Sunday, 26 November 2017

Board Games: Top 10

With Christmas fast approaching it got me thinking about which family board game we will play this year after our Christmas dinner. The past few years we have played a range of games and we rarely stick to the same game every year as someone always get's a new one bought for them. Last year we played Obama Llama.

Here is my list of the games I think are great fun for all the family.

1. Monopoly - This is game that needs no explanation and if you don't know what this game is then where have you been living all your life. You can buy nearly any version of this game The Simpson's, Star Wars, Fallout etc etc. This year I have bought Jared an Angry Bird version which was a bargain at £8 in B&M.

2. Cluedo - This is without a doubt my sisters favourite game, she brings out every week and nags for a game. While I enjoy this game I do find that I can't play many times as I get bored, again there are a few versions of this game other than just the bog standard. I think my favourite has to the Sherlock Holmes version which I came across online.

3. The Logo Game - I think this game is just called The Logo Game. I first played this when we spent Jared's first Christmas at Liam's mum's. I had no idea what I was doing and there was a bit of cheating going on from Liam which caused a disagreement, which of course makes it a true Christmas. The game is fun and I believe that it is regularly updated with new versions.

4. Trivial Pursuit - Another game with many versions from Harry Potter to Hasbro! This is a game I always lose at. I know a lot of stuff just not a lot stuff that is asked in this game, I think I would be safer playing the child version but still fear I would be beaten.

5. Bop it! - Technically not a board game but still a great family favourite game to get mad at and throw a tantrum. I once tried to beat a high score and after playing with the damn thing for two weeks I took the batteries out and left it in a cupboard. I do plan of buying the newer version this year though.

6. Hungry Hippo's - Jared love love love's this game. I have to admit it is an easy fun game that keeps the younger children occupied while there is in argument in the kitchen over the Turkey. The only issue I have with this games is that the balls get lost! Why can I not just buy replacement balls? Why do I have to then purchase game over and over again just to make sure I have balls to feed these Hippo's?

7. The Game Of Things - This is a new game that we were sent a little while back. We loved it and it is so funny to see the answer's that are given. How it works is there is a person who read's the card which could say 'Things you shouldn't say to your boss' then you each write down your answer hand it to the person who read the card out and they will then read each answer given. The person to the left of the reader will then get to guess who has wrote which answer but if they get their first guess wrong then it moves on to the next person. Now we had some great fun with this game and you can really tell which people in the family are psychopaths. You can read my full review here.

8. Obama Llama - This game was created by radio presenter Matt Edmondson, I used to listen to the game on his show and would get so angry as some people just didn't get the concept that it had to rhyme. So you get cards which are in three categories, Solve it, Describe it, a person. So say you get the Solve it card someone would read out the clue to the answer which will rhyme (IT ALL RHYMES) 'Depression era bandit couple turn to stone' the answer would be 'Bonnie and Clyde are petrified'. The game will make you all laugh and there will be some who have no idea what is going on which kind of makes it more fun.

9. Pie face - The game everyone went crazy for! while you let your bursting belly take a rest why not let the kids make even more mess and slap a bit of squirty cream in each others faces. I prefer to watch this game rather than take part, yes I'm a party pooper.

10. The Game Of Life - I still have a early version of this, one that isn't all electronic and taking planes and boats to other lands. I love this game so much that I don't even care if I don't win. As a little girl I would hope that I would get the card saying you had a baby just so I could load more pegs into my car, I loved that there was a spinner instead of a dice it made me feel like I was on Wheel Of Fortune.

What is your family favourite game? and what will you be playing this Christmas?

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Review: The Game Of Things

A little while back we were sent a game. This game was called The Game Of Things, at first I thought it was maybe based on that TV show that sounds similar. Of course it wasn't and I was glad as I don't watch that show (I know where have I been? Why not?) and it would of made it really difficult and not much fun. Anyway let's get on with talking about it.

Let me just tell you about the packaging and the fact that this game comes in a wooden box! I love that it comes in a wooden box as for me it makes the price a bit more justifiable, not that this game is majorly expensive compared to other on the board game market £32.99. The box isn't covered in loads of pictures or words it's simply basic but nice. Inside the box you will find everything you need to play the game, pencils, note pad's and the playing cards.
The concept of the game is to basically guess who wrote what. You have one person who read's out a description on the card 'Things you shouldn't laugh at' and then you all write an answer down like for this I could write seeing your child drop their ice-cream. Another example is 'Things you shouldn't say to your boss' someone might write 'How about you go and do some actual work'. FYI I have tamed my answers right down as one thing I noticed whilst playing the game with my mum and two teenage sister's is that we used murder a lot in our answer's. Of course our answer's were really amusing to us and on one description we all wrote the same. My sister was in charge of taking note of the score's but we scrapped the score keeping as it was just so much fun and we didn't really care who won. 

I would say this game would be great for teen's and those heading off to uni, I'm sure they could come up with a way to turn it into a drinking game. I recommend it for that age as it is a more social game and not one you can just grab out the cupboard if you want to play a family game. 

