Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Halford's Pontefract & Car Seat's

On Monday I spent hours looking at car seats I chose them on what I would need so rear facing isofix car seat here were two that I really like and both were affordable. Still a lot but hey I wouldn't need to sell a kidney to get it. I looked through their websites to see if their car seats were compatible with my car, my car wasn't listed. Meaning that I would now have to go to a shop to see if these would actual fit then return home to look for the cheapest place to buy the seat from. 

I went to my local Halford's who had the seat that I really wanted. I had been stood at the car seats for roughly 15 mins while the staff hid away like frightened mice afraid to approach any potential customer. I asked a young lad if he could help me, apparently he couldn't so went in search of the one person they have trained to help me. The store wasn't particularly busy but there was a lot of staff who basically were stood doing nothing and left the tills unattended for a long time, if I wanted I could of robbed them and they probably wouldn't of noticed. I was told the guy was just doing a 'fit' and would be 10 minuets. Those were possibly the longest 10 minuets ever as I was stood around for at least 20. 

I explained to the 'expert' about the car seats I had seen and which one I would like blaa blaa. He took one look at my car as just told me "No it won't fit". I kind of thought this would be the answer as the isofix seats are bigger then her current car seat which is about half a centimetre from touching my seat. He told me how his brother had a bigger version of the car but mine was the compact version and they are not designed to have back seat passengers on a regular basis, he went on about this for a while. I then asked what seat would fit my car and his answer was that I was best to keep her in the one she is in until at the eye line level but then she would need to go into a forward facing. 

If anyone happens to have a BMW 3 Series 3 door compact and has an isofix car seat that is rear facing then I would love to know what seat you use and the price. I have a maximum of £200 for a car seat that will last until she is 4 and is isofix. 

Also Halford's I really think you need to have a chat with the staff at the Pontefract branch as from what I could see only two members of your staff actually do any work, one being the car seat 'expert' and the other sporting a beard and I think he had a ponytail. 


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