Friday, 23 November 2018

Shop Online At Wicked Uncle

I can't believe that it is Christmas next month!! I know some people are still not even thinking about the festive period but for me I'm in the middle of my shopping. I can't afford to leave it last minute but now that I'm back working a full time job I'm finding it a bit more difficult to get my bargain pressie's bought. I guess this is why so many people are switching to online shopping, but just where so you go to get those must have toys for the kids?

We recently worked with Wicked Uncle which is an online shop for Children's presents. The website makes shopping really simple especially for those who have no idea what to buy for children in the family. You can narrow down your shopping by age and gender and it will bring up appropriate toys which I found really useful when browsing for Eryn as even though she is two and a half she has no idea what she wants and I only have a rough idea of what to get. In fact by using this search option I found so many things for Eryn that I made a little list and have been sending it to people when they ask what to get her for Christmas.

As Jared is that bit older he is at that age where he wants everything he see's on TV so I used the search bar on the website to find some of the toys that he has asked for. The main one being Stickbots, he has been asking for these for a long time now and I feel he is now old enough to be able to use them and create something great with them, they were also a really good price a pack of two Stickbots for £9.95. As well as the Stickbots I also got Jared a Meccano model set which was also a priced at £9.95.

As well as having the search by age option there is also a search by most popular. I found this search option really fun to scroll through as I came across products that would be great for family members children and products that would make great secret Santa products such as a collection of odd socks. When it comes to checking out you have the option to have them gift wrapped which costs £3.50 for the first present then £1.75 for each additional present, you also get to choose the gift wrap. There are three options for delivery Royal Mail, DPD or you can collect in person if you live close by, they are based in Suffolk. Payments card be made by credit/debit card or you can use PayPal.

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