Thursday, 25 June 2015

Travel wish list

Do you ever have one of them days where you are scrolling through facebook or twitter and you see pictures of all these wonderful places and think, I want to go there. Well I have just had one of those days and it made me think of all the things I want to take part in and places I want to visit, so I made a list I know my boyfriend reads my blog so maybe he will plan a surprise holiday to one of the places on the list. 

Spain: Buñol
The last Wednesday of August in this town La Tomatina is held. This is where everyone takes part in a food fight but with just tomato's. I have seen this on the TV and referenced in films and boy does it look fun. Of course while there I would explore the local towns as well, but my sole reason for going would be for the La Tomatina. There are a few places that offer a package to book a 3 or 4 day stay just so you can go to this festival, the festival is also ticket only so booking through a company would be the better option to go for. 

Have you seen that really cute advert with the pigs swimming in the sea? If you haven't go to YouTube and watch this cuteness. In the Bahamas there is an island that has pigs on and the swim in the sea and laze on the beach, if I'm ever going to feel comfortable in a bikini it's going to be on a beach with pigs. Apart from pig beach there is so much more I want to do, reef and wall diving, a shark dive. I have read that it is a beautiful place so plenty of walks to take in all of the beautiful scenery, even hire a private plane to view from the skies. 

This country is full of history and amazing buildings. I have a huge list of places I want to see in China, the temple of heaven Beijing is on that list. I'm not a religious person but I believe in a spiritual life, the building looks beautiful. Beijing has so many places to see I think I would need a month to fully enjoy and appreciate it all. A side from Beijing there are many more places in China I would love to go to, I want to get on a boat and go down the Li River, see the Mogao caves. My only issue with going is I know they eat a lot of seafood and I have an allergy to that so I would have to do a Karl Pilkington and stock up on crisps. 

Beaches lined with golden sand and clear water kissing the sand, a cocktail in one hand a good book in the other while slowly cooking my body in the heat. When you think of Jamaica you think of relaxing, I think we all know why. This is what I want to do I want to relax here enjoy the sun and the beaches. I would need to visit a few places too like the Bob Marley museum in Kingston, he is the face of Jamaica and I feel like you need to visit the museum if you go to Jamaica. I would try an lose a stone in weight before going as I know I will put it all on again, the food they eat is amazing. 

When I think of Mexico I think of colour and taco's. Fiesta's and Festivals that is what I want to experience when I get to go. Day of the dead which is held in November is top of my list of what I want to do in Mexico, they celebrate and keep the keep the spirit alive. I hate death and funerals much like anyone else Mexico has it the right way, don't sit and mourn celebrate keep their memory/spirit alive. There are a few other festivals full of music and dancing that sound like so much fun. I often think of Mexico as a place where people truly love their culture, something I'm finding my country doesn't have any more. 

My list continues to grow and I could write about so many more places I want to go including Thailand, America, Canada and New Zealand. The world is such a huge place full of amazing places and I want to see as much of it as my money will allow me. If you have been to some place that you truly love then please share with me as my list can only grow bigger.    

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