Tuesday, 3 July 2018

A Two Year Old's Wish List

At the end of this month my daughter turn's two. This past year has flown by and we have watched our daughter turn into a funny. smart and argumentative little girl. Eryn is pretty independent but also a mummies girl. With her birthday being just weeks away we have had so many people ask what to get her so I thought I would create this post because apart from anything branding Peppa Pig's face what do you get a two year old?

If my daughter needs anything at the moment then it is clothes. The problem is there is so many to choose from and some so expensive (who knew girls would cost a fortune?). I love being able to grab a bargain for her and have got some great outfits for her from Primark and TKmax but lately I have found some amazing dresses which are handmade. There are many little online boutiques who have a small but beautiful range of dresses, skirts, shorts and much more. One of my favourites is a dress that has a bee design on it and is made by That's Just Crafty there is also a skirt with the bee design too which is also gorgeous. The price of the dress is more than what I would normally pay if I bought it from the high street but I know that a lot of time has been put into making it and that the quality is a very high standard. What little girl wouldn't look adorable in these?


Eryn is really into shape sorter's and puzzle's and at this age I encourage her to play with them as often as possible. She loves trying to figure it but can become a little bored playing the board style one's. So in my search of finding something she will love and that is also that bit special I found Peek A Boo Puzzle. You can have your own images put on to the board so that when the shape is removed your image is underneath. I like these because I not only can are they personal but they can also be a keepsake, my two favourite things ever. Other puzzle's that I have been looking at are the big floor puzzles and also a huge foam Peppa Pig one.

Can a girl ever have too many shoes? In Eryn's case no because she loves shoes. She wears her own shoes, my shoes, Dad's shoes and has even tried to put other people's shoes on at softplay. I have seen some lovely pair's of Mini Melissa's which are currently on sale and I know she will love them.

Not so exciting for her but I want to make her bedroom more snuggly in the hope's that it will help her learn to fall asleep in her own room. I'm going to find a nice warm light night light, I have seen a few in the Range. Her shelves are looking slightly bare so I would like to add to her little collection of snow globes. Eryn's room is really bright which is a nightmare at any time of the year so I will be making her some blackout blinds. I have found some gorgeous patterned fabric which will be lined with the blackout blind material.

I know that she will get more toy's bought for her but I really hope that these will be appreciated just as much as a toy. As well as the above I also hope to have a little tea party in the garden with a bouncy castle and BBQ for tea. I find children are tricky to buy for so I hope this list can help inspire you to find something different from the usual toy's. 

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