Monday, 25 April 2016

Oroblu Leggings

As my belly expands I find it incredibly more difficult to fit into my own clothes and when you have days out and occasions to wear something smarter then a pair of baggy jogging bottoms. I have found that wearing leggings is a great way to be able to feel comfortable and create a nice outfit, leggings can literally be worn for any occasion. 

I fell in love with a pair of leggings from UK tights. They have a nice selection of tights and leggings and have a few maternity items. The leggings I got are bold compared to what I would normally wear, which is plain black paired with a long top. I guess you could say I'm not very adventurous however I stepped completely out of my comfort zone with these leggings. 


I paired these leggings up with a nice blue vest top. The oroblu leggings are really comfortable, I wore them to a Macklemore concert at the weekend. With most leggings I end up really cold but the material was thicker, they are made from 93% Polyamide and 7% Elastane. I have thought of a few combinations to style these leggings, a pair of bright coloured heels would look amazing with these. I washed them on my regular cycle (30 degree wash) and they washed really well no bobbles or snags. I'm now thinking of occasions where I can wear them more. 

On the Uk tights website there are a few Oroblu products leggings, tights, socks (I have a few on my wishlist). This particular pair costs £32.99, I would definitely recommend looking through the collect especially if you are a fan of the more bolder look.   

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