Thursday, 11 January 2018

What To Do With Old Toys

Now that Christmas is over your kids probably have some toys that will no longer get played with now that they have no shiny ones. The question is what do we do with these toys?
Thousand of these once loved playing companions will end up in land fill when they are still perfectly fine to use.

Recycling centre's won't accept toys but if a toy is broken then parts of it may be able to be recycled. For example if you have some board games that have missing pieces then parts like the box it was in might be able to be recycled. Any toys and games that have batteries or battery packs can be removed and then be recycled.

Many people de-clutter after Christmas which means you may have more than just old toys to get rid of. You could do a small car boot sale and make a little money back on your old things. If you don't fancy standing in the cold there are many online selling platforms that you can use, just remember to include postage fee's if you agree to post items out.

Donating item's you can check with local hospitals and GP offices if they would accept any donations of good quality toy's or books. I know my local hospital is always grateful as it's not just the children's wards that need these things, think of all the waiting rooms with bored children. Of course there are other places to try as well such as nurseries, childminders and even some churches. If you have suitable game's or puzzles then some care home's may accept these.

If you have a local toy library this might be another good option this means that children can borrow a toy for a short period of time. Great for those moment's when your child loves Spiderman for just that week then decides Power Rangers are the best thing ever. They always need donations.

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