Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Ecigara Review

We were recently contacted and asked if we would like to review some E-cig liquids. Liam is an E-cig user so he will be writing this review.

I decided that I would try out a few flavours that I had never really seen before or tried in the past. I opted to go with Golden Palermo by Zap! Juice, Spark by Juice N Power and Blueberry Jam by King Vapes.

Starting with the Golden Palermo, I honestly wasn't sure what to expect from this juice and I honestly, cannot really explain the taste now. It is just an explosion of so many different fruit flavours that really compliment each other. The come in 10ml bottles so you do not have to worry about adding your own nicotine which is very handy if you are going out and do not have the space to carry around a 50ml bottle. They are also shaped like bullet which I like, it makes a nice change from the standard little stubby bottles most companies use.

On to the Spark, I had never heard of Juice N Power before but I was sold by the description on the website. Watermelon, lime and mint. This was a liquid that when I opened it, the smell wasn't as good as I imagined, infact it failed the smell test. However, it exceeded greatly in the taste test, it was a refreshing all day vape. I've had liquids including mint in the past which after a few hours you have to change as the mint is far to overpowering, but in this it is subtle but noticeable and the sweetness of the watermelon with the citrus tang of the lime make this liquid one not to miss out on.

I have saved my favourite liquid for last, I have never really had a blueberry based liquid before and I prefer stronger flavours but this is without a doubt one of the best liquids I have ever tried. I found undertones of toast, as if the blueberry jam was spread. It is a warm flavour not one that leaves feeling like you haven't actually had a vape hit.  Like the previous two, this is also a liquid I happily used regularly for days on end as I didn't get bored of the flavour.

Now onto the company, Ecigara do a wide range of products from liquids to tanks, to box mods all the way to new CBD oils. The offer free postage on any orders over £20 providing you live on the mainland of the UK and my deliver arrived within 4 days which was really good considering I had ordered last Sunday night. If you prefer to try you liquids before buying them they do have a few store around the UK for you to visit.

There website can be found here

To summerise, this is a company that would be great for any level of vaper, from the very new to the very old, their website design is simple enough to be able to find everything you need and the wide array of product means no customer is left out.

***I was sent these product for the purpose of a review, this has in no way influence my opinion on the products***

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