Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Electric Jukebox Review

Hope you all are prepared are ready for Christmas, over the last few weeks we have been using the Electric Jukebox, kindly sent to us to review. So here we go,

The purpose of the product is a music application that stream onto your TV via your internet connection. The packaging is good, it looks professional but unfortunately it is not as eye catching as I personally think it should be. The way the jukebox works and it controlled is by a wireless controller that senses your movement, similar to that of the nintendo Wii sticks. It is very responsive and actually very easy to control which cannot usally be said for these kinds of controllers, the small black box you can see in the photo is plugged into the HDMI port onto your TV.

The company promotes "29 million songs, 2 minute set up"... In truth 2 minute set us is over exaggerating. The set up was so simple and quick that even those who shy away from technology wouldn't have any issues. It is as simple as plugging it in, putting in your wi-fi password and then streaming what ever music you fancy.

The initial welcome screen again doesn't offer anything in terms of visual brilliance, its slightly bland, a black screen with the product logo on. Although I appreciate this is a product used for audio purposes in opposed to visual however to me it isn't just how a product works that makes it brilliant. It needs to look and feel great as well.
The navigation system as previously mentioned works very well, the menus are easy to understand and simple to navigate through which is always a positive when using a new gadget. Despite the previous mentions to the bland colours, the menus are actually colourful and really make the product look exciting, it looks like something that will be fun to use. The way the icons are made to look like neon lights really emphasis the juke box feel.

There is every single artist you could ever think of on the product, in truly does offer a great range of music for all occasions, we used it to listen to Christmas songs while putting up the tree and also background music for when doing the housework. It would be great to use during a party as I'm sure you could find something that could suit everybody. The music playlist screen is fairly simple however this then fades into a screen saver whereby there is landscape photos and other interesting things.

The only disappointment with the playback is that there is a small delay in the crossover of songs, other music streaming apps available will allow a fade out/fade in crossover. In my opinion the smooth transition between one song and another is important.

Overall I like the product, I don't love it, but I don't hate it either. It has great potential. I prefer using my music on the go which unfortunately this product doesn't offer. However as a home music system it works great. After a while the motion controlled can become slightly tiresome, especially when typing. There is a voice activated system but Liam tried this and he has quite a strong yorkshire accent that the software struggled to recognise. If the developers could release some form of application on a mobile to allow you to type on your phone and then search on screen it would be great. With a bit of care and development I think this product could become a market leader and challenge companies such as Spotify.

***This product was sent to me for review purposes only, this has had no bearing on my opinions of the product***

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