Friday, 11 December 2015

My not so Wowcher experience

I joined Wowcher a few months ago and thought it would be great to get some good deals just before Christmas and even treat myself. I spent a few weeks looking at deals and finding ones that I knew would actually be useful as many of the items I find are items that you would buy just because the price is lower unless you were buying for a friend as a gift. 

My first purchase was a mystery electronics gift. Wowcher gave a list of what the item could be I thought the items sounded good and I like a surprise so I bought the cheaper one (£10 plus postage). I redeemed my voucher code which is an awkward process it could be much more simple, I then received my confirmation email and I could download my receipt which also informed me my product would arrive in 14 working days. Well 14 days came and went and still no sign of the parcel I contacted Wowcher, after checking with neighbours and speaking to my postman just to double check. They informed that they would chase this up and get back to me, the longer I waited the more I wanted to just get my money back so I asked for a refund, which they wouldn't give to me as apparently my item had been posted and could arrive any day (yeah right). I left it a bit longer and still no delivery of mystery item maybe that was the mystery I guess I will never know, I emailed them again and finally got my refund. Annoyingly my refund was Wowcher credit meaning I had to use them again so I gave the boyfriend a list of items I liked and said get me something for Christmas. 

The boyfriend ordered me two things but as it was not very clear on how to use the credit he ended up spending money (men and shopping!!). These items also did not arrive when stated and as it wasn't actually Wowcher supplying the items it meant we had to contact the merchant directly, which I ended up doing as it was my email address and my Wowcher account (ruining Christmas part 1) the merchants responded in a fair time and the items did arrive, they did however inform me that the 5 working days stated by Wowcher for delivery is wrong and that they don't know why they always put this. I haven't seen the bag and bracelet as I wanted it to have some surprise but the boyfriend ensures me they are good. 

As we still had this credit to use I decided to give them another go and bought a 7" tablet using the credit and money, a Christmas present for the boyfriends mum. I placed the order I redeemed the code I was given a will be delivered in xyz amount of days. Bet you can't guess what happened!! well it never arrived (ruining Christmas part2) so I left it longer then the stated delivery time remembering what the other company had told me, still no tablet. I sent qualite an email I included all the information that I had from Wowcher, I got no response so I sent another two emails still no response so I contacted Wowcher. Then Wowcher contacted them no reply so I requested a refund I got my credit back and the rest put into my paypal account. Wowcher really took the biscuit this time though as they sent me a few emails saying I couldn't have a refund as I hadn't waited 72hrs when I had waited 72hrs they had just sent me several emails one day after another confusing themselves. Unfortunately I had to use my credit despite never wanting to use them again but it is my money and it's £15 so I bought something just Tassimo pods but I won't hold my breath on them turning up either which means I will be getting my credit back yet again. 

I would advise you to stay clear of Wowcher now matter how good the deal is, as I would hate for others to spend their money and never receive the item. I purchased another tablet for the boyfriends mum but this was only last week (as I had to wait for my Wowcher refund) so I hope it arrives in time for Christmas or else there will be no present for her to open except for the added extras that were bought which clearly can't be given without the tablet. 

Friday, 27 November 2015

Christmas Routines

Hi all, Liam here,

 with Christmas just around the corner it got me thinking about traditions that have been a constant theme throughout my childhood and that I am now getting Jared into.... 

It all begins on the 1st December, the Christmas songs are on and the decorations get put up, tree, baubles, tree lights then the Christmassy ornaments get put out, in that order. 

Lets fast forward to Christmas Eve. The tradition has always been a takeaway for tea, followed by a bath. Now it's when the kids are in the bath that the magic starts to happen. Bells jingling can be heard down stairs. Has Santa come early? Nope, its one of Santa's elves. For as long as I can remember both me and my brother have always had a Christmas present from Santa on Christmas eve. Even when I was 18 and he was 12 we still had them, mainly for my Mums benefit. The present usually consisted of a set of nightwear and a book or DVD. Then it's time to get the food and drink for Santa and his Reindeer. When I was growing up Santa had something different to drink every year. In true council estate fashion he once had a mince pie washed down with a lemon bacardi breezer. So the treats are out, it's dark and time for bed. 

