Tuesday, 31 January 2017

ECigerette Direct product review

The kind people over at ecigerette direct contacted us and asked if we'd like to review their products. We were given £100 to spend on their site as we wish. I purchased myself a new box mod and 4 liquids which I will go through separately. 

Firstly I'd like to say how good the website layout is and how easy it was to navigate through. To purchase from this site you will need to create an account with ecigerette direct, the bonus is this will also give you enough point to get £5 free credit. I purchased a coolfire IV TC100 priced at £59.99 then a selection of 4 liquids, Skye 7 13 sins priced at £12.80, ZAP purple slushie at £7.99, FAR E-liquid Melon ball at £7.99 and ZAP melonade also priced at 7.99. The last 2 liquid reviews will be guest wrote by a friend and fellow vaper, Reef Mellors. The order was despatched to me as quick as possible, the company will attempt wherever possible to despatch the order within 24hours when you order during the week and despatched the same day if ordered before 3pm Further to this on any order over £20 free delivery is included within the service to any mainland U.K. Address.

So how did I find the products I purchased? 

Coolfire IV TC100

I used this as an opportunity to get a new box mod, I read the specifications of this box and was really impressed, the box can run at 100w which when you take the price into consideration is extremely good value for money. It allows for a variety of different vaping methods from temperature control to wattage control and it also can take into account if you coil is nickel titanium or stainless steel. This again is something that you can only really get in the higher end of the price bracket. The box mod is available in a range of colours. I chose blue but you can get it in black, red or white if blue isn't your preference. The box is extremely easy to use, a simple display and just 3 buttons, the power button and then a + and - button to increase and decrease the temperature or wattage and select the coil type. The initial set up was simple, I attached my tank to the mod and simply started vaping. The box allows for 0.2 second fire to vape time which is extremely fast and is head and shoulder above any other mod in this price range. The battery life is outstanding, in my old set up the Wismec RX75 I had to charge it at least 3 time a day running at 50w however in the coolfire I was running at around 70w and only needed to charge this once maybe twice a day. This would make a great kit for an experienced vape user who would like to experiment at higher watts or start using temp control. Alternatively this could also be great for someone starting up vaping, it's simplistic usage makes the experience seem easy, everything on screen is clear a simple. 

Skye 7 13 Sins

What first attracted me to this liquid was the images on the bottle, it stood out in a strange way. Then I read the description of "A delicate fusion of ripe forest fruits and lush vanilla cream, rounded off with a refreshing juicy splash of honey dew melon" and decided there and then that I wanted to try it. I'm a big lover of fruit based flavour and this one did not disappoint, although there is a big combination of flavours in this liquid they all combine really well create a smooth clean vape. The taste that came through the most for me was the Forrest fruits, the honey dew melon didn't seem overly present however this could have been due to my coil slowly dying. I would highly recommend this liquid however as a must for any fruit flavour loving vaper. 

Purple slushie

What can I say about this liquid other than, it is what it says on the tin. Now I had a blue slushie flavour from another brand a few months ago and I loved it so I thought it will try the purple slushie. The thing I love about slushie liquids is the nostalgia of it all, the memories of nagging for a slush puppy when you were a kid. This liquid had that nostalgia feeling, the inhale was cold and refreshing, a similar feel to when liquids have a menthol based element. On the exhale you have a fruity burst of grapes which was much more prominent than I had anticipated.  The bottle design was extremely eye catching a neon purple with black writing, this made it stand out amongst the other. This would be an ideal liquid someone who enjoys the nostalgic vape flavour or those who prefer menthol.


This is a combination of the classic honeydew melon with a refreshing lemonade to create quite a unique, flavourful liquid. It comes in a striking green bottle. This liquid is a great twist on the usual melon flavours out there and is a solid addition to any collection. Not quite an all day vape, the intense flavours can become a bit much after a few hours of solid vaping, however, the unique melon/citrusy blend will keep you coming back for more. Would definitely recommend to anyone who likes their melon or fruity/citrus style flavours and is looking for a unique tang or new liquid to add to their collection.

