Friday, 10 April 2015

Tips & Tricks

Everyone loves a little life hack here and there I have found a few that maybe you have tried out. I have been speaking to a few people who have gave me a few tips and tricks and others I have just done, maybe they were seen and I had totally forgot about them until that "Oh Yeah" moment. 

These first few tips are great for making life in the kitchen that little bit easier:

1. When making hard boiled eggs add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water, this will make peeling the shell off so much easier and quicker. 
2. If your anything like me you have lots of fancy kitchen gadgets except one a garlic crusher! So once your garlic is peeled just use a fork and press onto the garlic. 
3. I don't make stuffed peppers but with the warmer weather rolling in and BBQ's coming up it's a great little extra to have. When making stuffed peppers to ensure that the filling stays put and the pepper stays in place pop them into a muffin tray. 
4. Is it me or does nothing seem to stay fresh for very long? I was constantly buying potatoes but since placing an apple in the bag with the potatoes they don't seem to sprout. 

The following tips are just a bunch of random ones that I thought would be fab to share. 

1. I don't own a watering can (are you surprised?!) so when it comes to watering what little plants I have in our dirt patch we use a milk bottle and punch a few little holes in the lid fill with water and bingo. Home made watering can. 
2. This tip is something that I will defiantly be using when doing drilling, I was told this a few weeks ago and it was a moment when you think, why didn't I think of that. So when your next drilling and don't want the dust getting on your floor pop a post it note just under where you are going to drill and it will catch the dirt and dust for you. 
3. I have a huge phobia of bee's and wasp's in fact it really effects me I cover up as much as possible in the summer to avoid getting stung, I run into roads and I have kung fu moments. I get stared at all the time because I'm constantly on edge. If I'm sat outside I'm super paranoid that something is going to fly in my drink (like a wasp did when I was younger). So I place a cake case over the top of my glass and shove a straw in through the top.
4. How I wish I was told about this tip sooner. A few people seem to be re decorating their houses this year and use many colours in different rooms. To keep you paint tray cleaner and to make it easier to clean up cover the tray with tin foil. So simple and saves at least a good half hour. 
5. Last but not least. If you have hairy pets then maybe you already do this or use a similar technique (my mum goes for rubber gloves on the stairs) use a squeegee on your carpets or furniture to get rid of pet hair, it saves hoovering 50 thousand times a day. 

I hope to bring some more tips onto the blog soon, I like to test them out or at least really look into them first to make sure that they really do work and save time, because lets face if we can cut out time and spend more time enjoying things we are much happier. 

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