Tuesday, 13 September 2016

I Forgot How To Mum

Before the summer holidays started I made a list of places we would go and things we would do during the summer holidays. I think my then pregnant brain was being a tad too optimistic, I thought I could have a baby and then go here there and everywhere. I don't normally admit this but, I was wrong! 

When I had Jared-David he didn't come home until he was three months so leaving the house was easy. He kept to the hospital routine when he came home so we knew when he would want feeding and how many bottles to take with us when we went out, not that we went out much. With Eryn-Rose it has been different, I felt like I had forgotten how to mum. The first two weeks I was ill but I was still determined to make sure we got to go out and do things. 

Our first trip out was to the beach, we wanted to leave early to make sure we had a full day there despite me feeling like I had been hit by a bus. Of course leaving at the time we actually wanted to didn't work out as Eryn-Rose wanted feeding and changing then she was sick. You can't completely plan things when you have a newborn she is the one in charge not you. Once she had been all settled it was time to sort out her bag, we took way too much of everything. Looking back I have no idea why we thought we would need to take 6 sterilised bottles. We bought the pre-made milk as we knew it would be easier then taking the powder then finding somewhere for water etc. So that was our first experience of a day trip with a newborn. I also forgot how oblivious people are to prams!! Now I know some people are clumsy but how do you not see a bright pink and cream pram!! 

Prams that is another topic. When choosing Eryn-Rose's Pram I looked at a few I wanted an Egg or a Silver Cross but I didn't want to pay the same amount that I had paid for a car. I found a cheaper but similar to Silver Cross pram but when I went to get it (the day in went into the sale) they had sold out and when they got more back in the price went back up. I took to ebay, it's where Jared-David's pram came from. Hours of searching I couldn't find the three that I really liked at a price I could afford, that is when I saw a pram of no expensive brand, I could choose the colour and there were more then 3 colour options. The carry cot is similar in shape to the egg and the travel system style (the seat and car seat) are similar to the silver cross. At half the price of the ones I had been looking at I decided that I wanted it so I did. It came from Poland just like Jared-David's. Now when I was looking at pram's my daughter's comfort and safety was what I was thinking of and one thing I have noticed about pram's is this, they are small! and seem to be getting smaller. I understand that this baby is small but seriously they need a bit of space and if you want to charge £1000+ for something at least give the tiny human some space. Even the shopping baskets are getting smaller. It seems to me that these companies design the pram for the ease and comfort of the parents and not the baby. 

I could carry on rambling about all the other things I forgot about. I forgot about how much they love a cuddle which is such a plus and something every parent, brother/sister and grandparent should make the most of.

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