Melon ball 

Melon ball from FAR Eliquids is the opposite side of the melon-spectrum to melonade. This Eliquid tastes like an extremely sweet, almost sugary honeydew melon. Bringing you a smooth and sweet easy-vape. It isn't an overwhelming taste, but a safe choice to mix up your usual palate with melony-goodness. I would recommend to anyone looking for a new liquid to try of the sweet tasting variety.

All these liquids range from 70/30 pg/vg split and higher. I would strongly urge anyone who is looking to purchase any of these liquids to ensure you coil can withstand slightly thicker liquids. 

Overall I would highly rate this company. They've wide brand of e-liquids and box mods are ideal for a novice or advanced vaper. Further to this they sell tanks and coils to fully accommodate your vaping needs. A big thank you to the guy at ecigerette direct for the opportunity and I will defiantly be purchasing from them in the future.

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These products were sent to me for free for the purpose of a review. This has had no bearing on the review and has in no way influenced my opinion of the product.
Win an e-cigarette kit worth £100 #13

Monday, 30 January 2017

Weekly Meal Plan 30/01/2017

Monday is back again and that means it is time to share with you all what we will be eating this week. I managing to get our main meal shopping to under £30 a week which is great as we are eating healthier and spending less.

Monday: Cottage pie with lots of veggie's
Tuesday: Beef and bean hot pot with carrots, broccoli and pea's
Wednesday: Bolognese pasta bake
Thursday: Jacket potato with beans and cheese (this is a real family win dinner)
Friday: Diet coke chicken with wedges
Saturday: Pizza
Sunday: Roast chicken dinner

I have joined slimming world (you can read about it on Wednesday) so all a part from the pizza are recipes available via their website. The pizza will be home made, dough included so I'm hoping that it won't cost me too many syn's but we will see.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Miscarriage At 17 And 18 Weeks

Excitement. Happiness. Joy. Fear.

All words of what emotions you go through during pregnancy. I would say fear normally approaches around the third trimester, you know when your waters break or you have contractions. Fear sets in whether it is your first, second or third baby, labour is damn scary! 

I was 18 when I experienced labour and the pain of contractions. Although the pain was numbed by a number of different drugs that I was given. The labour was quick and not really as painful as I had imagined it would be, but then maybe that's because I had just given birth 17 weeks into pregnancy. My pregnancy had been normal. I had started to feel my baby move so I knew everything was ok plus I was over the 12 week mark so that meant everything from this point was fine, right? I wish that had been the case I wish everything would be fine after 12 weeks, not just for me but for every woman out there.

I had plans to meet my friend we were going to go and get some shopping, I had been struggling with the heat so we had arranged to go early in the morning. That morning I woke up and was in a panic as I had over slept by an hour, damn heat was taking everything out of me. I went to the toilet and that's when fear struck! There was blood. I went and knocked on my friends flat wrapped in just a towel, she was out. I was alone. I rang my partner of the time's work and had to explain what was happening. He was out on a patrol so a few colleagues were sent until he could arrive. At this point my bathroom looked like a scene from a horror film, blood was everywhere and there was no sign of me stopping bleeding. I started to throw up and lose conciousness. I had heard the guys speaking an ambulance was on it's way and my partner had arrived. I was so scared. As soon as I arrived at hospital I was placed on a maternity ward, I didn't understand what was going on and the fact I was in Germany and couldn't speak the language didn't help. I was quickly hooked up to drips and given some other medicine. In broken English I was told I had to deliver my baby, I felt the contractions and I had to push my baby out. I was then rushed away to theatre. I had haemorrhaged and lost a lot of blood there was a blood transfusion ready for me but luckily by a few ml I didn't need it. I was given a picture of my baby and then left on a maternity ward listening to the cry of hungry babies and the coo of happy mothers. The last place I wanted to be was surrounded by newborns. I was heart broken, I can't put into words how to describe the pain I felt. I wish the pain was just physical at least that could be numbed. 

