Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Head Lice, Hedrin Plus A Giveaway

At some point in your life you will encounter these pesky little buggers that live in your hair. The very thought of them often makes your head begin to itch. If you are like me as soon as your child starts scratching out come's the comb, luckily we have only had them once and they were gone almost as quick as they arrived. Now that Jared is at school I'm more aware of them and check his hair on a regular basis even more so when we get the dreaded head lice letter that get's sent round.

When it comes to head lice nearly a 3rd of parents go into a state of panic, who can blame them we don't want them. There are many rumours that go around about head lice and here are a few little myths that you might of heard. 
  • Head lice can be caught by sharing a hairbrush, towel or bedding. Head lice can only survive on a head they quickly die when they aren't close to their food source. Adults and nymphs normally become too dehydrated to be able to feed between just 8-12 hours off of the head. 
  • Head lice only live in clean hair. Well this is a load of rubbish as when I was growing up I was told they only live in dirty hair so which is it? Well it's both and neither, head lice do not have a preference as to what condition your hair is in. 
  • Head lice prefer longer hair. All that space with such long hair they could set up a little country. However they don't have a preference on hair length as they can survive on just 2mm of hair. Head lice like to live by the scalp, makes it easier to feed I guess. 

There are many ways you can get rid of head lice and keep them away, and many products to choose from. It can be confusing on what to use, Hedrin have a great selection of products to choose from for every stage Detection, Treatment, Post Treatment and Protection. Of course the best bit of equipment you will need is a good head lice comb, you will need to use a comb that is designed for catching head lice. The teeth on a head lice comb should be no more than 0.3mm apart. After this you will need to treat the hair Hedrin have three treatment's to choose from which are Hedrin's 4% lotion, Hedrin Once and Hedrin treat and go. After treating the hair you will need to remove the dead eggs from the hair using Hedrin's stubborn egg removal kit can make them easier to comb out of your child's hair. Finally to keep the head lice away you can use a protection, Hedrin's Protect and Go spray which you can apply to the hair after every wash. 

I now have a little giveaway for you to win Hedrin Once treatment and Hedrin stubborn egg loosening lotion.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* The giveaway is for 1 Hedrin Once Treatment and 1 Hedrin Stubborn egg loosening lotion. There will be one winner only and the winner will be chosen at random via Rafflecopter. This giveaway is only available to UK residents there is no cash alternative. The winner will be notified by email if no response is given within 21 days then the giveaway will be re drawn. 

Thursday, 11 January 2018

What To Do With Old Toys

Now that Christmas is over your kids probably have some toys that will no longer get played with now that they have no shiny ones. The question is what do we do with these toys?
Thousand of these once loved playing companions will end up in land fill when they are still perfectly fine to use.

Recycling centre's won't accept toys but if a toy is broken then parts of it may be able to be recycled. For example if you have some board games that have missing pieces then parts like the box it was in might be able to be recycled. Any toys and games that have batteries or battery packs can be removed and then be recycled.

Many people de-clutter after Christmas which means you may have more than just old toys to get rid of. You could do a small car boot sale and make a little money back on your old things. If you don't fancy standing in the cold there are many online selling platforms that you can use, just remember to include postage fee's if you agree to post items out.

Donating item's you can check with local hospitals and GP offices if they would accept any donations of good quality toy's or books. I know my local hospital is always grateful as it's not just the children's wards that need these things, think of all the waiting rooms with bored children. Of course there are other places to try as well such as nurseries, childminders and even some churches. If you have suitable game's or puzzles then some care home's may accept these.

If you have a local toy library this might be another good option this means that children can borrow a toy for a short period of time. Great for those moment's when your child loves Spiderman for just that week then decides Power Rangers are the best thing ever. They always need donations.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

My Goals For 2018

I was a little bit wobbly when I entered 2018 but I felt positive. I saw the New Year in with my children, fiance and family that we don't see often. We went to a party held at the village hall in my childhood village, my uncle was doing the disco and we all brought our own drinks and food. New Year's day was spent with my family and we had a lovely roast dinner. I had began to think of 2018 and how I wanted to achieve more this year with my life and how I didn't want to just survive anymore I want to experience and live.

My first goal is something that I have wanted to do for a while, write an autobiography. I have given myself 9 months to complete this and if I finish sooner then that will be great. I would love to get it published also. There are a few reasons why I want to do this the main one being for my own mental health, I find it easier to deal with my life by writing it down. Another reason is I would love to develop my writing skills and what better way then to set myself such a challenging goal. It will be emotional but also rewarding.

This year I want to take my children on holiday. To most people this is something normal but for us this is difficult, we can't afford holiday every year and in fact the last holiday we took was back in 2014 in a family members caravan. Sadly that person doesn't have the caravan anymore so we just haven't been away. I'm hoping we can save a bit of money and have a little break away.

I would love to lose weight. Ok now nearly the entire population of the world has this goal. I find it super hard to lose weight not just because of my love for everything sweet but because I have an under active thyroid as well as other issues, no spare time or money to go to a gym and I also can't get to a good slimming world group. This year though I'm determined as my health is suffering.

It would be great if I could start being able to save up for a wedding. Liam purposed last April and we thought we would of been able to at least put a deposit down by now but thanks to life throwing lemons at us it's just not been possible.

These are the main things I want to achieve in 2018. I'm a realist when it comes to life and don't think having a list of goals as long as my arm is a good way to go as you often end up feeling disheartened and down towards the middle/end of the year when you haven't achieved much.