Thursday, 6 September 2018

Dancewear Central Giveaway

Ever since Eryn could move she has loved to dance, she would wiggle her body along to music she hear on TV adverts or on TV shows. When in the car she would dance along to the songs being played on the radio, so I knew that when the time was right it would be great to get her into some form of dance club.

When Eryn was just learning how to stand we joined a baby dance group which she enjoyed for a while but every class we did the same nursery rhymes and games and there wasn't as much dancing as we had hoped. We decided to leave the group and search for something else. 

Eryn will be joining baby ballet in as soon as her class times have been confirmed, I was unsure about ballet at first as the image I have is of graceful moves and Eryn is more energetic. I have um and ahhed about it for so long now and only took the plunge because I won't know if it's for her until she has tried it, plus it teaches them so much about movement. An added incentive was that she looks adorable in tutu's. 

If you are a parent of a dancer whether it is ballet, tap or ballroom then I'm sure you will of heard of Dancewear Central. They currently have a giveaway running where you could win a back to dance bundle to have a look at the giveaway and to enter just visit them here  the giveaway is on until the 26th September. Good Luck. D

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