I fell pregnant again fairly quickly, this time I wasn't so happy. I was petrified. I followed the books completely I was determined to keep this baby safe and sound until they were ready to meet the world. Everything was going well I managed to get a week further in the pregnancy then one night I was walking to the shop when suddenly there was a gush. My waters had broke. I worked in the shop and the girl who worked the late shift got me a chair and rung for an ambulance this time my partner was with me. I was taken away to hospital and placed on a load of monitors. It was different this time everything seemed calm, I was told my waters had gone but if they could build up then the baby could make it to a safe stage to be delivered. Six weeks at least. I had hope and feeling my baby still kicking about made it a lot easier too. In the morning various Doctors came in to examine me and feel my tummy, I asked questions and never got a straight answer. Later in the day the midwife explained that there was nothing they could do, my waters weren't building back up the sac was ruptured and they would have to induce me into labour. My baby was still alive, I could feel them moving and the monitor showed the heartbeat. The midwife said she would let me chose when I was ready to be induced. Never. I asked what would happen to my baby as they were still alive, I was told that as soon as I had delivered the baby would die. They had basically asked me to chose a time I wanted to kill my baby, it was the hardest decision I've ever made. Again I was on a ward full of screaming babies, I felt like I was being tortured. Rubbing salt into the wounds. After giving birth to my baby I began bleeding badly and needed surgery. It seemed my body wasn't very good at dealing with babies and birth. When I came back from surgery I was asked if I wanted to hold my baby. I spent hours cuddling my baby and talking, reading, singing. I cried so hard when I had to let go.

After both of my miscarriages my body tormented me, my boobs were full and leaking. I went shopping and had a big wet patch some lady said something about having time away from the baby is good until I told her my baby was dead. She wasn't to know. What helped me cope with the losses was naming my boys, Anthony-Lee and Leon. I wrote poems and letters and had pictures of them which I kept together in a box. I believe that they are together growing and playing being cared for by my Nan and Grandad. I refuse to believe that there is life on earth and nothing after. My boys were buried one of them in Walsrode (Germany) and Salisbury. I don't get to visit the graves as I'm far away but I never forget them and I have tattoo's for them.

I have created a petition, I would love for hospitals to have a separate area for women who are suffering a miscarriage or stillbirth. I know a whole ward is not needed but if they had an adjoining section away from the new babies I think this mentally helps women and their partners come to terms with their loss. It was so hard holding my baby whilst hearing other babies scream not to mention the midwife thinking my baby was alive and healthy. I believe that having a separate area would help so much, please sign and share my petition. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/177996
Stressed Mum has kindly let me share the link to her story here.
Never think you are alone because you are not x


Friday, 27 January 2017

A Valentine's Giveaway

Single or not you can't hide from all the heart shaped boxes of chocolates, flowers and soppy cards. So as I love everyone who takes the time to read my blog I thought I would give something back. It's January and cash is tight so it is a few little bits that I thought were nice and could either be kept or given as a gift.

A Bag
A Photo Frame
A Message In A Bottle - the paper is blank so you can write your own message.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

UK entries only. No cash alternative is available. Winner will be chosen at random via rafflecoptor they will then be emailed to provide shipping information. The Items will be sent out via Royal Mail and Jade's Journey will not be held responsible for ant lost or damaged items. The giveaway will end on 10/02/2017 at midnight. 

Online Dating: A Love Story

Five and a bit years ago I decided to join an online dating website. It was something I kept to myself and felt embarrassed about it, after all how many love stories begin with 'well I logged on and had a message'. I had moved to a new area so I didn't have any friends to go out with and where I was working I was ignored by pretty much every member of staff. I was lonely. 

