Saturday, 24 January 2015

Herd Tracker

Have you ever wanted to go on a safari? I love the idea of going as I'm a huge animal lover and it would be amazing. A part from the lack of money I have to afford to go on one I always wonder if I do go will I even get to see anything. For the past few weeks I have been checking to see where a herd of Wildebeest have been and what they have been doing, all with the use of herd tracker. So with herd tracker you can track the migration of the herd by using the web-app which is set out a bit like twitter and with the use of google maps. The where abouts of the herd is updated weekly and you can read about their journey on the live feed page which has every update on. The feed also includes pictures and videos which helps for the people like me who can't yet afford a safari trip. The herd is tracked by several sources which include pilots who fly over the Serengeti, could you get a better job! 

The website is really easy to navigate and works perfectly on my laptop, mobile and tablet. I love that the information we are given is wrote by the people who work and live there and not just by someone who is watching a satellite following the movement. As I mentioned above there are pictures and videos which are posted alongside the updates which I loved going through, I would like to point out that although they track Wildebeest the updates do mention Zebras, wild dogs, lions and many more that you would expect to be roaming the Serengeti. 

Another great feature of the website is that they have a section that shows you last minute prices to accommodation near to the herd. I spent a while looking through and falling in love with certain places that I could happily live in for the rest of my life. Under each place it tells you in KM how far away the herd are this is too maximise your chances to see some great and amazing wild animals. 

If you are in two minds of where to go away this year just have a look at this website follow the herd and check out the accommodation page, this can help you plan your perfect safari maybe it will be for your honeymoon or just a little holiday but this will certainly assist you if a safari is on your list of holiday options.   

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