Sunday, 3 July 2016

Pregnancy The Pro's And The Con's

I'm approaching my 35th week of pregnancy. The last stretch, so I wanted to write a light hearted post about the pro's and con's of being pregnant just in case any one was thinking of getting pregnant and enjoying 9 months of relaxing and eating. HAHA!! Please note that I'm not holding back on the disgusting parts either. 

1. PRO - So you have peed on that stick and got the big fat positive, whoo no period for the next 9 months. No more carrying sanitary towels, tampons around for that just in case moment. 
    CON - Instead you can carry panty liners around because if your not peeing yourself a little bit then you can guarantee that there will be an increase in discharge which is basically just like peeing yourself.   

2. PRO - Shopping trip and this is the shopping trip where you get to go and buy all them maternity clothes. Cute little Tee's saying I love my bump and them lovely dresses that make your bump look amazing. 
   CON - The clothes may look great but wow are they expensive two outfits = £75+. The idea of wearing all these lovely clothes seems great but lets face it it's leggins and a baggy Tee for the foreseeable future. 

Photo by Jessica Merz
3. PRO - Cat naps. Any time of the day you can snuggle down in bed, you're favourite chair or the sofa and just have a much deserved nap. It's hard work growing a baby and as everyone keeps telling you "make the most of it and get as much sleep as you can before the baby comes".
   CON - Napping is great as long as you aren't work and don't have a toddler or other children to look after. Also that twenty minute nap that turned into two hours means that you missed lunch and the housework hasn't been done. Plus you are going to be exhausted all day long no matter how many naps you have.

4. PRO - You're eating for two so enjoy it and eat what you want when you want. A bargain bucket and a tub of Ben & Jerry's all to yourself, well it would be rude not too also are you going to eat that chocolate?
  CON - Sickness may but a stop to this or gestational diabetes might make your food choice difficult. Let's also take into account that although your expanding waist is mainly due to your growing bump eating everything in sight is going to hang around there and your thighs, bum, face and now I'm saving for a personal trainer and lipo.

5. PRO - It's shopping time again. I have a list of baby items and clothes and look at that dress it's cute and them shoes awww I need them for this baby. Such a happy exciting moment and who knew I would need all this!!
   CON - That changing station you just bought looks great and sounds great but I hate to break it to you, you've just wasted £100+ on something you will hardly use, along with about half of the other items you have just bought thinking how great that is or how cute that will look. 

Photo by M.ADA
6. PRO - Waiting for your bump to show and feeling your little one kick about. That first flutter fills you with so much happiness and you are desperate for your partner to be able to feel this to so you can share this amazing moment. 
   CON - The baby is now huge and every movement hurts a little bit more, they can crack a rib! You can't get comfy which makes sleeping harder (because peeing all night doesn't already do that). It feels like an alien force is trying to force it's way out of your belly, and if your anything like me when it moves behind your belly button you want to vom.

7. PRO - Finding out that you are having a little girl or boy. You knew in your head which you wanted more but now you know you don't care anyway, finally you can buy something that has a bit of colour to it, and choose that all important name.
   CON - Dresses cost more then they do for yourself, where are all the boys clothes? Also that name you love and spent hours, days, weeks choosing when you tell people what it is so will be delighted and say "Oh how lovely" while others simply laugh and say "Oh your being serious?" you then spend time doubting your choice. 

8. PRO - Those hormones are making you horny that you just want to tie your man up in the bedroom you don't even care that you haven't shaved your legs and your not looking your best. Hormones are great!!
   CON - Hormones suck you may be horny but when you have a huge belly finding a comfortable position can kill the moment resulting in your hormones forcing you into tears, why am I even crying! Seriously! Oh now I'm hysterically laughing. 



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