Christmas day has always been the same, up before the sun has risen, usually around 6am. Me and my brother would empty our stockings on my parents bed to see what we had. It was always a mixture of little puzzles, games and sweets. My mum would always go down stairs first while me and Adam (my brother) would sit at the top of the stairs eagerly awaiting my mums confirmation that Santa had arrived. We used to all sit around the bottom of the tree. My mum tried to keep the present opening as civil as possible, she encouraged us to open them in turns so she did not miss either of us opening our presents. As I'm sure you can guess, it didn't work. It turned into a free for all under the tree with wrapping paper being thrown everywhere. The reoccurring question of that's nice Liam, who got you that?" would be asked by my Dad, only for my mum to say "We did" Something that I have since ended up also asking, leading me to the assumption that it is just a "Dad thing" 

So the presents are all open and suddenly the house is a cluttered jungle of clothes, DVD's, Video Games and toys. The Annual battery hunt is in full swing when the family arrive one by one. Later on in the day, when it is time to eat the Christmas meal my Granddad would arrive. We would all sit around the dinner table and stuff ourselves with turkey, roast potatoes, mash potatoes, pigs in blankets, Yorkshire puddings and more. Pulling crackers, reading jokes and wearing those silly paper crowns. After dinner it was time for the family board game, we would split into teams and battle it out to see who could come out on top, my granddad would always be snoring away in the arm chair and there would always be some family film on in the back ground. 

I think it is safe to say that Christmas is most definitely my favourite time of the year. Family differences can be put to one side, work can be forgotten about and all you troubles seem to disappear if only for a few short days.

So, my question to you is, do you have any Christmas traditions that you still keep up to this day? Let me know in the comment section below, or if you want to tweet me @LiamBurton92 

Hope you all have a great Christmas!

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Jam tarts made with ready made pastry

On Saturday we had a very busy day, we had the house to sort as we had a lot of people coming over to go and see a firework display. Me and Jared had decided to make some jam tarts which I find is the easiest thing to bake for kids. 

I didn't really have time to make pastry so we used ready made Jus~Rol shortcrust pastry. I have always been a bit funny about using these things as I like to make it all myself and if anything goes wrong I know I'm to blame. Anyway we used this and its great you literally just unroll and start cutting out your shapes easily takes 20 minuets off of the preparation time. 

We got a lot of circles cut out from the pastry a total of 18 which was great as I didn't think we would get so many from the Jus~Rol pastry. When I make our own pastry we normally get between 12 and 15. I let Jared spoon in the jam and lemon curd. 

He did over fill them and the lemon curd leaked everywhere which wasn't such a bad thing as it led to a great discovery which I will write about at a later date because it impressed me so much that it deserves it's own post. We baked the tarts for 15 minuets on gas mark 5 (375F 190C). 

I'm so pleased with the ready to use pastry, I might not use it every time as I do enjoy making my own but with Christmas coming up and parties which may require pastry baked goodness this is perfect. The pastry is freezable and suitable for vegetarians and vegans which is also great, you can purchase this in most supermarkets and is low in cost I paid £2 from Asda other supermarkets may be slightly more.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Christmas Conkers

Over the weekend I took my son conker picking. He picked up several acorns along the way saying 'mummy I found a green conker' I explained that it was squirrel food and that conkers were big round and brown. We took one of our 5p carrier bags with us and managed to gather 85 conkers!! Jared had asked daddy to count them when we got back. We were trying to think ways to use the shiny brown seeds when daddy suggested lets make them into decorations for Christmas. 

We let Jared pick a few conkers that he wanted to make into Christmas decorations. Then daddy used a thin screw driver to put a hole through, and I popped ribbon through the hole leaving a loop at the top and tying a knot at the bottom so they can hang on the tree in a couple of months. It took me a little while to sort the ribbon and get it right but this took no longer then twenty minuets, I was pretty impressed.

So the conkers were all ready to be painted and covered in glitter, I'm not sure who had the most fun out of three of us. I found it easier to hold the conker from the ribbon to paint them it also made it easier for Jared as one side would get painted then when he rolled it over the paint would rub off but we got there and ended up with some lovely home made decorations. 

 There are many uses for surplus conkers from conker wars to keeping them in corners so the spiders stay away. We really enjoyed making these and will keep them for as long as we can, we made quite a few so family can have some for their tree's. I found this was a great way to get Jared interested in nature as we spent a good two hours walking around our local park then we spent another hour and a half as a family doing something that didn't involve gadgets and gizmo's. 

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Rugby League and the Grand Final.

Guest blog written by Liam,

Time for something a little bit different today on the blog. With all the media attention focussing on the Rugby Union World Cup once again the greatest game of all, Rugby League passes by without any acknowledgement or credit. The proverbial middle child. On the back of one of the most important years for Rugby League in the professional era it all comes to a finish tonight when the Leeds Rhinos take on the Wigan Warriors at Old Trafford to be crowned the Super League Champions. 

