Monday, 19 January 2015

Our trip to A&E

While most people on a Saturday night were out having fun or settling down to have a date night with their partner. We were getting ready to go to A&E with Jared. We had had dinner and a bath and it was time for Jared to go to bed, I was all snugly in my PJs waiting for Big Brother to start. Just then Jared said to Daddy "googly eye in my nose" Daddy let out a little curse and had a peak. Yep there it was a googly eye well and truly wedged up his nostril. We didn't run to A&E right away we knew it would most likely be busy on a Saturday evening so we tried to find something to pull it out ourselves and just our luck we couldn't find tweezers anywhere!
We got to A&E at 9:25 and luckily it wasn't too busy Jared kept trying to shove his finger up his nose and sneezing but that eye just wouldn't come out. After waiting an hour and a bit we were called through. I was still giggling that he had a googly eye up his nose. Now I'm not a doctor but I thought it would be pretty simple just grab a pair of them long tweezer scissors that they have and pull it out but no. Doctor number one clearly wasn't used to working with children he didn't really try and engage with him just tried to shove a light up his nose which resulting in Jared screaming and trying to kick him. He asked me to blow into Jareds mouth to try push the eye out four attempts and no luck so off he went. Doctor number two he was better with children and even complimented on how well Jared talks and communicates for his age, he had a look up his nose could see the eye and went off to get something to pull it out. We sat in a room waiting for Doctor number two to come back here are a few snaps I thought I would take as a memento excuse the chocolate face. 


    As you can tell we got bored of waiting. After a good 40 mins Doctor number three arrived with tools. She was fabulous she dealt with a very tired and fed up two year old brilliantly. She had a head torch hat on which she promised Jared could try on after he she could have a look at his ouchy, he complied the eye was pulled out. Finally at quarter to midnight we could go home. Jared being Jared made a grand exit telling the Doctor and nurses he would "see you next time" then telling them about his googly eye again and that he likes diggers. I should add that before all this happened Liam noticed the googly eyes on the felt mice we had made and told me about when he was little he shoved one in his ear and spent a few hours in A&E, like father like son, the saying has never been more fitting.

Have you ever had to go to hospital after your child thought shoving a small object into one of their orifices would be a good idea? If you have tell us your story in the comments below.  

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