Sunday, 9 September 2018

Review Of Ion8 Water Bottle

Just before we went away on holiday we were sent some water bottles to try out. Which was great as Liam is running more now and he needed one to take with him, I usually drive him to the racecourse. I had never heard of these bottles before but they mentioned being leak proof which I wanted to see for myself as previous bottles boasting of having leak proof features turned out to be wrong.

As well as the Ion8 Ultimate water bottle being leak proof it also had some other qualities that make it more appealing than other available bottles such as, being BPA and pahthalate free plus non-toxic. Which being a drinks bottle is pretty much needed. The bottle is made from Tritan which I have no idea what that is but it feels good and is strong which was tested by my toddler during a tantrum. It survived being launched onto the path.

Some features that Liam found really useful whilst running were the concave sides which had a band round it which prevented it from slipping from his sweaty palms. The bottle has an easy one hand open system for using this feature it is best to make sure that the safety lock is not on as otherwise you will be fumbling about.

We were sent two bottles and Liam claimed one Jared claimed the other as the bottle doesn't just have to be for sports use. In fact the bottle could even be used to take a nice cuppa with you on the school as it is suitable to hold liquid as hot as 96C or if you'd rather fill it with an ice cold beverage (vodka on the rocks maybe) then that's fine too as it can have liquids as cold as -10C.

I'm really impressed with the bottle for the fact it can be used for multiple uses other than just for sports. With it surviving it's first week on the playground at school it gets bonus points and other kids have said his water bottle is cool, apparently the flip lid and lock is awesome.

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