Friday, 31 August 2018

Rubiks Cube School Prep

The summer holidays have been great to let the kids unwind and have a homework free 6 weeks! Although this is great and something that all kids love it is important to keep their brains active. Watching YouTube and playing Fortnite seemed to be the thing to do for majority of the kids this summer but we decided to restrict tablet time and get our son's brain to do a little work during the break.

We spent time as a family going places and even had a holiday but in the time that we were in the house (because I'm not made of money and can't take them out all day every day) I wanted to make sure that Jared wasn't glued to either the TV or his tablet, which actually died during the holidays causing upset even more tears shed when I told him he would have to wait until Christmas to see if he would get a new one. Luckily we were sent some fantastic Rubik's Cube puzzle's to try out, one being the standard 3x3 but also a 2x2 and a kitten shaped one.

Did you know that the Rubik's cube was actually first called the magic cube although I think really addictive but annoying would of also been a great name. The first cube we played with was the 3x3 I thought it would be a fun idea to mess it up right away and try and solve it, I still to this day have never solved a Rubik's cube. Jared spent ages turning the cube at random and managed to get on side done but then my dad told him it was all wrong and that there is a way to completing the cube. My dad is a little bit of a Rubik's fan in fact he has owned many over the years and has been looking at some of the bigger cube's to try and crack. Jared enjoyed learning about the way that the colours needed to be and spent some time watching video's of how it works and how to solve it which of course also led to speedcubing video's where people finish them in seconds!!

The 2x2 I thought would be super simple to complete because it was 2x2. Wrong! I was wrong very wrong it is actually pretty difficult and I got really frustrated with it Jared tried it and played with it for a good hour before asking his granddad for some help, he was more than happy to help. Jared watched and listened as my dad completed it in about 5 minuets explaining about the sides and the colours and the turns. He then messed it up and gave it back to Jared who spent ages trying to complete it. Again I still have not completed it.

The final cube or should I say kitten that we were sent is a junior version which is in the shape of a kitten. I messed this one up, a puzzle in itself, then handed it to Jared. On the first attempt he took a while to complete it as he couldn't figure out how to get the two head pieces back to get together once he had completed it I messed it up again and he had completed it within a minuet.

We are big fans of the Rubik's cube collections and I love how they kept Jared entertained yet also keeping his brain active. It's a great yet fun way of getting the kids ready for going back to school and having to work their brains, maybe school's should recommend it as homework in future alongside the reading. I will be getting some more Rubik's junior puzzles for Jared for Christmas as I think they are a great and simple plus they are cute.

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