Tuesday, 10 May 2016


When it comes to festivals I think of Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds and loads more that focus on music and us adults. I haven't been lucky enough to go to Glastonbury or Leeds yet but I have been to a few smaller scale music based festivals. I'm sure you will agree with me when I say that festivals are not a place for children, lets face it we all want to let our hair down and have a couple of hours without the kids! and seriously there is not really anything for them to do. It would be great if kids had there own festival where they could just be kids tantrums included. 

Well there is one. Hoorah!! We had never heard of it despite it being a stones throw away, we lucky got to go this year. The festival is called Geronimo, we went during the May bank holiday at Harewood House Leeds they also have the festival at Tatton Park in Cheshire on the 29th and 30th of May (check here for tickets). The festival is aimed at children and has some characters from Cbeebies Jared was very excited to see Swashbuckle. There are also several performers walking around and is certain zones doing their acts. Really we could of done with going on both days as we missed some of the performances which is a shame but there is just so much to do and Jared chose everything that he wanted to do. The first thing we did was watch Swashbuckle, me and Liam couldn't see the stage at all but Jared was sat on Liam's shoulders and loved joining in with the singing and the accompanying actions. It was fantastic to watch him and all the other children get so involved. 
Like any festival there were stalls to visit selling various things, we were all very excited about the bubble stall. They had a machine that made smoked filled bubbles so when they popped it looked like the ground was smoking, of course Jared wanted the super cool smoke/bubble machine. We settled on a tube of touchable bubbles. There was a stall to make a T-shirt and one selling slush puppies in so many flavours but this was for Jared and he didn't want to stand and look at stuff to buy, not when there was a man standing on two horses riding around an arena. We only caught part of that performance but from what we saw it was brilliant. I mentioned that were many performers walking around for example we saw a nun (not a real nun) playing a piano which moved around and there was a drumming puppet which always had a crowd round them. We loved the drumming puppet and think he should go on Britain's got talent even if he doesn't win I'm sure he would make so many people smile because it's just fab. 
If that wasn't enough to keep you entertained then you can take part in activities which were mainly in tents, great to also dry off for a bit. We discovered that Jared is very creative we stopped in a tent where there was loads of things to make. We found a place to sit opened up a few little packets of Mr Maker plasticine and got making.  Jared really enjoyed playing in the music area with recycled/scrap material musical instruments. Just like me he was drawn to the drums, clearly the best instrument for making as much noise as possible and expressing yourself. After making some music we were all rather hungry and decided to queue for lunch, this is the only part of the day we didn't enjoy. We queued for two hours to get some food which was slightly over priced, it didn't seem to matter if you wanted corn on the cob or burger and chips the queue was ridiculous, I'd recommend taking a picnic. After our food Jared was desperate to go panning for jewels, every jewel he found he got to keep.  
Another great thing I loved about this festival was how parents could just enjoy being with their children. When we are at home it is so easy to get lost in doing housework, cooking or some other boring grown up thing that we often miss out on playing with our children and helping them discover their own little personalities. Me and Liam both work full time and although we do a lot with Jared I feel like we could be more involved, we take him to places but how often can you join in? Liam got to play with Jared and do Dad things that we can't do where we live due to not having a garden etc there were a few little balance bikes with an obstacle course which Liam helped Jared round, they then spent a while fencing. I can't explain how nice it was to just stand back and watch them play and laugh. There is so much more to do at Geronimo but I just can't fit it all in without waffling on, I haven't even mentioned the animals or the adrenaline zone. This is definitely something I would urge all parents to at least look at and if you can just take your kids they will love it a quote from my son when asked if he enjoyed it "It's the best day everrrrr" he sang this from a song that features on one of his favourite cartoons (you know which one). 


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