Monday, 23 March 2015

Gro Clock Review

Getting your toddlers to go to bed can be tricky, they need a drink or they are hungry then there is the "can I just have 5 more minuets". If you have a child like mine you have a battle on your hands. We get snuggled in our jim jam's have a cuddle on the sofa, had a little drink and off up the wooden hill to sleep. If you read one of my previous posts you will have read all about how difficult my son makes bedtime, crying, screaming, throwing toys, books and anything he could pick up. After a few hours he is asleep. Morning comes around and just as the sun is opening it's eyes the child is awake and shouting to go downstairs and watch Spongebob. It's that time of the morning where you just don't want to get out of bed, you beg your child just have another hour or two. I have tried explaining time to my son but he is two and I'm basically asking for miracles. 

We were lucky enough to be sent a Gro Clock, the clock isn't your typical clock face. It has no numbers around the edge and no hands pointing at numbers. My first thought was how will this help my son with knowing when it is bed time and when it is time to get up? The clock works by using two different glowing screens, one which indicated that it is night time by showing a star with a blue background and little stars surrounding the big one. The little stars go out one by one to show the passing of time but hopefully your child will be sound asleep by then. The other screen is yellow with a big smiley sun indicating that it is time to rise and shine. You can set the clock to change from night time to day time to go with your children's routines. The process of doing this did confuse me at first but it is fairly simple to use. The great thing about this feature is you can change it when ever you want especially on a weekend when you fancy a lie in. 

In the picture above you can see the smiling sun showing your child that it's time to be awake. I would just like to point out that my son does not watch that DVD he just likes the funny chicken on the front and likes taking it everywhere. You have got to love your kids strange interests. The clock plugs into a mains plug socket so no worrying about if the batteries are going to run out. When our Gro clock arrived and we opened the box my son got so excited, not because of the clock but because of a little book that was tucked away inside. 

A few other things about the Gro clock, you can set the clock up for nap times as well as having the bedtime and morning time set. My son doesn't have naps now as I'm normally at work so he is at his Nans. There is also the option to have an alarm sound for those wake up times, which I'm tempted to use for myself as my alarm is really annoying, but I guess any is. Again this is a feature that we won't need to use. well not at the moment due to my son waking up early. The Gro clock is currently on sale for £19.99 which you can purchase by going to the website or following this link to the Gro clock. If you have a look around the website you can also purchase faces for your Gro clock we are ordering the face which has the Aliens on which is currently £4.99. If you are not in the UK then fear not you can purchase the clock with a euro plug. 

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