This season has seen the first inception of the Super 8's system. A system in which I think works very well. In short, 2 leagues of 12 battle it out in the usual league structure. At the end of the usual rounds the leagues are split into 3 league of 8. The super 8's who challenge for the grand prize of a place at Old Trafford this is made up of the top 8 teams in the top division. The qualifiers who battle through in order to earn the right to play in the top division the following year, this consists of the bottom 4 in the top division and the top 4 in the lower division. Last but not least the championship shield made up of the bottom 8 in the lower division.

My team Wakefield Trinity Wildcats have had a extremely poor season. We found ourselves in the The qualifiers and worse yet, we found our selves finishing 4th meaning we have one more game against the team in 5th. A one off do or die game. The winners progressing through to Super league the loser having to prepare their team for a year in the Championship. The game was marketed as the £1million match. Luckily to say Wakefield came out the better of the two. The game was full of passion, aggression and determination. If have not seen the game yet and you want to see what it's like to see players literally putting their lives on the line for a cause I suggest you watch it. The drop to the championship would have likely ended up in the club becoming part time. The players jobs, mortgages, lifestyles were all on the line in one game. 

Onto today's Grand Final. I think it is important to note that the RFU have scheduled England to play Uruguay in Manchester on the same day however they are struggling to sell ticket while the Grand Final sold out within a number of days. This is a huge achievement for the sport and something the RFL should build on.

Over the course of the season Leeds and Wigan have been extremely consistent and I cannot think of two teams who could produce a better final. Leeds play with a flair, they have no fear in attack and a ruthless in defence. They have a back line of the finest super league can offer. Hardaker, Briscoe, Hall, Watkins and Moon can really do some damage when on the fringes of the Wigan Defence. 

In contrast Wigan are a very organised, structured team. As strong in defence as they are going forward. In Shaun Wane they have one of the most determined coaches in league right now. A Wigan local and former player he just wants to win. You won't see any fancy passing from Wigan. They will stick to the job, do the basics and do them to perfection. From speaking to former players they all say the same thing. Wigan are happy to just run hard at your defence, tire you down then exploit the defensive errors you make. 

So with 2 contrasting styles of play who will be the winner? With Kevin Sinfield, Jamie Peacock and Kylie Leuluai leaving the club at the end of the season, this could be deciding factor. All 3 of them have given their all for Leeds over the last few years. Sinfield is the Rhinos captain fantastic. Thier most successful captain in history has earned him the nickname Sir Kev. His calm approach with be beneficial in a close game like this and his goal kicking will be invaluable. Jamie Peacock will provide a hard running game, he is a true veteran of the game. He never takes a step back and he leaves everything out on the field. Kylie is of the same mould as Peacock. A big, hard running prop who will give his all for the team and be as solid in defence as he is in attack. All three of these players will want to go out on a high and I'm sure fans of all teams would agree with me that these 3 will but hugely missed by the Rhinos next year. 

My prediction is Leeds Rhinos by 7 points.

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Saturday, 19 September 2015

VR Goggles Review & Giveaway

Are VR goggles the next big thing in gaming? we think that they have the potential. Ok so it won't be good for a couple of games but we think that they will be a huge hit in the years to come. We got to test out a set of the VR goggles, my boyfriend was like a small child on Christmas day when they arrived. There was me trying to take pictures and he was running off so he could have a play, an hour later he came back with sheer joy on his face. 

During the hour he was hiding away he figured out that you couldn't just them with any old game or video, so with the power of the internet he found a few apps. There are a couple of demo games and videos you can watch but we found it really hard to find a full length game but we are certain that there will be a good selection as soon as they really take off. We also found an app that can change MP4 files so that they can be viewed through the goggles. Before getting started you need to make sure that you get some apps for them you can use the Google cardboard app for these, then the bit that took rather a long time was adjusting them to the correct position. For most of the apps we used headphones the goggles have bits at the side you can remove them and plug your headset into your phone, this really enhanced the feeling of being in the same room as the scenes in front of you. 

