Sunday, 21 February 2016


I'm now 15 weeks pregnant and my hormones are turning me into a crazy bitch. It doesn't help that my car has broke yet again (thanks Renault for building trust worthy cars) my son was ill and I had noway of getting to work, which is my safe place. When I'm at work I don't have a thousand things to worry about or an endless amount of chores that need doing whilst trying to sort out a toddler throwing a wobbler over his sandwich being cut into triangles and not squares. I've come to the conclusion that this is the most stressful and hormonal pregnancy I've had!! 

This week has been very hard for me and next week will be as equally hard, when I had my two late miscarriages they were at 16 and 17 weeks so as you can imagine every twinge and every ache makes me panic. I won't lie I've found it really hard to just keep calm and to relax I have been awful to everyone around me but when people say things like "If it's going to happen then it's going to happen" and "Just relax it will make you feel better" well I'm sorry but shut up. I do not want to hear that I need to relax or that if it's going to happen then I have no control, I know I have no control but do you really think telling someone who has been through miscarriage three times and had a prem baby is really going to help them feel better. 

So this week I have felt better sickness wise but something else is now going on!! I'm not sure what it is but I keep going dizzy, feeling weak with waves of sickness and struggle to keep myself from passing out. So far I haven't passed out. When these funny spells happen I have just sat down got some food and sometimes had a nap, this seems to make me feel a whole lot better I just wish I knew why this was happening. My belly is bigger (surprise surprise) however I did forget to measure it this week so it will be next Wednesday that I see how much bigger it has got. I see my midwife on Monday and go for a cervical scan on Tuesday (excited for that, not!) I have a strong feeling that I will need the cervical stitch and I'm nervous as hell about that. I'm still waiting for a proper craving to kick in all I really seem to want a lot of is chicken mayonnaise. 

Tonight I am making a list of everything baby related that we need and pricing it up I think I may share that in a later post. If you can think of any baby items you had that you couldn't live without let me know by leaving a comment.    

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Reaction to Hydromol

Last week I took my son to the doctor because his eczema wasn't really getting any better, we were using the same cream zerobase that we have used for over a year but it just didn't seem to be making a difference. Every time Jared would have a bath his dots (eczema) would be red he said "my dots are angry" he said that they didn't hurt and weren't itchy though. Now normally using the zerobase two to three times a day keep his eczema from going red and looking angry but for what ever reason it just wan't doing the job. So a trip to see the doctor was in order. 

Now this doctor was very rude she spoke to me like I was an idiot saying things like "you know you need to use the cream more then once a day" and "are you even putting enough on" normally I wouldn't mind these questions but when she uses a tone that is very condescending!! I went on to explain that we have been using zerobase for over a year and that I knew how to apply it and normally it works fine, I also then said that the eczema seemed to have spread a little. I had pictures of it at it's worse but she wasn't even willing to look at me or my son during the whole appointment. She prescribed this new cream/ointment called Hydromol.  

That night I applied generous amounts of the Hydromol, which looks like and feels like lard. It is awful to apply to the skin. You can use it in the bath but as it gets applied every day twice it's more practical for us to just apply directly to his skin. We applied this again in the morning then sent our boy with his tub of lard for his sleepover at his nanna's. On Sunday we picked Jared up and while getting him into his PJ's (in the hope he would fall asleep in the car on the way home) we noticed his whole body was covered in a rash. My first thought was chicken pox as it looked like a chicken pox rash. On the Monday the rash looked worse so I was still thinking chicken pox as one a few spots looked liked they had puss in. I took him to the doctor who said he couldn't say it wasn't chicken pox but said he thinks that it isn't. We hadn't used the Hydromol since Sunday night and I decided last night that I would keep him off nursery again today just in case it was still chicken pox. 

This morning when I checked him over there is no rash, that is when I thought of the Hydromol and the fact that we had only just started using it, then he got the rash. I rang the doctor and had a telephone appointment and raised my concern about using the cream and the rash and was told that it sounded to them like he had had an allergic reaction to the cream and to discontinue using it. I'm not saying every child will react to this cream but I'm writing this in case your child develops a rash and you are trying to recall what they have eaten or if it's chicken pox etc. Always think of creams and lotions that you have used as the rash may not appear at first it took until Sunday night for Jared's to appear and we had been using the cream since Friday. 

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Valentines Gift A Snapfish Review

Valentines day is just around the corner. It's a day you either love or hate, single or not! I for one like that we have a day to appreciate our loved one and to declare our undying love for them, because lets face it you and me could probably do with telling the other half that you appreciate everything they do even if it does a week of nagging at them to get a job done. I don't think that valentines is just a day full of people snogging and being smushy but a day to remember certain things you have done together and just day thanks for putting up with me for another year. 

Each year as February approaches I try and get a gift that actually means something and won't be gone by the end of the day. This year with the help of a £25 spend from snapfish I opted for a cushion, and not just any cushion. This cushion had our pout faces on with a love heart border, aww how sweet am I?! 

This is a picture from one of our rare nights out. I was worried about how the picture would look on the cushion as snapfish did advise me that it was a low quality image but I really wanted to use that picture. I'm really impressed with how well it has printed as I thought it might have been grainy with it being low quality, I also love how the love heart actually look glittery even though it was just a border image I had used before using snapfish. I was going to have the cushion in our living room but thought visitors may find it odd sitting on our faces so I moved it to our boudoir.

This cushion is a large it's size is 17 x 17" and is available for £24.99 you can get a smaller size which is 11 x 11" for £19.99. The pictures are printed onto the cover front, the fabric is heavyweight and feels similar to canvas but softer, on the back is a faux suede material which feels so nice it's light in colour somewhere between light brown and cream, they class it as fawn but if someone told me it was a fawn colour I would have no idea. Overall I'm really pleased with the quality of this cushion it feels great and is nice and plump too. If you didn't fancy getting one of these with your face on you could always use a picture or a pattern to go with your home décor, as we all know how hard it is to find matching cushions or cushions that you have a vision of.   

Disclosure- Please note that I did receive credit from snapfish to purchase an item of my choice to review. This in no way shapes my opinions of the product or the company and all thought and opinions are that of my own.