Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Strip Naked & Re-Dress With Happiness: A Review

When it comes to self help books there are so many to choose from it can be hard to find one that works for you. All self help books are striving to do the same which is to help their audience with their words. I have in the past tried a few different self help books but I just couldn't get into them and they ended up sitting on the book case gathering dust.

Before I tell you my thoughts on the book I just want to tell you a little bit about the author, Maria Hocking. Maria Hocking in her own words is a writer, life changer, inspirational speaker and motivational trainer. She thrives on helping people change their lives with her heart and her words. Maria is a married woman who enjoys a life living by the coast with her children you can read more about Maria on her website.

'This book will show you how to use your nakedness to find a higher level of happiness.
You will get naked. You will get hopelessly lost. There will be times in your life
when you find yourself severely challenged by your circumstances, times that will 
leave you questioning your life, your reality and your identity. During these times you may try desperately 
to hold on to the threads of who you are, when all you need to do is let go.'

The book has a great metaphor which really helps if like me you like to visualise your path. It's all about stripping down and layering yourself back up. As with all self help books there is an event in the author's life that has given them a push to change and over come obstacles in their life. For Maria there were 3 major challenges that she had faced in her life. She share's these challenges and the first one being the loss of her hair at such a young age of 24. Throughout the book there are 'changing room tips' some are longer than other's some of these tip's are more helpful than other's but this is not a dig at the book I'm simply applying what is useful for me in my life.

I enjoyed the book and I have gained some useful information after reading this but as I have mentioned above each person is different so not all will apply. There is a part that mention's not using medicine, for me this is something I can't change. I need my medication or I else I put myself at risk of serious ill health or death. But then I can also see that not all medicine is needed I often try to find an alternative if I can. For a part I felt somewhat jealous of Maria as she has the luxury of being able to live a lot more comfortably then I ever will be able to. I would love to be able to study and change my career but it's simple not possible when I have two small children and would need childcare to go back into education. I think that this point is something I find many self help books have and some can seem to make it easy to just stop everything and pursue your dreams. I found it best for me to highlight the parts in the book that applied to my life and I knew would be useful to change certain aspects of my life. I couldn't help think that maybe my mind wasn't fully ready to get completely naked but I know that I have the book there to turn back to for when I am ready to strip bare.


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