The goggles have a strap that can be adjusted to fit your head and there is also some foam padding around where they sit on your face, however there is no padding on where your nose is so it can become a bit uncomfortable. This would be the first improvement I would make, then I would improve the lenses to make them easier to put in position. Overall the design is pretty good. As I have mentioned there aren't many games as such available just yet but in the future it would be great if you could connect a controller and be able to play shooter games or something along them lines and maybe make a full headgear type so you have sound built in. 
A few of us have tried these out my three year old loved the Google earth, we made my mum and sisters watch the "horror" app sisters my mum screamed and hit me my oldest sister took them off as you couldn't deal with it and my youngest sister thought it was amazing. My dad had a go he loves his gadgets so really wanted his input, he was impressed but said they hurt his nose and he felt silly but he has used them since. Me and Liam think they are great and keep looking for longer apps rather then just using the demo's we keep finding. 

If you fancy the idea of these then cross your fingers and enter the competition for your chance to win one.     a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Eden Camp Trip

As you can see from the title, this post will be about a museums in Malton, North Yorkshire called Eden Camp, Jade has been pretty busy this week so I (Liam) will be writing this.

So our two weeks off work were slowly coming to an end, Jade asked what I fancied doing. Now with Jade being brought up in the armed forces I thought I would suggest Eden Camp. Its only a 45 minute drive from our house and is only £6.50 per adult and children under 5 are free. Now this is probably not like any museum you have ever been too. I mean sure they have the waxwork models, expensive antiques behind glass and lots of information to read. However its the location of this museum that makes it truly unique and magnificent. The site on which the museum is located is a former prisoner of war camp used by the British forces to house German and Italian POW's captured in Africa and Europe during the second world war.
From the minute you drive in you are immersed in wartime culture, there are planes, tanks, trucks, guns and bombs situated in and around the grounds. Each separate exhibit was in its own hut which is a nice effect as the mood can switch between one bunker to the next. Starting a hut one it takes you on a step by step journey from the rise of the Nazi party, the UK declaring war, the blitz, the holocaust and more key events during the conflict. Some of the huts use smells, sounds and lighting effects to give you a real look into the conditions that people were forced to live in. A key one for me was the German U-boat hut. The inside had been kitted out to feel like you were in a submarine. This was important for me as my Great Granddad was a member of the Navy at that time so to experience what my family would have felt was something many other museums simply fail to offer. Jared was not too keen on this hut as it was quite dimly lit and was pretty loud, along with the blitz hut. However I would not discourage anyone from going in them. They are amazing and really made me sit back and realise how lucky we are to live in a time where such conflict is not as close to home. By far Jared's best bit was the children's play area which looked fun even for us grown ups and the entertainment show in the music hall, puppets, singing and comedy. What more can I say, the puppets impersonating real people and a lot of crowd involvement made it a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all..  There is the ability to take a picnic if you wish however the on-site cafe is very reasonably priced and the gift shop is also surprisingly great value for money, also, what's a family day out without the pets? Eden Camp are happy to allow you to take your dogs round the museum.

Overall I loved every minute of Eden camp, it is not often I walk away from a museum after having such and enjoyable experience and actually learning something. As you will see from the pictures many if not all of the documents, photos and artifices held at Eden camp are originals. So if you fancy a cheap day of with the kids or if you a history addict then check them out! 

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Sunday, 30 August 2015

What do you really know: Depression

Mental health illnesses are common yet many people do not understand the illness and can become afraid or distant themselves from those with a mental illness. For those dealing with a mental illness this can cause their illness to become worse or slow down the process to recovery. I will be writing a post on a different mental illnesses to help people understand more and to help reduce the amount of stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness.


Definition: Depression is a mood disorder where a range of mental conditions are characterised by low moods, feelings of sadness and aversion to activity. 

Depression affects different people in different ways although there may be similarities each person will experience depression differently. The common signs of depression are having a low mood and feeling bad about your self. If you think you may be depressed then it is important to contact your GP who can help you. A doctor may refer to depression as 'mild' 'moderate' or 'severe' this is fairly common and will help them in knowing which treatments may work best. 

There is more then one type of depression although each have similar symptoms:

  • Seasonal affective disorder - This is a seasonal depression as the name suggests, it is related to the length of the day. It usually occurs during the autumn and winter period as the days get shorter and starts to improve when the days get longer and brighter. 
  • Postnatal depression - Postnatal depression is a serious problem and can develop from the day the baby is born and even two years after the baby is born. Some mothers may experience 'baby blues' but this normally clears after a few days. 
There are many symptoms that can occur in a person who is suffering with depression below are a list of some of the symptoms:

  • Low mood
  • Feelings of despair
  • Restless and/or agitated 
  • Self harm 
  • Negative thought pattern
  • Feeling tired 
  • Change to eating habits 
  • Changes to sleeping pattern 
A person who has been diagnosed as severely depressed may experience psychotic episodes, this can include disillusion and hallucinations. 

