Friday, 26 October 2018

Zuru Smashers Gross Series 2 Review

When it comes to toy's Jared just loves toys that are collectable, by that I mean ones where they come in series and there is a list of characters to collect to complete the set. Smashers is just that toy and here is series 2 which is totally Gross.

To find out what Gross character you have festering inside just grab a Smasher, which has taken shape in this series as an eyeball and smash it and watch what oozes out. Will you get an eyeball with a slimy surprise?

Each Gross character belongs to and equally Gross category, there are 9 of these which includes the rare and ultra rare character's, Filthy Food, Odd Bodies, Icky Insects, Smash Trash, Toilet Humour, Rare Awful Animals, Ultra Rare Ooze Dudes, Glow In The Dark and Exclusives. There is an app you can download to keep track of what character's you have and which you still need or you can use the free guide that comes with the packs. 
The Smashers App
There are a few pack's you can choose from depending on how much Grossness you can handle, you can get them in pack's of one, three, eight and even twenty for only £16.99 from The Entertainer. If you are wondering where you are going to store all these Gross guys then you can either pop them back into their eyeball as they are fully rebuild-able or you can get disgustingly named Sludge Bus. 

The Sludge Bus comes with two exclusive characters. Inside the bus, once you unfold it,  you will find the perfect eyeball smashing spot, the toilet! Just load up your Smasher onto the catapult then watch as it smash's into the toilet avoiding the stinky poo. The Sludge Bus can hold up to fifty Gross Smashers. The best place I have found to purchase the Sludge Bus is B & M at £16.99 but it is available from most Toy store's and some supermarkets and priced at around £20-£24.99. 

The Gross Smashers are now available to buy and are suitable for children and adults aged over five, although this doesn't stop Eryn getting her hands on them. They are available in most Toy stores and also in some supermarkets like Tesco.

We have been sent this item for the purpose of this review but all opinions expressed are that of our own.  

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