Sunday, 8 November 2015

Jam tarts made with ready made pastry

On Saturday we had a very busy day, we had the house to sort as we had a lot of people coming over to go and see a firework display. Me and Jared had decided to make some jam tarts which I find is the easiest thing to bake for kids. 

I didn't really have time to make pastry so we used ready made Jus~Rol shortcrust pastry. I have always been a bit funny about using these things as I like to make it all myself and if anything goes wrong I know I'm to blame. Anyway we used this and its great you literally just unroll and start cutting out your shapes easily takes 20 minuets off of the preparation time. 

We got a lot of circles cut out from the pastry a total of 18 which was great as I didn't think we would get so many from the Jus~Rol pastry. When I make our own pastry we normally get between 12 and 15. I let Jared spoon in the jam and lemon curd. 

He did over fill them and the lemon curd leaked everywhere which wasn't such a bad thing as it led to a great discovery which I will write about at a later date because it impressed me so much that it deserves it's own post. We baked the tarts for 15 minuets on gas mark 5 (375F 190C). 

I'm so pleased with the ready to use pastry, I might not use it every time as I do enjoy making my own but with Christmas coming up and parties which may require pastry baked goodness this is perfect. The pastry is freezable and suitable for vegetarians and vegans which is also great, you can purchase this in most supermarkets and is low in cost I paid £2 from Asda other supermarkets may be slightly more.

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