There is no real evidence to suggest any one thing can cause depression, many researchers believe it is a combination of factors, social and environmental, genetics, hormonal and events that a person has been through. This could even be an event from their childhood that has led them to have a negative thought pattern. 


There is a wide range of treatments that can be offered to a person with depression. A GP may offer antidepressants and give information on local support groups. Talking therapy can be given on the NHS, private healthcare providers and sometimes charities. Counselling can also be offered and if needed a psychiatrist, in cases of severe depression electro-convulsion therapy can be used if the treatment is urgent or if other treatments have not worked. 

There are many websites that can provide help and support, if you or someone you know has depression then please take a look at the following;

If you have suicidal thoughts or have are feeling emotionally very low and need to speak to someone you can call the Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90 this service is 24 hour.  

Thursday, 30 July 2015

What Do You Really Know: Schizophrenia

Mental health illnesses are common yet many people do not understand the illness and can become afraid or distant themselves from those with a mental illness. For those dealing with a mental illness this can cause their illness to become worse or slow down the process to recovery. Each week I will be writing a post on a different mental illnesses to help people understand more and to help reduce the amount of stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness. 


I spoke to some people and asked them to give me their definition or what they thought it meant to have Schizophrenia. Majority of people thought it meant that the person had a split personality and that they had a good side where the person was 'normal' and the other side was a nasty side and violent. Only a small percent knew the definition of the disorder. 

Definition: A long-term mental disorder which affects the way the way that you think. 

The condition is fairly common with 1 in 100 being diagnosed. This can happen from early adulthood the early phase of the disorder is called the prodromal phase. During the prodromal phase you may sleep, communicate and think differently. It may become difficult to manage your emotions and to feel motivated. 

Those who have the disorder find it difficult to identify what is real and what is unreal. They may hear voices or see things that aren't really there and speak in strange ways. This can lead to them believing that others are trying to cause harm to them or that people are constantly watching them. The episodes of paranoia can happen suddenly or gradually with the person feeling anxious, upset and suspicious of others.

There is more then one type of schizophrenia each with their own characteristics:

  • Paranoid Schizophrenia
  • Hebephrenic Schizophrenia
  • Catatonic Schizophrenia
  • Undifferentiated Schizophrenia
  • Residual Schizophrenia
  • Simple Schizophrenia    
You can find more information on these on the rethink website. 

Although Schizophrenia can come on suddenly there are normally some subtle warning signs. Below are the most common early signs: 

  • Social withdrawal
  • Strange use of words or speaking differently 
  • Changes within their sleeping pattern
  • Inappropriate laughing 
  • Hostility or suspiciousness 
  • Depression 
  • Saying rather odd or irrational things
  • Not expression emotions like joy or crying 
  • Forgetful
  • Decline in personal hygiene
  • A blank glaze 
Please note that some of these symptoms can relate to other medical condition and are not just in relation to schizophrenia.

A diagnosis of schizophrenia can only be made by a psychiatrist, manuals are used to diagnose. The International Classification of Diseases which was produced by the World Health Organisation and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual which was produced by the American Psychiatric Association. The treatment given is different for each person and can include a combination medicines and talking therapy. For most people diagnosed they will have schizophrenia as a long-term illness. some may see improvement in their illness and 3 in 10 may have a lasting recovery. 

As with illness people want to know what caused it. With schizophrenia it is generally understood to have many contributing factors and not just one cause. You can read more information about the cause on mind

There are many support groups and websites that can offer help and support to both the person who has been diagnosed and to the family and friends who are unsure on what to do. You can find many websites with online forums to discuss confidential with others. If you are a family member or friend you can ask your GP for a list of local support groups or you can go online and join forums to speak with others.

I hope this information has helped with better understanding and in pointing you in the right direction of finding some support.    

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Kids Karcher Pressure Washer

We got to test out a Karcher pressure washer for kids. It looks just like the pressure us adults would use to clean the car or the patio. The kids version doesn't have the pressure that you have on the big ones it uses the pressure from your garden hose. Batteries are not required just a connection to a hose and plenty of items that need a good clean. 

When ours arrived we took it over to Nanny's house and got it connected. We did have to hold the hose to the connection point as it kept pinging off so we have since bought a jubilee clip to keep it in place when in use, apart from that it is really easy to connect. Jared began by cleaning a chair he said his job was a cleaning man and called the pressure washer his man cleaner. It was great to watch him play and take on little roles of what his jobs were. He went from being a cleaning man to a dog washer. My mum has two border collies and they love water, we had kept them occupied while washing chairs. As soon as they spotted the water they ran towards it trying to catch it, this made Jared laugh and the new game of being a dog cleaner (although they got really dirty) came about. 


