Monday, 12 January 2015

Lets go to...

We like to take Jared to many different places on our days off. Lately though it seems like we need to save for a month just to be able to go and have some family fun. This year we decided that we wanted to do more with our son rather then just a walk or a trip to the park. I know he loves going to feed the ducks and spending twenty minuets on the slide, but as a family me and Liam found that we weren't really doing anything fun as a family. Now don't get me wrong seeing Jared run about and laughing is great but we want to do things where we all laugh and have fun. 

Our first thought was to go bowling, we have one bowling alley close to us which is in Xscape. So I had a look to see how much it would cost us, £25 for one game of bowling. Am I being tight? or is that a little too much for two adults and a toddler? I was thinking more along the lines of £15 then we could grab some food before heading home. I just can't justify £25 for bowling if maybe that was for two games that wouldn't be a problem but for one game!! So we looked at the mini golf we knew Jared would find it hard to hit the ball but we thought it could be fun nearly £40, we passed and just decided to stay in and paint. 

I'm now on a hunt for cheap family fun days out. We all like different things so it's finding something that we will all enjoy. We want to take our digger mad child back to diggerland but again it is very expensive for what it is for us to go it would cost just under £60. I don't know if it's because I'm getting older but days out just seem to cost too much. I never went to loads of places as a child but swimming and bowling were the cheap days out which now doesn't seem to be the case. I spend hours looking online for deals and cheap days out for what we can do. In the next coming weeks I'm hoping to get together a list of cheap fun days out they will be for around the Yorkshire area so if you live in Yorkshire pop back have a look and if you have been to any the places then let me know your thoughts. 

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