Tuesday, 10 July 2018

HP Stream 14

A little while back I found myself needing a new laptop as Eryn had managed to fry my circuit board and break my charger on my much loved Acer. All of my pictures and video's of both kids as babies are still on that laptop and I need to find someone more techy than me who can get them off for me. So I was without a laptop which is no good when I have decided to up my blog game. I had a budget to stick to which wasn't very generous but I thought it would get me something that I could use to blog and save my crap on.

I shortlisted about 5 that I thought would do the job, I read the reviews and then made up my mind. The HP Stream was ordered and with me the next day and I loved how it looked. It was smaller than my Acer, lighter than my Acer plus it was purple. I love the purple colour, it wasn't a main selling point but it was nice to be able to have something other than the bog standard black.

I took to setting up the laptop and that is when I noticed it's actually more of a notebook than a laptop but I was fine with that. After a few days a prompt popped up stating there was an update so as you do you save all your stuff and wait for it to update. Error can't update! What the hell do you mean you can't update? I followed instruction's accepted what I needed why won't you update? I tried again and was again faced with ERROR. Storage full can't update. I was shocked how can storage be full when it literally had 5 pictures saved to desktop? I went through and deleted all the stuff that I didn't need like the game's and app's that were already installed. Try again. ERROR.

Delete more stuff. Try again. ERROR.

So I thought sod the update. I'll install the Office 365 which came free with the purchase. It downloaded several things then stopped, so I got in touch via the online chat I gave permission for him to control my laptop from his end. Two hours later he found that there isn't enough storage I told him to delete everything that I didn't and still not enough storage.

Now when I was comparing laptops and reading reviews most of the reviews stated it was great for uni work and for just saving a pictures and surfing the internet. Which is pretty much all I needed it for. This could not be more incorrect!!

If you are considering buying this laptop then I would urge you to think again. This laptop is only good for if you want to use the internet or stream Netflix. It will not save many picture's, word document's and certainly will not have enough space to download anything like Origin (trust me I tried). If you are thinking of buying this for your daughter or son who is off to uni again I would advise against this as they will need to purchase an external hard drive or a mountain of USB sticks.

HP you have basically made a tablet with a keyboard attached.

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