Old Chapter

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