Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Deep

On Saturday we ventured over to Hull, to go to the Deep. I had never been before so wasn't sure what to expect and considering the ticket price was nearly half the price of the sea life centres. I had heard a few things about the places from friends and family who had been, some described it as fantastic and others said the money would be better spent on going to an aquatic shop. We paid online got in the car and off we went on the hour long drive. Although it seemed to take a lot longer getting there. When we arrived the car park was full so we had to park in the business car park which isn't too far. To park you do have to pay £2 which gives you 4 hours worth of parking which annoyed me as we had already paid to go for the day, I'm not sure why places are charging you to visit and to park I personally think it is crazy and rude. We then had to join a queue which I was also a bit annoyed about as like I had stated we had already paid, I think they would benefit from having a separate queue for people who had purchased their tickets online. So after waiting for 20 minutes we got to go in well at least walk up the never ending staircase. Yes we could of used the life but there were so many people waiting it was actually quicker to go up the stairs and burn a few calories. 

We then had to join another queue to get our tickets checked so we could enter the attraction. A little fish tank was right in front of us and I started to doubt the trip. We walked in to a dark area that was about space I think we didn't look as Jared was scared of and wanted to see fish. We then had a walk down a corridor with loads of educational games and quizzes about planets, which I'm not sure has much to do with fish however there were lots of skeletons of sharks and big fish on the wall. Finally we saw some sea creatures. Jelly fish!! Jared was most excited about jelly fish and sharks so now he wasn't bored he seemed to be enjoying himself. After all the educational and boring parts we got to the fish in tanks, big fish, little fish, green, yellow, blue fish. I was kind of hoping they had a touch pool I remember as a child going to similar places and you got to put your hands in with the fish that wouldn't eat your hand off. I never really touched one but the excitement that I could was good enough for me. 

Jared and Daddy looking at the fish 
This was the first big tank you see, surrounding the tank was lots of little kiddies staring into the tank and excitedly point and telling mummy and daddy what fish they could see. I found this really relaxing, and now understand why people have big tanks in their front rooms. We later got to see this tank from another point where we climbed a ladder and popper our head in like we were deep diving in a submarine. It was a bit tricky climbing and holding on to a two year old but it was great to look into the tank this way. We followed the walk ways towards the big tanks and along the way we saw some star fish, nemo and his brother also called nemo, and flogs (frogs). I love frogs, there were also a few tarantulas but I refuse to go near them.   
In the words of Jared "mummy some green flogs"
From this are there are several paths you can take one towards the penguins which were away on holiday, one to the cafe and one to a big dark room full of blue glowing tanks. This room was full of various fish and jelly fish. I must admit I now have a new found love for jelly fish, while sat gazing into the tank I couldn't hear the surrounding noises. I got completely lost in my own little world watching these see through blobs floating around. 

If ever I have enough money to do so I will have a jelly fish tank wall in my home. It would be great for them days where everything is grating on you. Unfortunately while I was transfixed with the jelly fish and Jared was talking to a lobster we missed the tank dive so I can't tell you much about that other than they do a tank dive. 

Jared's lobster friend.

We did get to see sharks not many maybe about 3 small ones. Towards the end there is a little play area for the children which we avoided because we are mean parents, and because we didn't want to fight to get him out of the play area as he had been so well behaved going around. There is a tiny walkway where you walk under the tank but it is a small area and people pushed to get closer to the glass so we couldn't really enjoy this part and proceeded to the tank lift. Now at the end there are two options you can take the scenic stairs or the scenic lift. We chose the lift and waited for 10 minuets. The lift is a pretty good idea as you ride up through the main tank it stops about half way up so you can admire the view. Again sort of giving you a submarine like feel. 

Overall it was a good day out but not somewhere we could go to all the time as it is a fair drive away although we now don't need to pay entry for the rest of the year, this is because they offer you free entry for the rest of the year if you fill out a form. This most certainly makes up for having to pay for parking and standing in queues. 

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