Sunday, 31 January 2016


First of all I would like to say sorry for the long delay of a blog post!!

 December was a bit of a crazy month for us and not just because the fat man in the red suit was coming. We found out that I was pregnant with baby number two (exciting!!!!) well yes we were excited but we were more scared then anything else. My pregnancy history isn't very good, this is my 5th pregnancy and hopefully going to be our second child. So when I had some spotting/light bleeding panic set in I was signed off work as the doctors were unsure what was going on. I had a scan but at 5 weeks it's hard to tell what is going on so they booked me in for another scan for after Christmas, my doctor signed me off work as I was understandably not in any state to focus on my job and as I work as a mental health support worker I need to focus. A few days after my scan I bled again and my appointment was brought forward to boxing day, meaning Christmas wasn't exactly much fun for us but we did our best for our son. On boxing day we found out all was ok which was a huge relief, still lots needed to change. I'm classed as a risk pregnancy because as well as a history of miscarriages both early and late my son was born 12 weeks early and I also have a under active thyroid, so my doctor and midwife agreed that it was not suitable for me to lone work during my pregnancy meaning my work had to find something else for me to do, which they did and now I shall be an admin queen until this baby arrives. 

Now that things have settled down and seem to be going on the right track I can give my blog some much needed attention. I have a few reviews planned one being the 3D fibre mascara from younique, and a little something romantic just in time for valentines day. I'm working on some other content too as well as a secondary blog about pregnancy.

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