Monday, 18 September 2017

Great Uses For Baby Shampoo

A few days ago I found another great use for baby shampoo. I got speaking to a few mum's who also found alternate uses, rather than just washing our kids hair. I was actually surprised at some of the uses and wondered how you would even think to use it for that. I'm glad they did anyway as I can now share that use with you.

1. Good bye shower gel, well not completely but when it comes to shaving my legs I'm ditching the shaving gels and shower gels and using baby shampoo. My legs were so soft and smooth after using this, I actually sat rubbing my nice silky smooth legs. 

2. Cleaning make-up brushes, I'm guilty of never cleaning any of my make up brushes. I'm not very good with the whole make-up girly bits but I was told that using a drop of baby shampoo mixed with some warm water will make those make-up brushes like new. 

3. And it's not just make-up brushes that it will clean. It will clean water based paints off of your brushes too. 

4. One for the dad's keep a bottle handy in your tool box for if you need to lubricate any rusty nuts and bolts. I was told this is great for lubricating and also cheaper than some of the products you can buy. 

5. A friend who is a hairdresser says that it is good for soaking brushes and combs in to remove any oil's from them. This is something I'm currently trying as my hairbrush is in need of a good soak. 

6. Cleaning, I pulled a face at this one but apparently it is good for cleaning your cooker tops and the bathroom. I love having a clean cooker so this is something I'm keen to try out as I spend a fortune on cooker and oven cleaning products. For the bathroom it's good for getting your taps sparkling clean plus it smells good. 

Do you have any unusual uses for baby shampoo? Have you tried any of the above mentioned? I'd like to add that it doesn't have to be a named brand baby shampoo the keep and cheerful brands work just as well.   

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Lazy Sunday Film List

It's Sunday the weather isn't cracking and everyone is bored but doesn't actually want to do anything or go anywhere. So what we find best, when we can't drag the kids out unless kicking and screaming is to just grab some snacks and watch a film or two. 

Here is our top 10 of movies to watch as a family. 

1. Finding Dory: The sequel to Finding Nemo and probably the more enjoyable of the two. We love watching this as it's a fun and adventurous film plus you can learn to speak whale!! Surely that classes as some sort of education as well. 

2. Monsters Inc: We have seen this film countless amounts of time but that is why it's on this list. We love Sully. We have watched the follow on's and we will happily watch any of them so I would like to say that this could include any of the films. 

3. Shrek: Who doesn't love Shrek? Lord Farquaad maybe but I think even deep down he has a soft spot for the smelly Orge. We love Shrek because it has everything you want in a film. 

4. Jurassic Park: Any of the films is a hit in our house. Jared sits on the edge of his seat asking what is going to happen and Eryn she tries to make dinosaur noises every time she hears a roar. In fact Jared, Eyn and I watched Jurassic Park 3 last night. 

5. Trolls: I'm not the biggest fan of this film but that could be because I have seen and heard this film about a thousand times already. I now know all the songs and could probably do a voice over of the film without the script. 

6. Willy Wonker: I love this film so so much. As a child my Grandad looked very similar to Gene Wilder so one day I asked him if it was him? Yes he said. I knew it so I told everyone and I believed this for many years, of course my Grandad wasn't Gene Wilder. I'm not a fan of the re-make and it is banned in our house. 

7. Big Hero 6: I just don't understand how this film wasn't a bigger hit. Baymax is super cute and funny not to mention a hero. If you have never seen this film then you need to! I don't care if you don't even have kids you need to watch this film. 

8. Wall-E: Robots need I say anymore. When we watch this I always tell Jared that if he just sits and watches TV and doesn't exercise or play outside then he will turn into a fat man on a floating bed. He always laughs and says that could be fun. I'm hoping there is going to be a follow up film for this maybe one that shows how robots are a part of life after the humans gaining their planet back and having to learn a lot about living. 

9. Toy Story: Again any of the films. We love this one just because it is something that we all thought as a kid? What if our toys come to life when we aren't around? Everyone has their favourite character Jared loves Buzz, Liam loves Woody I'm a fan of Rex. 

10. Fern Gully: When ever I mention this film people look at me like I'm speaking another language. This is such a good film so much of a good film that when I was a kid I wore the video tape out to the point it was useless. Now they have it on Netflix and Now TV cinema. Liam isn't a huge fan of this one but Jared is and it really gets Jared thinking about our planet after he watches. 

So that is our list I would love to know what you recommend, maybe there are a few that we haven't seen.    

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Why I Won't Be Raising My Children Gender Neutral

It seems that everyone is jumping on the gender neutral band-wagon! To be honest I'm tired of seeing and hearing about it. As it seems to be the latest talking point I thought I would throw my two pence in and state why I will not be following the crowd.

For me the main reason is my daughter. I don't want her to feel equal to a male, ever! and I don't really want my son to feel equal to a female either. My reason for this is really simple, they're not equal and never will be and that is ok.

I want Eryn-Rose to be proud of being a female, I want her to see how much women fought to get where they are now all the while juggling a family and housework. When she is old enough to understand that she is different to her brother I want her to embrace that. I will teach my daughter the importance of being a girl and hopefully raise an intelligent strong woman who won't take crap from anyone but will respect everyone, no matter the gender, race or beliefs. I hope that my daughter will grow up and love her body and feel comfortable in wearing whatever she wants. When my daughters body starts to change I want her to be ready for that and I want her to understand what is going on and why she looks and sounds different to her brother.

Women have fought so hard to be able to be equal to men and it will never happen. I don't see why it needs to happen?! I have heard people groan on about the pay difference but in many of us working class families we are on set wages in set organisations and there is no pay difference as we are all on an hourly rate. It seems it's only the bigger jobs with salaries rather than hourly rate this affects. Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying this is right but really if you are not happy then either leave or shut up. During my reading sessions on this topic another point raised was how we push certain stereotypes on our children, again I don't think there is much wrong with this. It's part of life we all make assumptions of  others and if you said you don't then think again! I have been the subject of many jokes relating to stereotyping but not one of them based on my gender.

When it comes to my son I want him to see that woman are amazing. I also want him to see how amazing men are too. We can't change the history of the human species and he will learn so much on how men did these great and amazing things. It doesn't make either sex any weaker than the other. In my opinion there are and always will things that one sex is better at than the other, again not a sign of weakness it's just a part of life.

What a child wears or plays with will not make them sexist, racist, gay or anything else. A child will learn and become who they are from a whole range of factors and the main one will be what they are taught in life and environment they live in. While one mum is making a statement by placing their son in a dress another son is learning on how to be a gentlemen and respect everyone. I don't agree in dressing my children in anything that they don't feel comfortable in or will make them a subject to be talked about. Let's face it every mum and possible dad has gossiped due to some statement being made at the school gates. I just hope parents actually take note of what their child wants rather than just joining in and placing some idea they think is great onto their child and forcing them to live that way.