Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Happy New Year

Most people celebrated the new year with a drink in hand surrounded by many other people, fireworks going off and that classic new years song Old Lang Syne. Waking up around noon feeling a litter worse for wear and skipping the first day of their new years resolution. In our house we were in bed by 9:30 and didn't see the new year until 8am (thanks kids).

With the start of any new year comes the new years resolution follows the most popular being to lose weight and give up smoking. I don't know about you but I can never stick to a resolution?! So this year I'm not making one instead as a family we are changing our habits. The biggest change will be our eating habits which will improve our health and also save us money as majority of our money is spent on food and treats. Of course I'm not expecting us to give up all our food at once it will take time to find healthy meals we all enjoy. It's not just about finding new foods it's about changing the way to cook the food we eat, for example I will no longer be buying jars of cooking sauces I will instead be making my own sauces with fresh ingredients and share these with you.

Another change this year will be the blog, I will be going self hosted and also changing the overall look and name. Liam is going to be more active and writing about vaping this will include reviews about e-liquids and machines as well as information about the benefits compared to smoking. I will be trying to focus more on parenting but as any parent knows we all do things differently so it will be more about the products that help us or the strategies that make everyday tasks that little bit easier.

So happy new year I hope it will be a good one that we can share together.

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