Jared spent about two hours washing various items in the garden using his imagination to come up with all sorts of jobs. Any toy that gets children to use their imagination is a winner in my book and this is most certainly a winner for us. Although it may not get as much use in the winter he will be helping me and daddy to wash the car and clean the garden furniture. Apart from using this to clean everything from dogs to cars other uses we have found are, watering the plants and soaking your family in a water fight. We have all had a play to test it out and we love it. 


You can buy the Kracher for kids on toymonster for £19.99 there are two versions the standard one and the car wash kit. 

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Travel wish list

Do you ever have one of them days where you are scrolling through facebook or twitter and you see pictures of all these wonderful places and think, I want to go there. Well I have just had one of those days and it made me think of all the things I want to take part in and places I want to visit, so I made a list I know my boyfriend reads my blog so maybe he will plan a surprise holiday to one of the places on the list. 

Spain: Buñol
The last Wednesday of August in this town La Tomatina is held. This is where everyone takes part in a food fight but with just tomato's. I have seen this on the TV and referenced in films and boy does it look fun. Of course while there I would explore the local towns as well, but my sole reason for going would be for the La Tomatina. There are a few places that offer a package to book a 3 or 4 day stay just so you can go to this festival, the festival is also ticket only so booking through a company would be the better option to go for. 

Have you seen that really cute advert with the pigs swimming in the sea? If you haven't go to YouTube and watch this cuteness. In the Bahamas there is an island that has pigs on and the swim in the sea and laze on the beach, if I'm ever going to feel comfortable in a bikini it's going to be on a beach with pigs. Apart from pig beach there is so much more I want to do, reef and wall diving, a shark dive. I have read that it is a beautiful place so plenty of walks to take in all of the beautiful scenery, even hire a private plane to view from the skies. 

This country is full of history and amazing buildings. I have a huge list of places I want to see in China, the temple of heaven Beijing is on that list. I'm not a religious person but I believe in a spiritual life, the building looks beautiful. Beijing has so many places to see I think I would need a month to fully enjoy and appreciate it all. A side from Beijing there are many more places in China I would love to go to, I want to get on a boat and go down the Li River, see the Mogao caves. My only issue with going is I know they eat a lot of seafood and I have an allergy to that so I would have to do a Karl Pilkington and stock up on crisps. 

Beaches lined with golden sand and clear water kissing the sand, a cocktail in one hand a good book in the other while slowly cooking my body in the heat. When you think of Jamaica you think of relaxing, I think we all know why. This is what I want to do I want to relax here enjoy the sun and the beaches. I would need to visit a few places too like the Bob Marley museum in Kingston, he is the face of Jamaica and I feel like you need to visit the museum if you go to Jamaica. I would try an lose a stone in weight before going as I know I will put it all on again, the food they eat is amazing. 

When I think of Mexico I think of colour and taco's. Fiesta's and Festivals that is what I want to experience when I get to go. Day of the dead which is held in November is top of my list of what I want to do in Mexico, they celebrate and keep the keep the spirit alive. I hate death and funerals much like anyone else Mexico has it the right way, don't sit and mourn celebrate keep their memory/spirit alive. There are a few other festivals full of music and dancing that sound like so much fun. I often think of Mexico as a place where people truly love their culture, something I'm finding my country doesn't have any more. 

My list continues to grow and I could write about so many more places I want to go including Thailand, America, Canada and New Zealand. The world is such a huge place full of amazing places and I want to see as much of it as my money will allow me. If you have been to some place that you truly love then please share with me as my list can only grow bigger.    

Monday, 8 June 2015

Frame Again Review

I got the chance to review a photo frame from Frame Again. Frame Again print your picture and frame it in the frame you have created, they are also magnetic so you can stack them or have them side by side. Creating your frame is really simple you can play around with the colours to find the combination that you love the most, and if you can't decide they have a bit that shows you there favourite combinations. Each frame is 7x7 and 3 inches deep, the frames are made from recycled plastic, recycled protected glass and a neodymium magnet.You then pick your picture and add the finished product to your cart. 

