Wednesday, 6 June 2018

A Beginner's Guide To Electronic Cigarettes And Vaping

This Year I will have been stopped smoking regular cigarettes for three years. I had been smoking since I was a teenager and didn't think I would ever give up. I had tried patches and gums but they never helped with the urge which I'm sure if you are a smoking you will know what I mean. I used an e-cig to help me quit and my partner did the same he is now what I class a vaping expert. For those of you who are unsure of what it is or if you are looking to stop or switch then have a read below.

What Is An E-Cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes or personal vaporisers, and are clever alternatives to the traditional tobacco cigarette. Nowadays, there are thousands of these items on the market and some of the models are designed to look like traditional cigarettes; however, there are also models that are more exotic in their appearance. An e-cigarette operates by turning a flavoured liquid into water vapour which the smoker will inhale. Once the smoker inhales the vapour, it feels similar to taking a 'drag' from a cigarette.

All e-cigarettes are created using a rechargeable battery, a liquid tank (which is known as e-liquid), and an atomiser. The atomiser is the part of the e-cig that turns the e-liquid into water vapour and is the most important part of the product. E-liquids are available in a plethora of nicotine strengths to suit the user's preferences; in fact, some of the e-liquids do not have any nicotine in their makeup.

The refill e-liquid contains approximately half a dozen ingredients licensed for human consumption, while traditional cigarettes contain approximately 5,300 ingredients that are known to be either carcinogenic or toxic in nature.

Why Should I Use An Electronic Cigarette?

The majority of people in today's society are opting for e-cigs over traditional tobacco cigarettes. This is because they prefer to inhale nicotine in a cool mist with well-known ingredients that are approved for consumption as compared to inhaling toxic smoke from a traditional cigarette. It is a well-known fact that smoking tobacco cigarettes is detrimental to one's health and that people who smoke tobacco die young. The e-cig has minimal or no odour, no second-hand smoke issues, no risk of harming any people surrounding you, and does not leave the smell of smoke on your hair or clothes.

How Do Electronic Cigarettes Operate?

An electronic cigarette presents with a head unit and a battery. Most often rechargeable batteries are utilised, and the head with the end fittings at the mouthpiece consist of an atomiser coil that is heated by this battery. It should also be noted that e-cigs contain a cartridge holding refill e-liquid.

In certain e-cig models, the atomiser and cartridge are combined to form a 'cartomiser'. When the switch is pressed or air is pulled through the cartomiser, the heating element vaporises the e-liquid and a cool mist is produced. Similar to a traditional cigarette, you need to draw in the air to enjoy
the 'smoke'; however, you will be 'smoking' a water-based vapour that contains flavouring and nicotine if desired. No combustion is required and nothing is lit; all that happens is the e-liquid is heated and vaporised.

What Is An E-Liquid?

E-liquid refers to the 'juice' used in the electronic cigarette. It is available in a plethora of flavours ranging from drinks, alcoholic beverages, fruits, spices, foods, and popular standard cigarettes. The liquid contains vegetable glycol and propylene glycol as ingredients. Propylene glycol or PG has a naturally sweet taste and produces less vapour than vegetable glycol or VG; it is the more commonly used e-liquid option. VG forms a denser vapour that can cause difficulty when vaping because it has a thicker e-liquid; therefore, the atomiser can have problems heating it correctly and the smoker may have the sensation of a harsh throat hit. VG and PG are available in a variety of nicotine strengths and flavours.

Who Can Utilise An Electronic Cigarette?

E-cigarettes can be used by individuals over the age of 18 who are searching for a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. No other person should use an electronic cigarette.

Can I Use An E-Cigarette Anywhere?

No, definitely not! Certain regions, such as cities, have introduced laws prohibiting the use of electronic cigarettes in public areas. A person can allow or prohibit the use of items in their own home, but transport authorities and property owners of public buildings can prohibit e-cigarette usage.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Healthier Options?

It is impossible to say with certainty whether or not the e-cigarette is a healthier option as there are no long-term clinical trials to disprove or verify the statement. The latest version of the e-cigarette was created in 2003 and has been used widely since the year 2006. Whether or not it is healthier than a traditional tobacco option is a decision you need to make on your own; however, most people consider the decision as a no-brainer. Would you prefer to inhale a cool mist containing half a dozen ingredients, or inhale a toxic bonfire? This is the reason why electronic cigarettes are becoming popular on a global scale.

Is Nicotine Dangerous?

Contrary to popular belief, nicotine is not the dangerous ingredient in tobacco cigarettes; it is the smoke from the cigarette that kills a person. Smoke and combustion artefacts result in heart disease lung cancer and various other physical conditions. No medical evidence is available to suggest that nicotine is more dangerous than, for example, caffeine; however, it needs to be appreciated that all people test positive for nicotine as an element in their natural diet. This is so significant it must be repeated - all people test positive for nicotine as part of their daily diet

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