Thursday, 12 February 2015

Tin foil curls

I can never get my hair to curl how I want it too. I have had loads of curling irons but none of them give me the look that I want. I accidentally came across a little tip, which I'm now going to share with you and show you how you how I did it. 

So this is my crazy frizzy out of control hair. I washed my hair the night before then I brushed it this morning. Then I cut up a lot of sheets of tin foil ready to wrap around my untamed mane.

I put my hair into sections at first so I could work layer by layer. In each layer I made smaller section about an inch wide. I wrapped the hair around two of my fingers then wrapped it in tin foil. This part was really tricky as my hair was flying all over and the tin foil wasn't big enough so my hair would slip through. This part is what takes the longest but once you get all those little details correct you are ready to start.

I only down a few on each side of my head as I had a toddler who kept running over and asking for cuddles because he isn't well. Of course next time I do this (there will most certainly be a next time) I'll have more time and I will hopefully have a good technique. Anyway once the hair is all foiled up it's time to get the straighteners on them.    
 This part was so easy each foil wrapped section of hair gets the hot irons pressed over. I went over them a few times just to make sure. After all this was my first attempt at this and I desperately wanted it to work. I would recommend covering your neck while doing this as I stupidly didn't think about the fact that the foil gets hot and burn you!! While using the straighteners hold on to the top of the foil (careful not to burn your fingers) use more of a press down release rather then how you would normally use your straighteners.  

After going over the sections a few times and feeling like a bit of a loony, I was ready to peel of the foil. This is the part I started to think what if my hair has burned off! What if I have done all of this just to end up with a short spiky totally not me hair style. Off it came my hair was still attached to my head. 

 This is the result, now please bare in mind I had a sick two year old to keep happy while doing this and I had designed (in my head) to have the curls pulled back into a ponytail. I'm so pleased with how they turned out and now I can decide on the thickness and tightness of the curls without having to own a whole array of curling irons. Now I had my curls I slapped on some war paint and fixed up my hair.

I hope that this is easy to follow, I don't normally do posts about hair or make-up so I have tried my best to include everything that I have done. I would love to hear what you think of this technique and if you plan on trying it or even if you have tried it let me know share your techniques and pictures.

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