Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I've turned 25

The other week I turned twenty-five! I must say I feel older. I have been reflecting on my life and in my short twenty-five years I have been through a lot, one marriage which was a nightmare, stuck in the abusive (physically and mentally) I lost 3 babies two at 16 weeks the other 6 weeks. I have been raped which sent me into depression I lost my confidence all I had to help me was my ex husband who just couldn't care and didn't believe me. As a teenager I was always unsettled we moved a lot due to my dad's job I went to 5 high schools. I was an awful teenager and rebelled against everything, hence why I married at 16. I thought about all the crap I had been through and how I was an awful person as a kid, it got me down. Then I thought look at what I have achieved in the past four years, I got the strength to leave my ex husband I knew tho he would never change and that I had to leave, with the help of a friend and some family I did it. Yeah I was homeless and lost my job but I was free and finally making changes. I met my amazing boyfriend who accepts my faults and isn't too bothered that I can grow facial hair better then him, we had a baby who was early (3months early) but we got through it. Due to going to so many schools and just not caring I got poor grades people thought I was stupid but I started a law degree and got A's and B's I did it not only to prove others wrong it to prove to myself I can do it. After I was raped I never went anywhere on my own, two years ago I did I went places on my own walked among crowds, it's was scary but I conquered my fear. I finally found a job I love being a mental health support worker.

So now I'm twenty-five my next milestone is thirty, I hope by then I have my under active thyroid under control and understand more about it. Get some form of treatment for my hirsutism, progress further in my job and work towards becoming a mental health nurse. I would like to have another child or two. A house of my own would be nice and maybe some plans to marry my boyfriend but that parts up to him. Twenty-five years young and I may not have a lot in my life but I have survived so much, I have grey hair to prove that which I'm guessing was a gift from mother nature. 

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