Sunday, 24 June 2018

Get Fit For Free

Since being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes I have been making more of an effort to get fitter. I'm a realist so I know that I'm not going to be running marathon's anytime soon but I've got to start somewhere and running is a great way to start. Ok so maybe I walk quickly and jog more then run but it is a start and better than sat watching Jezza. I have a huge issue about being out and about on my own so my first choice was to look at joining a gym and just using a treadmill and maybe the bikes, sadly my bank balance and time doesn't stretch enough. However there are many ways to get fit for free.
Photograph by John Kees
I have started to attend Parkrun with my son on a Sunday morning. Liam attends the one for adults on a Saturday but due to the time and lack of child care I can't go to that one which in a way is a blessing as with the junior one I can jog and walk and not look like I'm completely hanging, basically my son is shielding how unfit I am. Parkrun has events up and down the country and is free to join in, you can register online for a barcode which if you take with you will be scanned and you will be emailed your time and position that you came, not that it is a race I think it's so you can keep a tally on your progress.

Another great free running group that is local to myself and I think has other's dotted about the UK is Sweatshop running group. It is run out of a the Sweatshop clothing store and there are a choice of routes to follow, what makes this different to Parkrun is that it is held on an late afternoon early evening and you don't have a way to check your time unless you use your own timer or Fitbit.

Work out at home. So this sounds a lot easier then it actually is, I have an app that has been giving me notifications and inspirations for the past month and a half. The thing is I haven't actually completed any of the routines yet. I find it difficult at home not to just give up I have nobody to watch me and make me feel guilty for giving up. I also find that I go into it to hard and fast as a lot of the apps and free work out video's that can be found on YouTube are for those people who have some level of fitness and aren't a complete potato like me.

When I first looked at how to get fit for free I came across boxing. So technically it is free but the catch is you need to raise money for charity, not that this is a bad thing to do. I signed up but then realised the fight night was on a birthday that I couldn't miss. The main reason I wanted to do this was for the free 8 weeks training that you get, it would boost motivation and fitness levels which would then make it easier to fall into a natural routine of exercise. You would also get great skills make some friends and who knows you could be the next Mike Tyson (I know nothing of boxing can you tell?). If this tickles your fancy then check out White Collar Boxing.

A lot of people take up a sport that will have a small cost to begin with but will be free to do every day of the week, cycling is one of these. There are many benefits to cycling and anything I can do while sat on my butt is a plus. Cycling can become expensive the more you get into it but there are website that can help with the cost such as

I would love to see the Government invest money into free to use outside Gyms. You know the ones that you see on TV next to the beaches in California. As a main topic at the moment is about the rise of obesity and obesity related health problems I feel that this would be a benefit in trying to tackle this issue. Every time I have sat speaking to my doctor I have been told to change my diet and exercise more which is great advice but when they suggest exercise it has always been in the form of a gym or an activity club.

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