Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I've turned 25

The other week I turned twenty-five! I must say I feel older. I have been reflecting on my life and in my short twenty-five years I have been through a lot, one marriage which was a nightmare, stuck in the abusive (physically and mentally) I lost 3 babies two at 16 weeks the other 6 weeks. I have been raped which sent me into depression I lost my confidence all I had to help me was my ex husband who just couldn't care and didn't believe me. As a teenager I was always unsettled we moved a lot due to my dad's job I went to 5 high schools. I was an awful teenager and rebelled against everything, hence why I married at 16. I thought about all the crap I had been through and how I was an awful person as a kid, it got me down. Then I thought look at what I have achieved in the past four years, I got the strength to leave my ex husband I knew tho he would never change and that I had to leave, with the help of a friend and some family I did it. Yeah I was homeless and lost my job but I was free and finally making changes. I met my amazing boyfriend who accepts my faults and isn't too bothered that I can grow facial hair better then him, we had a baby who was early (3months early) but we got through it. Due to going to so many schools and just not caring I got poor grades people thought I was stupid but I started a law degree and got A's and B's I did it not only to prove others wrong it to prove to myself I can do it. After I was raped I never went anywhere on my own, two years ago I did I went places on my own walked among crowds, it's was scary but I conquered my fear. I finally found a job I love being a mental health support worker.

So now I'm twenty-five my next milestone is thirty, I hope by then I have my under active thyroid under control and understand more about it. Get some form of treatment for my hirsutism, progress further in my job and work towards becoming a mental health nurse. I would like to have another child or two. A house of my own would be nice and maybe some plans to marry my boyfriend but that parts up to him. Twenty-five years young and I may not have a lot in my life but I have survived so much, I have grey hair to prove that which I'm guessing was a gift from mother nature. 

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Dry Like Me Review

Potty training is under way in our house, and to help Jared along we got sent the early days training pads. When I first saw them I was a little shocked at how much they looked like ladies sanitary towels and was a bit reluctant about using them. They stick into your little ones pants just like sanitary pads sit in ladies pants. Each box contains 14 pads and are one size, the design is basic but they don't need a fancy pattern as like I mentioned they just stick inside the pants and act like liners. 

Before trying these we were using pull ups, which weren't working as Jared saw them as a nappy and didn't pull them down to use the toilet no matter how much we encouraged or asked him if he needed the potty. With the training pads he noticed that he had his big boy pants on and that if he needed a wee he needed to take them down and sit on his potty. Of course there were a few mistakes but not many. For the past few weeks we have been getting him used to using the potty and haven't yet ventured anywhere with no nappy. 

I have found with the pads it makes the transition from nappy to potty a lot easier and less stressful, also not as many accidents. When we do go out and about I know taking the pads will be much easier then the pull ups, for one the are much smaller so if like me you abandoned your changing bag months ago you can just pop a few in the free carry pouch and place them in your handbag. Another great thing is that they are simple to use, unlike pull ups you don't have to carefully pull them up in case the sides rip and no fight with your child who just wants to wear big boy pants. 

You can purchase these on the dry like me website, where you will also find other potty training products including the potty training book and night time pads. I think that the products are fairly priced in comparison to other potty training aids. Dry like me has had their first advert go live on TV this week but if you haven't already seen it then you can view it on their website.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Tips & Tricks

Everyone loves a little life hack here and there I have found a few that maybe you have tried out. I have been speaking to a few people who have gave me a few tips and tricks and others I have just done, maybe they were seen and I had totally forgot about them until that "Oh Yeah" moment. 

These first few tips are great for making life in the kitchen that little bit easier:

1. When making hard boiled eggs add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water, this will make peeling the shell off so much easier and quicker. 
2. If your anything like me you have lots of fancy kitchen gadgets except one a garlic crusher! So once your garlic is peeled just use a fork and press onto the garlic. 
3. I don't make stuffed peppers but with the warmer weather rolling in and BBQ's coming up it's a great little extra to have. When making stuffed peppers to ensure that the filling stays put and the pepper stays in place pop them into a muffin tray. 
4. Is it me or does nothing seem to stay fresh for very long? I was constantly buying potatoes but since placing an apple in the bag with the potatoes they don't seem to sprout. 

The following tips are just a bunch of random ones that I thought would be fab to share. 

1. I don't own a watering can (are you surprised?!) so when it comes to watering what little plants I have in our dirt patch we use a milk bottle and punch a few little holes in the lid fill with water and bingo. Home made watering can. 
2. This tip is something that I will defiantly be using when doing drilling, I was told this a few weeks ago and it was a moment when you think, why didn't I think of that. So when your next drilling and don't want the dust getting on your floor pop a post it note just under where you are going to drill and it will catch the dirt and dust for you. 
3. I have a huge phobia of bee's and wasp's in fact it really effects me I cover up as much as possible in the summer to avoid getting stung, I run into roads and I have kung fu moments. I get stared at all the time because I'm constantly on edge. If I'm sat outside I'm super paranoid that something is going to fly in my drink (like a wasp did when I was younger). So I place a cake case over the top of my glass and shove a straw in through the top.
4. How I wish I was told about this tip sooner. A few people seem to be re decorating their houses this year and use many colours in different rooms. To keep you paint tray cleaner and to make it easier to clean up cover the tray with tin foil. So simple and saves at least a good half hour. 
5. Last but not least. If you have hairy pets then maybe you already do this or use a similar technique (my mum goes for rubber gloves on the stairs) use a squeegee on your carpets or furniture to get rid of pet hair, it saves hoovering 50 thousand times a day. 

I hope to bring some more tips onto the blog soon, I like to test them out or at least really look into them first to make sure that they really do work and save time, because lets face if we can cut out time and spend more time enjoying things we are much happier. 

Friday, 3 April 2015

Bakerdays Review and competition

It's always exciting when the postman delivers a parcel, you wonder what it could be or if what you have ordered will be as good as it looked online. We had a parcel arrive the other day and I knew exactly what it was and couldn't wait to open it. We were very lucky to be sent a letterbox cake by Bakerdays, I let Jared choose a design he went for a beautiful chocolate Easter themed cake. 

 The letterbox cake is big enough for 3-4 people or maybe just one person who will eat 3-4 portions (I was tempted). The letterbox is the smallest cake that Bakerdays offers being just 5 inches the biggest cake they offer is 12 inches which is 40-55 portions and comes with a free balloon. There are plenty of designs to choose from, birthday cakes and cakes for many occasions and events. If you prefer you can personalise your cake. As well as being able to choose the design and size you can choose the type of cake you would like from fruit cake, vanilla or chocolate chip. What I love about this is that Bakerdays caters for all an offer a dairy free cake also a gluten wheat free cake, I find these hard to find in shops or to order from local companies. The letterbox cake is ideal for sending to friends or family instead of or with cards, maybe to a son or daughter who is in university. The letterbox cake comes in a super cute cake tin which I plan to use to store all my kitchen recipes.

Another great product that Bakerdays offers is cupcakes, everyone loves cupcakes!! The cupcakes come in a box of twelve and are available in two different flavours. Again there is a wide variety of designs to choose from with some where you can add your own text. These could be used as wedding favours or for parties and many other occasions where cake is needed. Lets face it cake is always needed for a good party or get together. 

I had to show you a slice of our cake which we all loved and thoroughly enjoyed. We will defiantly be using Bakerdays to send cakes to our loved ones for birthdays. Thanks to Bakerdays for the cake!!

If you would like to win a letterbox cake then just fill out the rafflecoptor below.

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The letterbox cake was given to us to review. This does in no way influence my opinion on the product or the company.