Signing up to the website was really easy. After entering some basic information like name and age you are given a box to describe yourself. This part took me a while. I'm not the most confident person and not used to selling myself plus I added a picture so I didn't need to describe what I looked like. In the end I wrote something about not being very girlie and enjoying playing the Xbox and other games consoles. There was also a section where I could state my preferences on wanting children and marriage. Before sharing my profile with thousands of men I doubled checked everything and switched my profile picture. 

Within in a few minutes my inbox was filling up with messages. I was excited but then I saw the messages:
HotGuy88 - Your fit want to send me a dirty picture
Bigboyy19 - Fancy meeting up for a quickie 
There were so many of these messages which was really disheartening. I felt like a piece of meet and worst of all I had put myself out there to get all these rude messages. There were also a lot of messages pointing out my flaws. I logged out and cried. Yep I cried because I had messages from random people that were clearly not using the website for what it was designed for. I decided to leave it for a few days before logging back in and when I did there weren't many messages. It seemed if you were online you were going to get flooded with stupid messages. 

One message caught my eye because it was normal, no mention of a quickie or sending naked pictures. I looked over the guys profile and although he wasn't my usual type I responded. We spent weeks swapping messages and then we added each other on facebook. This freaked me out a little as his picture was of an old man, I was tempted to just cut all contact but turns out the picture was of some old football manager. We soon had each others numbers and spent nearly all day texting, when I wrote lol I actually was laughing. He always made me smile and giggle. After a couple of months I drove to meet him, stupidly it was at his house and I hadn't told anyone where I was going. Luckily though he was just who he said he was. The first thing he said when we met in person was "Hiya you alright" 
my response "Hmmm you're more northern then I thought you would sound."
That night we sat and played Call Of Duty in his room on the Xbox. I was 21 he was 19 and we had such a good time shooting people. 

Our first proper date was a few weeks later which was a total disaster but he had the charm and he really made me happy and laugh. He was so different to any previous boyfriend and I liked that, he wasn't full on and always made some time for me if I needed it. He wasn't the bad boy who was treating me like dirt. 
We have now been together just over five years and have two amazing and beautiful children. He still makes me laugh and makes time for me. 

So if you are sat thinking about joining a dating site I would say go for it. Not every message will be from some perv or some guy or girl putting you down. Just remember to be safe and never give out personal information like your address. I was stupid in meeting Liam at his house and I should of arranged to meet him somewhere local with plenty of people about. Stay safe and find happiness. 

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Weekly Meal Plan

Normally my meal plan would be up ready for you to read first thing on a Monday morning. Last night when I actually had a spare minute I thought I'd just give it a check and noticed that it hadn't posted which was annoying. Damn you scheduling!!! Everything was fine my end and nobody seems to know why it didn't work like it does every single week, technological hiccup was the best reason.

So apologies for the post being later than planned I hope you enjoy this weeks meals and they help you in choosing what you will all eat this week.

Monday: Fry up (not massively healthy but very tasty) 
Tuesday: Sweet and Sour pork (The recipe is for chicken but I just switched to pork)
Wednesday: Chilli with rice and Cheesy cauliflower garlic bread 
Thursday: Stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon with hassleback potatoes
Friday: Beef Curry 
Saturday: Chicken Chow Mein, spring rolls and chicken balls (made from scratch to celebrate Chinese new year) 
Sunday: Toad in the hole with mash and veg 

I will be making a rice pudding for dessert on Sunday so look out for the recipe post.

Nelly's Cupcakes

VIP E-Liquids Review

We were recently sent 4 e-cig liquids from VIP. They liquids were from their Arcadia Gran Reserva range. 

