Saturday, 19 September 2015

VR Goggles Review & Giveaway

Are VR goggles the next big thing in gaming? we think that they have the potential. Ok so it won't be good for a couple of games but we think that they will be a huge hit in the years to come. We got to test out a set of the VR goggles, my boyfriend was like a small child on Christmas day when they arrived. There was me trying to take pictures and he was running off so he could have a play, an hour later he came back with sheer joy on his face. 

During the hour he was hiding away he figured out that you couldn't just them with any old game or video, so with the power of the internet he found a few apps. There are a couple of demo games and videos you can watch but we found it really hard to find a full length game but we are certain that there will be a good selection as soon as they really take off. We also found an app that can change MP4 files so that they can be viewed through the goggles. Before getting started you need to make sure that you get some apps for them you can use the Google cardboard app for these, then the bit that took rather a long time was adjusting them to the correct position. For most of the apps we used headphones the goggles have bits at the side you can remove them and plug your headset into your phone, this really enhanced the feeling of being in the same room as the scenes in front of you. 

The goggles have a strap that can be adjusted to fit your head and there is also some foam padding around where they sit on your face, however there is no padding on where your nose is so it can become a bit uncomfortable. This would be the first improvement I would make, then I would improve the lenses to make them easier to put in position. Overall the design is pretty good. As I have mentioned there aren't many games as such available just yet but in the future it would be great if you could connect a controller and be able to play shooter games or something along them lines and maybe make a full headgear type so you have sound built in. 
A few of us have tried these out my three year old loved the Google earth, we made my mum and sisters watch the "horror" app sisters my mum screamed and hit me my oldest sister took them off as you couldn't deal with it and my youngest sister thought it was amazing. My dad had a go he loves his gadgets so really wanted his input, he was impressed but said they hurt his nose and he felt silly but he has used them since. Me and Liam think they are great and keep looking for longer apps rather then just using the demo's we keep finding. 

If you fancy the idea of these then cross your fingers and enter the competition for your chance to win one.     a Rafflecopter giveaway

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