Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Slurpees Snot Suckers Review

Recently, we were sent the Slurpees Snot Suckers which Jared could not wait to get into. I mean what 6 year old boy doesn't like snot and slime?

We were sent a bag which included 4 slime suckers, a rug, a mug, a pair of socks and a hat. With one common them amongst them all... they were all snot colour green which although it is simple marketing it works very effectively to keep consistency amongst the products.

The Slime Suckers are 4 characters of different colours and each come with their own pot of snot! You can pull the snot, twist it, throw it, in short you can do what kids do best with it, that is play and have fun. If you squeeze the snot suckers they can actually suck up the slime which Jared found absolutely hilarious. It turned into a bit of a game of, who could suck up the most snot in the quickest time. Liam seemed to be like a big kid with them and was inventing loads of different challenges to play. They even attempted a tug of war with 2 of the snot suckers! If you lose the snot then these can double up to be bath toys as they are fully waterproof.

I was surprised to notice that after playing with the snot, your hands are still very clean and all they needed were to be dried off. We have had slime based product in the past which leave your hands a sticky green mess, almost as if you have actually sneezed snot into the palms of your hands

Overall, this product works perfectly for what it is designed to do. It is simple enough so any kid can pick it up and instantly know what to do and how to do it.
These can be purchased for £4.99 per Slurpees Snot Sucker so they make a perfect little stocking filler or something for the kids to buy with any Christmas money. 

***We were sent this product for free for the purpose of a review. This has not influence my opinion of this product in any way***

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