The liquids received were Aphrodite, The Heretic, Holier Than Thou and Night Screamer. I will go through the flavours of each individually. The liquids were despatched and arrived fairly quickly and although the packaging is not extremely eye catching to use the old phrase, it's what's inside that counts. The bottles are what you would expect from a 10ml bottle, small, plastic and with a tip on the end to insert your liquid into your tank. All the liquids were vibrant colours which if you have read my previous post is something that I like. All the liquids smell like they are meant to taste and none of them really disappointed. I will now go through the flavours individually;

Night Screamer
This bottle is now empty. It is described as "lemonade, vanilla, ice cream and strawberries" this was my favourite liquid, you got a fizzy tastes from the lemonade with a fruity creamy taste caused by the ice cream and strawberries. In my opinion the vanilla was very subtle, so subtle to the point where I barely noticed it. The liquid had a strong throat hit mainly I believe due to the lemonade. This would run well on a starter kit or a lower wattage kit. I found it a bit too harsh in my RX75 and Coolfire100 kit due to the set up I was running and wattage I was using. 

Holier Than Thou
This was defined as a "sweet Apple, kiwi and black grapes" this would be perfect for those of you who enjoy a refreshing taste, it was a light vape something that you could quite easily use as an all day vape the apple and grape were very prominent in this liquid and the kiwi was a slight undertone that lingered between vapes. 

A liquid for those with a sweet tooth, a "strawberry, brown sugar and vanilla custard" the vanilla was at the forefront in my opinion the brown sugar and strawberry mixed perfectly together to rest a sweet kick that smoothly followed the initial vanilla kick. Again this is a flavour that could quite easily be used time on time day on day.

The heretic
This is a banana, cookie and cinnamon combination. I usually steer clear of cinnamon, mainly due to my dislike of the taste but this was a subtle hint of it. The strongest flavour to come through was the banana followed by the cookie taste on the exhale. I tried this liquid last but I am now wishing I had tried it sooner. This would be a great vape for those who like strong sweet flavours with a kick.

Overall these liquids were great. They are affordable at only £4.50 per 10ml bottle or £16 for 30ml. The flavours are very strong and very much as described on the bottles. I would recommend these to anyone who like fruity flavours. Some of the liquids make your mouth water.

Big thank you to VIP for allowing me to review these. I know some of my friends are already considering purchasing some.

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Friday, 20 January 2017

Cocoo Babies Car Seat Blanket

The weather lately has been cold, windy and wet. We all layer ourselves up ready to battle the cold wind on the school run. My son's school is surrounded by fields so we get the full force whilst waiting for school to let them in, Jared normally has a thick coat on and his hat. Eryn on the other has a sleepsuit, hat and blankets. I'm sure many of you aware of the dangers of putting a baby in a car seat with a coat or snow suit on so I won't go into that. Due to the above Eryn doesn't have much other than her blankets to keep her warm which is all good and well but when it is windy it's just not good enough. I'm often putting the blankets back on her because she has kicked them or the wind has blown them.

Our blustery school run has just been made more pleasant, well a lot more pleasant for Eryn. The lovely Cocoon Babies sent us one of their car seat blankets to try out. I was so eager to try this and it arrived just in time as a few days after it arrived we had some snow and strong winds.

The Cocoon Babies car seat blanket  suitable for babies 0-6 months and fits all 3 and 5 prong car seats.. The blanket sits in the car seat and the straps go through the holes, there are velcro straps to the side for those who have 5 pronged seats. To fasten the blanket you just pop the four poppers together, it is so simple and easy. The blanket ticks all the right safety guidelines too which is great and much better then putting baby in a snow suit. I'm not going to lie I have travelled in the car with Eryn whilst she has had a snow suit on because it was just too cold for her.

The inside of the blanket is a fleece lining which comes in red, pink and blue and the outer part of the blanket is wool. The whole blanket is soft and Eryn loves holding on to it. She is one of those babies who likes to feel materials and rub them. As mentioned above the blanket has four poppers to fasten it which is also good for when we are in the car because we can leave them open then fasten them when we get out so she will be totally snug, great for ensuring that baby doesn't become over heated. I love taking Eryn out of the blanket and giving her a cuddle because she is so warm and toastie.

