Saturday, 5 November 2016

A Trip To The Ballet: A Child's Review

Since the arrival of Eryn-Rose Jared-David and I haven't spent much time together, so when Jared-David was  invited to be a #fdMiniCritic as part of first direct's Mini Critic campaign we couldn't say no. Jared-David was very excited about becoming a critic and being able to share it with you all.
With my posts it's normally my experience and opinion that is shared however this review will be different as Jared-David will be telling you all about what he saw and what he thought. As he is only four we thought it would be best to write everything down (the video was a disaster, nose picking and fidgeting).

Me: So Jared are you excited to watch the Ballet
Jared-David: Ummm yeah but what is it?
Me: Well Ballet is a type of dance and the one we are going to watch is of the story of Goldilocks and the three bears
Jared-David: Oooo my bear will like this and I will too I think

We caught the bus to Leeds and found our way to the Nothern Ballet. Jared-David told me several times how he liked the spinning doors and that they were very fun. Before the performance we spent some time in the foyer where Jared-David and his bear (David) took part in some arts and crafts. Of course when he made his bear head band his bear also needed one. Jared-David said this was so that his bear looked different and could be found if we lost him. After about an hour they opened the doors and called people to take their seats.
Jared-David: Wow mummy there are a lot of seats in here and they have instruments (pointing at the orchestra)
I explained to him what the orchestra was and that they would be playing some music.

After the performance I asked Jared-David a few questions and here is his review of the Ballet.
Me: Could you understand what was happening in the performance?
Jared-David: Yes, Goldilocks was a bit cheeky and went into the bears house.
Me: Can you tell me who your favourite character was?
Jared-David: Goldilocks because she is cheeky and I'm a bit cheeky sometimes (giggles)
Me: What did you think to watching this, would you like to watch this again
Jared-David: umm I like it and I was good when watching it there was no talking though
Me: That's because the story is told through dancing
Jared-David: Ahh I like the dancing it looks good
Me: What was your favourite bit
Jared-David: No mummy I always ask you what's your favourite part so what is your favourite part?
Me: I liked it when the sneaky fox came into the woods
Jared-David: My favourite part was when Goldilocks broke the chair it was funny

Jared-David went on tell me how the music sounded fun but he wouldn't be able to dance to that music it would be too tricky for him. I asked him if he would like to go again and he said he would go again and he would watch Goldilocks again because he really liked that, he said he would give it 4 thumbs up out of 5. He has told all his family and friends about how much he had at the Ballet and told his Dad that he wanted to go again with him too so he could see the dancing and the awesome costumes. We got to have a look at the behind the scenes stuff (lighting and moving props), he found this very interesting and enjoyed seeing how it all worked.

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