Saturday, 23 July 2016

Come On Baby

I feel as if I'm never going to have this baby!!! I had my stitch taken out and we were all fairly confident (consultant included) that this baby would be here within 48 hours, HA! Here I sit 8 days later still no baby and no signs that she will be here soon. 

If you have read previous posts then you will know this pregnancy hasn't been all plain sailing. I have spent a lot of time back and forth to the hospital mainly to make sure this little one stays in longer then her brother did, she has well and truly passed that milestone. Now I'm so ready to have her. I'm hot and getting hot flushes which is rather annoying, I'm uncomfortable and tired. I have been booked in for a sweep on the 27th I have read about it and I'm not to keen about having it done plus it might not even do anything, I have also been booked in to be induced on the 3rd of August. 

I do not want to be induced at all. The midwife explained the process to me which doesn't sound that bad if I'm honest but then there are downsides. I have to be on the bed the whole time hooked up to drips and straps round bump, this upset me as it means I have no control over my labour at all. In terms of pain I have been told and read that it hurts a lot more now I'm good with pain I've broken bones and not known about it just because I can handle pain well. I decided a while ago that I only wanted gas and air so that I feel more in control of what was going on ( I researched about all the drugs a long time ago and attended a course) but I know that if the pain gets too much I'm going to have to get stronger drugs. Another reason I would rather not be induced is that there is an increased chance that I could need an assisted delivery in the form of them things that look like BBQ tongs or that little hoover that helps suck out the baby. 

Some of you may be thinking well what are you doing about all this. I will tell you this I have tried all the obvious spicy food, sex, walking etc and I have even tried nipple stimulation which was suggested by a friend and also by the midwife. Still nothing apart from this sharp shooting pain in my vagina. This pain got me all excited but after getting it for days I soon realised that it was nothing to get excited about and that labour wasn't just round the corner. 

I hope the next post I write will be to introduce the baby. 

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