Saturday, 5 March 2016

The other half of pregnancy.

So, as you may know, me and Jade are expecting our second child. When a women is pregnant it can be quite easy for the man to feel left out or distant. The woman carries the baby, the woman is the first to feel the baby move, at the midwife appointments and scans it is all focused on the woman and the baby. Which although this is the most important thing, it can make the guy feel useless or a "third wheel"

 Now due to our Son being born at 28 weeks we are under 2 consultants at the hospital and the midwife. This means a lot of appointments and scans. Now if you and your partner are currently having a child then I would strongly advise that you try and actively get involved in to appointments. Ask questions, whether you think they sound silly or not, make sure you make time to go to all the appointments, and most of all, remember that your partner will be hormonal, she will cry randomly, she will get agitated about little things but all you need to do is be there for her, remind her that she's not on her own. 

Making plans together is extremely important, once you know the sex of the baby go out together and pick outfits for the baby together, design the baby's bedroom as a couple. This has made me feel like I am more involved in the pregnancy, it feels like we are on the journey together. 

Despite what people say the hardest part of a relationship is when your are going through a pregnancy, the increased hormones, stress and nerves culminate and can quite easily boil over if not addressed in the right way. I have tried to take time out of my day just to cuddle Jade and remind her that she is not on her own, remind her that I will always be here dry her tears if she is crying or to laugh along with her when she's happy. We have stuck by each other through a lot of problems in the past as I'm sure a lot of you have. Jade is my rock, my best friend, and someone who I owe my whole future too. 

So to wrap it up, the best way for a guy to feel like he is involved during the long 9 month wait is to just be there for your partner, make sure you compliment her, keep her smiling, make her life as stress free as possible. 


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