Monday, 18 March 2019

Easter In West Yorkshire

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

How is it nearly Easter?! It only seems like a few weeks since I was getting the house back to normal after Christmas. With Easter so close I thought it would be nice to put together a little list of places that are doing an Easter Hunts or have some Easter activities going on. 

Swithens Farm - Rothwell Leeds
A little farm located in Rothwell, Leeds. They will be having Easter fun on the 13th and 14th of April. As well as the Easter egg hunt you can spend the day seeing the animals, feeding cows and maybe even bottle feeding a lamb. 

Kirklees Light Railway - Huddersfield
They are having an Easter Eggspress journey between the 19th - 22nd April. We went to this a few years ago and it was a good day. I would advise booking your ticket online on the day there are plenty of activities to take part in such as Easter crafts, bouncy castle, face painting a ride on the train plus chocolate treats. 

Temple Newsam - Leeds
The house and the farm will be hiding some monster eggs and children can find them all for the chance to win a eggcellent prize. This will run between 30th March until 22nd April. 

Royal Armouries - Leeds
A free to attend Easter activity based at the museum. There will be lots of things for the children to do including archery and sword schools. There will also be some live performances and story telling. This will run between 30th March until 14th April. 

Hardcastle Crags - Hebden Bridge
They are having a Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt on the 19th - 22nd April 11am until 4pm. There are a few Cadbury egg hunts dotted about you can find more on the website.

Pontefract Castle - Pontefract
Pontefract castle are holding a free dragon Easter egg hunt on April 18th from 11am until 2pm. As well as the hunt there will be other activities. We visit a lot during school holidays and the kids have always had a fun time and learnt a lot about the local history. 

The Hepworth - Wakefield
The Hepworth are holding a Easter themed afternoon tea, children will get an Easter egg and a visit from the Easter bunny. This will be on the 22nd April you can book online

Between the 6th April to 28th April the museum has a lot going on including an Easter Egg Hunt with a twist. There will be live history characters and on the 27th there will be some experts in Geology. It sounds a really great fun day out. 

Brodsworth Hall & Gardens - Doncaster
From Saturday 6th April until 28th April you can visit Brodsworth Hall & Gardens and take part in an Easter hunt. There will be clues so you can crack them and as a reward kids will receive a certificate, sticker and a chocolate treat.  

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Saving Dolls Hair

If you have a doll in need of a hair make over then keep reading. 

The other day I came across a bargain in a charity shop, a Disney Ariel doll. At a pound I couldn't resist getting it for my daughter, she came naked and a bit of felt tip on her face but I knew that could all be fixed. The hair however I wasn't so confident in fixing. Clearly Ariel had spent a lot of time in water and her hair had become one big dreadlock. 

I thought of just trying it back with a hair band after all Eryn would love her none the less. The more I stared at her the more it bugged me. 

I tried to just brush it but to no avail. I knew the hair was material based so I mixed up a solution of fabric conditioner (2tbsp) and warm water. 

With my solution in a spray bottle and took to her hair. I made as small a section as I could soaked her hair in the solution and combed it through. 

After finishing all the sections I left Ariel to dry her hair. It didn't know if it would stay as flat but it looked a lot better. 

Here is how Ariel's luscious locks look after drying. As you can see it has gained a bit of volume but it's looks so much better then being a mass. 

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Laminate Flooring Advantages & Disadvantages

Laminate Flooring: Advantage and Disadvantage

Choosing the right flooring that suits you can be exciting confusing and slightly frustrating all at the same time. If you’re looking for affordable and durable flooring that still looks fashionably amazing, even after the kids and the dog has run about on it all day, laminate flooring might be the answer. To help you decide, here are the advantage and disadvantages on why laminate flooring is a perfect solution for you home.

It’s also a bit tempting for its low cost and easy installation.


> Advantage: It is easy and fast to install.  You can install 300 square feet in a week. These past few years, it is required to use glue to put them together. But nowadays, laminate flooring types have a click/lock or fold/lock design that allows plank to fit together like puzzle pieces. Great excuse to invite your puzzle loving friends/family to help. The planks are constructed of soft particle board so it can be easily cut with a handsaw or even just a knife.

> Disadvantage: While it is designed to be easy, sometimes the click/lock or fold/lock will not work very well. The sides of the boards can be a little tough to join with adjoining sides. And if you force boards into place, you risk curling up the top layer and possibly hurting your fingers, you settle the ability of the floor to resist moisture.



>Advantage: It is easy to clean with just one sweep. You can just use a damp mop, vacuum or broom. You don’t need to use wax anymore.

>Disadvantage: Putting too much water into the seams between boards can cause swelling. Therefore, you need to use special laminate floor cleaner. There are also some floor wipes that are designed to work with laminate floors.


>Advantage: Powder rooms and kitchens are semi-moist areas that you can install laminate flooring where you can encounter topical moisture as one of the manufacturers Mannington calls it. You have to make your boards tight to each other leaving no avenue for moisture so that the laminate can resist some water.

>Disadvantage: However, if there are water leaks in kitchen and bathrooms, laminate floors might not tolerate flooded waters. You need an impenetrable surface like vinyl or porcelain tile for heavy moisture.


Durability and Maintenance:

>Advantage: Laminate flooring has a top coat that protects the photographic layer below. Not like woods that can be scratch or have dents. Laminate flooring is more durable, resists scratches (perfect for pet owners) and moisture.

>Disadvantage: If laminate is damage, had big scratch or cut out, it will not be fixed or refinished like solid hard wood. Therefore it must be replaced.


>Advantage: Some installation put underlayment because laminate flooring can feel hard on foot. It is easier to stand on especially on long period of time. When you’re standing, cooking and washing at the sink.

>Disadvantage: Laminate flooring may be slippery. Though, manufacturers are creating slip-resistant coating. It can also prevent electrifying circuit, so make sure your floor is always dry and clean.



>Advantage: Laminate flooring has a natural look of wood, stone and other materials. Not like real hardwood that has some unfurnished parts that needs to be re-fixed. Laminate flooring has a perfect surface. It's also a great cheaper alternative to the wood or stone.

>Disadvantage: Whole heartedly built characteristic was removed when you get near the surface. Most topics are inline in the same cycle.

Resale Value:

>Advantage: Laminate flooring manufacturers are doing their best to improve the product. There are 3 ways this product was improved, the micro bevels, deeper texturing, and better graphics reproduction.
Sending it near the cachet satisfies the solid hardwood and master piece wood flooring.

>Disadvantage:  Laminate flooring has traditionally failed on selling your home in a higher value. If you want to get high currency for your home, hardwood and master piece wood flooring is better to sell in a higher value.