Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Learning German Part 1

The lovely people over at EuroTalk are kindly helping me to learn a new language. As I used to live in Germany and still speak to my German friends it seemed only right to start with German. When I lived in Germany (for three years) I picked up a few bits but often found my self lost when trying to ask for certain groceries at the supermarket, like flour for baking with. Of course I had my priorities I knew how to ask for a beer and food with the odd swear word!! 

The product I received comes as a USB with also a code to download an app, this is really useful as I can literally learn German wherever I am. I have only been using this for about a week now and I'm finding it so much easier then classroom style learning, because I can do learn at my own pace and without another twenty something people in the room. I have started by just playing a few of the games where a few words are spoken to you then they single out one word and you select from a choice of pictures which you think is the correct answer. This is such a fun way to learn!! As you all know if you read my blog I have a toddler, he is also sitting next to me sometimes and is learning. There is a part where you can record yourself speaking then you play it back to see if you have said it correctly. 

I would urge anyone wanting to learn a new language to have a look on the website, they have so many languages some of which I never knew existed. I will update you all on my progress in the coming weeks and even try to write a paragraph in German all criticism will be welcome on that part. 

Auf Wiedersehen

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