Saturday, 26 January 2019

January Round Up

January is finally coming to an end, seriously it is like the longest month ever. Last year January started off pretty crappy for us as our car broke and ended up costing us a lot to repair. Thankfully 2019 has got off to an ok start.

So what have we been up to?

Liam has officially started his Vlog along with his two friends Reef and Elliot so he has been busy trying out a fre things with their latest blog being about VR.

Jared is back at school and Beavers. He has swung right back into his weekly routine which he needed as night time was becoming a big issue. Something exciting for him is that he has two sleepover trips with Beavers this year with the first being just weeks away.

Eryn has suddenly realised she hasn't been living up to the terrible two's stereotype. Tantrums are now in full swing along with wanting to eat everything and yet hating everything she is eating. Not long before Christmas we cracked the bedtime routine with her but now we are back at square one as Jared told her all about monsters. Aren't big brothers great!

And me? Well I'm still juggling work, kids, the house and finding some me time. I have a week off soon and I plan to use it to decorate the bedroom and maybe find a new binge worthy TV show. Suggestions welcome.

Hope all of you are having a great start to the year.

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