I chose midnight blue and deep purple for my frame which maybe made my frame a look a little bit too dark but I still really like it. I wanted a really fun picture for the frame so I picked one of me and my son wearing giant glasses. Once I placed my order the frame was with me within a week but as I was away when it was delivered I had to wait another week until I could get it. My first impressions were "Wow this looks bigger then I thought" I'm really not good with sizes!! The materials used are great and definitely strong as Jared accidentally dropped the frame down the stairs and it didn't break. The colours are true to how I saw them on the website also which was great. The only thing I was a bit upset about was that the picture I chose didn't fit the frame as well as it did on the website cutting part of Jared's face off, as you can see in the picture.

I would recommend this frame and think they look great, I can't wait to add to my collect and make my hallway look more up to date and funky. I think these frames would be perfect for a teenagers room a few stacked, or maybe you could have a timeline of your child growing up. If you like these frames and would like a chance to win one then just enter the rafflecopter below. 
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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Fathers Day on Snapfish

Fathers Day is nearly here, how fast did that come around! Every year Dads around the world get a pair of socks, T-shirt and a pint glass. This year Liam will not get any of these as we were so lucky to be asked to review some products from Snapfish, I also have a discount code for you lovely readers. 

I had a look on the Snapfish website which is really easy to use. You can create an account for free by either filling out the form or you can use your Facebook to login. I had a look around the website at the products, I had picked a few that I liked the most. I set these to one side and let my son have a look see what he would like to get Daddy. Now he is three years old so took a lot of explaining before he chose what he wanted to get Daddy. We chose a photo book, an acrylic photo print and a mug. 

 The photo book we chose was soft custom cover with twenty pages. The size is perfect for what we wanted, we created a word cloud for the front cover with a pattern of a daddy holding his sons hand. I then spent hours finding pictures I wanted to use, the best thing about logging in with facebook is you can access your facebook pictures through Snapfish making the uploading process so much quicker. I also created a few collages of pictures to put inside to use as many great pictures as I could. On each page I added some text either relating to a memory, a phrase my son says or just highlighting certain things. I love how you can literally customise every single page, including the back page. You can also choose a theme for your book so the pages aren't totally blank in the background, Jared chose a space theme. We are really happy with the book, some of the pictures I used were low resolution but they have came up great!! All pictures are a correct size no cut off parts that I know can sometimes happen when creating things online. 

We chose the acrylic photo print so that daddy could have a new photo on his desk at work. As this is for him to have on his desk at work we chose to have the smallest size 6x4". This was so simple to create we just chose the size chose the picture and then added it to our basket. I let Jared choose the picture and he chose one of him and daddy while we were on holiday, the one with rugby on in the background as he said "daddy like a rugby and Jared like a rugby." When this arrived again me and Jared were so pleased however I did kind of break the stand that the panel sits in so I have had to do a bit of DIY to keep that together. If you decide to get one of these please do not try and force the panel in at an angle. The quality of the acrylic print is great, I already have some acrylic photo blocks and the picture quality isn't that great and they also had bubbles on them. These are bubble free and look amazing it will look so good on his desk. 

The final product we picked was the mug, Snapfish offers a few different types of mugs, we picked the magic mug. We used are already uploaded pictures to create a collage of pictures, which will shuffle around for you if you click the shuffle button when creating. They aren't magic in the sense they can move but maybe snapfish would like to use that idea?!You can use a maximum of fifteen pictures and there are fourteen colours to choose from for a background. So we got our piccys where we liked them and gave a splash of colour to the background of where the pictures are. Added a title and Hey Presto, we had done our mug. When the mug arrived I boiled the kettle and watched as the plain black mug slowly revealed our collage of pictures. Jared was amazed and now thinks he is a wizard so all happy with that!!

My overall experience of shopping with Sanpfish has been great. I love how easy it is to upload pictures and create a personal product. The website is easy to use and navigate around, this helps with making the process of picking what you want a bit quicker. If once you have created your item and you change your mind, you can change parts to your order or if you order one and someone else says they want the exact same you can re order as it will be saved in your purchase history.

We will be wrapping these gifts up with home made wrapping paper, we will be finger printing on some large paper and making a hand print gift tag.

 I have a discount code for you to use to get 50% of all Fathers day best sellers this includes all photo books, mugs, cards, 6x4 acrylic ptints, acrylic blocks, photo panels, jigsaw puzzles, mousemats, keyrings and large prints. Just head over to Snapfish and enter the code: SFUK50FD this is valid until the 15th of June 2015. June 15th 2015 is also the last day to order your gifts for fathers day. 

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

nightmare in May

The past few weeks have been a nightmare for me. I have been at work a lot which is fine I love my job! During my time, you know the time you kick back and relax? Well I haven't relaxed and although I have been working on blog post I haven't fully finished them. This weekend I will have some lovely reviews for you all with a competition. 

