Thursday, 16 August 2018

William's Den

Last weekend we were invited to visit William's Den which is located in North Cave in East Yorkshire. I had read a little bit about it on their website but when I'm going to review a place I don't like to read too much as I want to go in with an open mind. I was surprised that I hadn't heard of William's Den before as it is only half an hour away from us and we always look for places that are different to go and visit.

William's Den is an indoor outdoor play area, with everything designed for both children and adults to play on. When we first arrived we were welcomed had the rules of play explained and given some wrist bands to write on. We could see the indoor play area and it looked so good but we chose to explore outside first. Outside there is a range of area's to play in the mud kitchen was where we went first and cooked up a few mud pies, Eryn wanted to just run around so we left the kitchens and followed her lead which led us down to some hills and tunnels within the hills. I had a crawl through one as it reminded me of a tunnel that I used to play in when I was a kid at my local park. It wasn't very busy when we first arrived which was nice as we didn't have to wait to play. Which was great when it came to the swings as they are normally packed when we go places.

Liam had spotted the den building area and took Jared to start building while I had a swing with Eryn, it was short lived as she really wanted to help her dad and brother build. Soon enough we were all building our den which I have to admit was so much fun. The main frame for the den is already there but then there are big long sticks so that you can build your walls. We built a tee-pee shaped den and Jared was so proud that he had helped build this. Also outside there is a pile of rocks that you can climb on and a wooden climbing section, zip lines and a really fun sand play area that has a water pump. Some kids were soaked from head to toe as they splashed and played in the water. 

Before we went to play indoors we had some lunch. The picnic area is outside and there are plenty benches we sat inside a tee-pee tent to eat our lunch as there were a lot of wasps around and I was complete on edge. I had seen a few wasp traps but there seemed to be a big issue with wasps and it was something that everyone was mentioning. I know the venue can't help this but hopefully it is a problem that they can get sorted by having more traps. We think there must of been a wasp nest or two nearby. There is a cafe onsite for if you don't fancy taking a picnic but I can't comment on the food or prices as we didn't use it.

Inside to play. I was amazed when we walked in and were faced with a big indoor tree house. Everything was made from wood and there was a little stream of water with an indoor cloud above it, children standing in the raining and splashing. It was hard to keep track of Jared in here as he was just running and climbing everywhere. I mainly stuck with Eryn and we played in the sand and then I let her take the lead and show me where she wanted to go, up. We climbed up and explored there was a really soft areas with soft bricks and pillows. As my child turns feral when out in public she wasn't too interested in this room and we headed off across a long wooden walking plank and found some tree stumps that we could make music with. There were a few musical bits inside which Eryn liked. Eryn was able to walk and climb around it all with the odd help from me or Liam as she is two I thought she would struggle a bit but then she is a climber. Jared loved playing with everything and towards the end of our visit he went and stood under the inside cloud and got rather wet, his shoes are still drying.

We really enjoyed our visit and would love to go back again with some of our friends. If you book online you do get a discount of 10% babies under 12 months are free and although there isn't much for them to do they can go into the soft and crawl about. If you really enjoy your visit you can upgrade to a season pass and if you do that on the day of your visit they will take the money off that you have already paid to enter. (if you are reading this in months or years to come then please check this detail). William's Den also offers birthday parties which start at £12 per child.

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