Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Kids Karcher Pressure Washer

We got to test out a Karcher pressure washer for kids. It looks just like the pressure us adults would use to clean the car or the patio. The kids version doesn't have the pressure that you have on the big ones it uses the pressure from your garden hose. Batteries are not required just a connection to a hose and plenty of items that need a good clean. 

When ours arrived we took it over to Nanny's house and got it connected. We did have to hold the hose to the connection point as it kept pinging off so we have since bought a jubilee clip to keep it in place when in use, apart from that it is really easy to connect. Jared began by cleaning a chair he said his job was a cleaning man and called the pressure washer his man cleaner. It was great to watch him play and take on little roles of what his jobs were. He went from being a cleaning man to a dog washer. My mum has two border collies and they love water, we had kept them occupied while washing chairs. As soon as they spotted the water they ran towards it trying to catch it, this made Jared laugh and the new game of being a dog cleaner (although they got really dirty) came about. 


Jared spent about two hours washing various items in the garden using his imagination to come up with all sorts of jobs. Any toy that gets children to use their imagination is a winner in my book and this is most certainly a winner for us. Although it may not get as much use in the winter he will be helping me and daddy to wash the car and clean the garden furniture. Apart from using this to clean everything from dogs to cars other uses we have found are, watering the plants and soaking your family in a water fight. We have all had a play to test it out and we love it. 


You can buy the Kracher for kids on toymonster for £19.99 there are two versions the standard one and the car wash kit. 

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