*** The Game Of Things was sent to for the purpose of a review. This review is based on my honest opinion of the game after having played it. All thoughts are solely based on what I think. 

Monday, 13 November 2017

Irish Cream Cheesecake Balls

It's that time of the year again where everything can contain alcohol. We seem to get October and all of a sudden we are making beef ale stews and adding sherry to trifles. So this recipe will not fail when it comes to the alcohol.

320g of chocolate digestive biscuits
250g Mascopone
100ml Irish Cream
200g white chocolate
100g dark chocolate

1. Smash up the biscuits to create a fine biscuit crumb.

2. Add the mascopone and Irish cream to the biscuit crumbs.

3. Make balls from the mixture (around 20) and place in the fridge for 20mins.

4. Melt the white chocolate and cover the balls.

5. Drizzle melted dark chocolate over the topos the balls then return to the fridge until you are ready to demolish them.

I really enjoyed make these, they are super easy and really tasty. If you fancied your cheesecake balls to taste more strongly of Irish cream then use less mascopone and add more Irish cream.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Weird And Wonderful Foods

The other day I sat down with something a little bit different for my lunch. A chicken and mushroom pot noodle, Sandwich. Now I do like a pot noodle but I only really have one in a Sandwich. Apparently this isn't to everyone's taste but then not everything is. I took to social media to see if I could find some other obscure food combinations, I was not let down at all.

A common theme seemed to be Sandwiches and that literally anything in-between two slices of bread was edible. Here are a few you may enjoy or might want to try:
Lettuce and Bovril
Bacon crisps in a ham sandwich
Strawberry jam sandwichs with salt and vinegar crisps
Cheddar cheese and jam sandwiches
Mint sauce sandwiches
Twiglet sandwiches
Bovril and cream cheese sandwich
Pea Sandwich with ketchup
Marmite, cheese spread and ham on a cracker Ok so this is cracker based but sounds amazing and like it would work well in bread.

Another main ingredient in weird food combinations is crisps. I'm not a huge crisp lover I have my flavours and I'm not too experimental with them but other people are and that makes some tasty combo's:
Ready salted crisps dipped into salad cream
Cool Doritos dipped into cookie dough ice cream
Ready Salted crisps with milk chocolate also flavour of choice dipped in melted chocolate
Crushed chilli heatwave Doritos on top of tuna pasta bake, or any pasta bake
Cottage cheese with crushed up crisps
Quavers with Gravy
Wotsits on top of a pot noodle

I'm not sure as to how these combinations came together. Some I think are an amazing taste sensation and others I think are a recipe for a dodgy tummy. For many of my odd combo's they stem from being a child or a young woman with hardly any money and just bread and a pot noodle in the kitchen. One of the oldest combo's from my childhood that I do not have anymore is a drink I made. I would get a cup of coke and add a couple sachets of sugar (as if there wasn't enough) I would then add several little milk creamer pots, give it a stir and down it went.

I just want to thank the following for sharing their weird and wonderful combinations.
Nick from
Katy from
Aleena from mummy mama mum
Pete from household money saving
Anna from
Sarah from
Lynne from mad maddens
Kate from mummy kate
Rebecca from Queen Bee Becca
Alex from better together home
Sharon from
Cat from rock and roll pussycat
Georgina from

Monday, 6 November 2017

Purple Vouchers Book

I have recently been sent a Purple Vouchers Book and if you live within the Leeds, Wakefield and Doncaster area it could really benefit you. I have been telling all my friends and family about it and have suggested to them it would make a great Christmas gift. So the book is full of great discounts and free entry into some amazing places. Each book has a membership card that you need to show when using the vouchers. When you register your card online you are entered into a competition to win a car as well so just think you could win a car just by saving money.

Since receiving my book I have used a voucher at Country Baskets (local craft store) which was £10 off of a £30 spend so I bought a few festive items. I have plans to use one of the vouchers for soft play at Xplore which I know the kids will love and also the voucher for bingo where hopefully I will get lucky and win big. I was really surprised by how many great deals are within the book, I'm yet to find any better deals online. As a working family we do sometimes find it difficult to make the pounds stretch and this can result in the kids spending a school holiday doing nothing as we are busy working overtime but now we can look in the book and find somewhere to go that will be cheaper for us. This is a book that I will happily purchase in the future. A few of the deals include:
40% off entry to Lightwater Valley
2 for 1 entry to Diggerland
Free Burger King
2 for 1 Subway
You can find a list of the deals here

Table Tots, Andy and Jude provided me with this book as they are promoting it and selling it at events and on their website website.  The Purple Vouchers book can be purchased at Table Tot's sales with £5 from every book purchased going to charity, Martin House Children's Hospice. If you are unsure of what Table Tot's is it an independent event organised in Yorkshire with more than 60 events a year, Baby and Children's sales, indoor markets, Christmas craft fairs and New Winter indoor boot sales. I will be posting more about Table Tot's as I'm due to have my first ever selling experience with them, I'm usually just buying everything so it is something I'm looking forward too.

You can find a list of all the up coming Table Tot's sales here.