I have washed the blanket and I very pleased with how well it washed. Sometimes materials can bobble, shrink or lose the softness, I'm happy to say this did none of that at all. I would definitely recommend getting one of these if you will be using your car seat a fair bit.

*Disclosure this item was sent to us free of charge for the purpose of the review. This has in no way influenced my thoughts on the product. All opinions expressed are that of my own. All photographs are my own and not available to be used anywhere else without permission.  


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Eryn At 5 Months Old

I can't believe my baby girl is 5 month old to me she still seems so little. Over the festive period everything was so busy and rushed that now when I look at her and see what she can do I feel like it has happened over night. Maybe it has?!

Eryn has learned so many new things and of course experienced her first Christmas. She can finally roll over back to belly and belly to back, this was so frustrating as for weeks she would roll onto her side then go back onto her back. I have over a dozen videos on my phone of her teasing to roll. Of course when she did the first roll we all missed it same with the second, third and fourth. She is a pro at rolling now so we see it all the time. 

As you can see she has also found her feet which she loves to try and eat. It is so funny as she will try to get a foot in her mouth and she gets excited kicks her legs and drops her foot. This will go on for a minuets then she gets angry and screams out. Ah yes screaming!! One thing I didn't want my children to inherit from me was my temper Jared has my temper and I think Eryn also will. Eryn has discovered that she can scream and whine which is about as fun as a hole in the head. I love my children but when they are screaming at me I just want to lock them in a shed and leave them for a while. I wouldn't mind if it was a short tantrum but nope it's a case of you know what I'm just going to scream because I have been fed and changed, I've played for a bit and now I just want to scream!!! 

We seem to have also arrived at everything needs to go in my mouth stage meaning everything sleeve on her sleepsuits and tops are soaked. My hair needs to be out of reach and if the dog gets too close then I have to shoo her away or else tails and ears will be grabbed. I'm sure the baby is part ninja as she is super quick to grab something, anything and everything. One thing that I have been letting her gnaw on is her Sophie god she loves that giraffe. Food has been another, I know the books say wait until she is 6 months old but I'm not a text book parent and I will feed my daughter food if I think she is ready for it. Guess what she is ready for it, ok not a 3 course meal but she has half a jar a day. I'm mixing it up a bit and she loves it. 

When it comes to sleeping I can't complain too much. I seem to be raising one stubborn girl here as she will not sleep during the day, in fact today she has had one nap which lasted no longer then 20 minuets. She is so tired during the day but refuses to give in and as a result I have a grumpy baby. However the girl sleeps through the night and has done since she was about one and a half months old. 

According to the charts Eryn is on track but even if she didn't tick all the boxes I would still be happy with her progress. Each baby is different and will do things in their own time. 

Monday, 16 January 2017

Weekly Meal Plan

Last weeks meal plan didn't go very well. The problem wasn't not having the food in it was due to the fact that our second new fridge freezer that was delivered last Sunday was broke. Can you believe that I ordered two fridge freezer both different makes and from difference places and both were broken on arrival. I would like to just point out I don't horde kitchen appliances, the first was ordered arrived and we used it for a day then noticed the seal around the fridge was broken. I bought a new one the next day as returning the other one was proving difficult (thanks Littlewoods!!) so then the other new one came it was broke and I had to wait for a replacement.

Anyway on to what we are planning to eat this week.

Monday - Sausage casserole with mashed potato, sweetcorn and peas.
Tuesday - Beef ragu pasta bake
Wednesday - Jacket potato with beans and cheese
Thursday - Cajun chicken with home-made wedges
Friday - Takeaway
Saturday - Cheesy ham and potato hash
Sunday - Roast beef with potatoes roasted in goose fat, vegetables, yorkshire puddings and gravy

Recipe For Home-made Wedges

900g of baking potatoes cut into wedges
2 egg whites

In a bowl beat the egg whites until they are lightly frothy add salt and pepper to your required taste then cover the wedges. I find it easier to add wedges to the bowl and mix then place them on a tray. You can also add some of cajun coating if you wanted to give the wedges a bit of a spice.

