Thursday, 25 April 2019

AnySharp Knife Sharpener

In our house the kitchen is where the most waste is, from food to packaging and everything in-between. As a family we have actively been trying to reduce our waste, tackling our recycling that little bit more.

After seeing that we were doing as much as we could it got me thinking bigger. The amount of times we have thrown out a chipped mug or blunt knives rather than recycle them, partly because it seemed too much effort. I've since started taking crockery to the local recycling center and as for the knives we have a great little kitchen gadget.

The gadget is the AnySharp knife sharpener. We were asked if we would like to review the product and it seemed perfect as I had been looking at buying one. When it arrive I was a little surprised as I had expected it to be a little bit bigger. However size isn't everything.

The AnySharp knife sharpener has a suction base so that it can sit securely on your counter top. In the past I tried to use a hand held sharpener and nearly lost a thumb so for me this feature is something that all knife sharpeners should have.

The use of the AnySharp is really simple, light strokes of the knife are key here. Many people push hard thinking it's needed but just light stories do the job. Liam has sharpened all the knives in the house after I done a few.

I mentioned that the AnySharp was smaller than I had expected. I think this is because in looking at other sharpeners they were large with handles or a gap for you to hold it down. I'm glad that the AnySharp is smaller in comparison because it makes it easier to store, I can even stick it to wall when not in use. Overall I'm really impressed with this and would recommend this.

*We have been sent the AnySharp for the purpose of this review, this does not impact any of my thoughts and opinions on this product and everything said is my own thoughts and opinion. 

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