Cook the wedges for 25-30 mins turn them over halfway through cooking.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

My Design For A Window Blind

When it comes to decorating rooms I normally get an idea in my head of exactly what I want. However finding what I want is easier said than done. So when I read that there was a competition with order blinds CollectivEdge to design your own print I was so excited. If I'm lucky enough to win I will win a blind with my design on and it will also be featured on their website.

So my idea for the blind came to me straight away as the design has to be for a children's room. Brilliant!! as we will be decorating Eryn-Rose's bedroom this year. I have planned the whole room and after hours of searching found the wallpaper that I wanted. Ok not exactly how I wanted but it will suffice. Having found the wallpaper and planned the colours I was stuck in finding curtains or blinds that would match. The only ones I could find were just a plain colour and that is not what I want.

I'm Van Gough. I can draw pretty well but my drawing style is normally anime so this was out of my comfort zone. As you may be able to tell my daughters room will be a Woodland theme. I was always brought up around the beauty of woodlands and nature, as we live in a town with the view of a big power plant I want to create a lovely bedroom where she can feel like a fairy princess roaming through enchanted woodlands. 

I chose animals that you would normally come across in the woods. Here we have a Badger and a Bunny the toad-stalls were just to break it up a bit and add that magically element. Most fairy tales contain a toad-stall. 

 I then originally planned to draw a fox but somehow created a squirrel who I actually prefer and think is rather cute (even if the face is wonky) then we have a Deer who I have really struggled to draw, the antlers were the easy bit the rest was rubbed out and re-drawn several times. I settled with this hopefully if I'm lucky enough to win the artist who re creates my design is a lot better at drawing Deer's.

So that is my design and my entry if you have also entered I would love to see your design.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Weekly Meal Plan

The hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Year is over so it's back to normal. Although we are in the process of changing our diets we are realistic and know that it's going to take some time to find recipes and meals that are healthier which we all like.

Monday: Meatballs in a home made sauce and spaghetti
Tuesday: Home made chicken curry (I found an amazing recipe and just made it more of my own with a tweak)
Wednesday: Slow cooked beef brisket with mash potato, veg served in a giant Yorkshire pudding
Thursday: Pasta bake with garlic bread slices
Friday: Fanta chicken with rice
Saturday: Pizza (It's family film night)
Sunday: Sunday roast with chicken being the choice this week

If you have any suggestions for next week I'd love to hear them.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Happy New Year

Most people celebrated the new year with a drink in hand surrounded by many other people, fireworks going off and that classic new years song Old Lang Syne. Waking up around noon feeling a litter worse for wear and skipping the first day of their new years resolution. In our house we were in bed by 9:30 and didn't see the new year until 8am (thanks kids).

With the start of any new year comes the new years resolution follows the most popular being to lose weight and give up smoking. I don't know about you but I can never stick to a resolution?! So this year I'm not making one instead as a family we are changing our habits. The biggest change will be our eating habits which will improve our health and also save us money as majority of our money is spent on food and treats. Of course I'm not expecting us to give up all our food at once it will take time to find healthy meals we all enjoy. It's not just about finding new foods it's about changing the way to cook the food we eat, for example I will no longer be buying jars of cooking sauces I will instead be making my own sauces with fresh ingredients and share these with you.

Another change this year will be the blog, I will be going self hosted and also changing the overall look and name. Liam is going to be more active and writing about vaping this will include reviews about e-liquids and machines as well as information about the benefits compared to smoking. I will be trying to focus more on parenting but as any parent knows we all do things differently so it will be more about the products that help us or the strategies that make everyday tasks that little bit easier.

So happy new year I hope it will be a good one that we can share together.