So my nightmare week began by mountains of housework, after my long 24 hour shifts I really don't want to be cleaning my house and doing washing, but I left it for a day too long and ended up with back to back wash cycles and a carpet in need of a good Hoover. I have left the cooking to the boyfriend which I feel bad about but truth is I'm just too exhausted to even prep and cook something. I fully appreciate that he has been a slave to the cooker as he also works. I was so looking forward to a weekend off and enjoying my son's birthday I had it all planned, Friday shopping for picnic food and balloons making his cake, Saturday family day out to Yorkshire wildlife park, and Sunday a family BBQ to celebrate my boys 3rd birthday. So my plans were ruined! On Thursday my car broke, wouldn't keep hold of water but can't find a leak. We had no choice but to buy a new car, so my Friday was spent on autotrader and Saturday was going here there and everywhere to buy a car. We took Jared to Yorkshire wildlife park on the Sunday, he was in a bad mood! 

If you haven't been to Yorkshire wildlife, I wouldn't bother. The food is way over priced but I will write about that in another post. So Jared was hrumpy, I was tired Liam was just kind of keeping out the way. I got in a mood and was upset and felt like I let Jared down and cried. Liam came over and he cheered me up a bit and we made what we could out of what was left of Jareds birthday.

My question is how do you blogging working mummies and daddies keep on top of it all? I need more hours in a day.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Learning German Part 1

The lovely people over at EuroTalk are kindly helping me to learn a new language. As I used to live in Germany and still speak to my German friends it seemed only right to start with German. When I lived in Germany (for three years) I picked up a few bits but often found my self lost when trying to ask for certain groceries at the supermarket, like flour for baking with. Of course I had my priorities I knew how to ask for a beer and food with the odd swear word!! 

The product I received comes as a USB with also a code to download an app, this is really useful as I can literally learn German wherever I am. I have only been using this for about a week now and I'm finding it so much easier then classroom style learning, because I can do learn at my own pace and without another twenty something people in the room. I have started by just playing a few of the games where a few words are spoken to you then they single out one word and you select from a choice of pictures which you think is the correct answer. This is such a fun way to learn!! As you all know if you read my blog I have a toddler, he is also sitting next to me sometimes and is learning. There is a part where you can record yourself speaking then you play it back to see if you have said it correctly. 

I would urge anyone wanting to learn a new language to have a look on the website, they have so many languages some of which I never knew existed. I will update you all on my progress in the coming weeks and even try to write a paragraph in German all criticism will be welcome on that part. 

Auf Wiedersehen

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Memoirs of a balloon

When I was a little girl I had a Barbie arm, you know how Barbie's armpit sticks out rather then dents in. Yeah! Well I had that. I can't remember it ever causing me pain I was about 7. Anyway for some reason or another the decision had been made that I would have this ball removed. My first operation, I have had another two since and ways always a regular in A&E. 

On operation day I remember being so hungry and my mum and nan promised me a McDonald's afterwards. I was wearing a fancy hospital gown laid on a bed that made me feel tiny. If my memory serves me right I wasn't scared, just excited that I would get a McDonald's. The one bit I was scared of was a needle that went into my hand, a nurse put a blob of numbing cream on my hand stuck a clear plaster over the top and drew a smiley face. I was wheeled down with mum by my side and had that magic sleeping juic,  I think I got to number 6 before I was zonked. When I opened my eyes there was this big smiley clown face floating next to me. This is my very first memory of getting a balloon, I loved that balloon. He stayed a float for a good two weeks, I can't describe the clown but I know it was a clown and I loved it. My mum is surprised that I still remember it but I do have a good memory. 

Getting my clown balloon was great as I always wanted one of those big special balloons. On my birthday only ever got the small breath filled ones which where good for playing games like, don't let it touch the ground and slow motion tennis. After getting my clown I found a soft spot for balloons (which my mum is scared of) I even went to hot air balloon shows I'm sure I have pictures of me running away from a giant dragon.  currently have a awesome competition going and this is my entry. I'm also having a scout on their website to find some balloons for my son's 3rd birthday. Good luck all who enter and thanks for reading my first balloon memory.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I've turned 25

The other week I turned twenty-five! I must say I feel older. I have been reflecting on my life and in my short twenty-five years I have been through a lot, one marriage which was a nightmare, stuck in the abusive (physically and mentally) I lost 3 babies two at 16 weeks the other 6 weeks. I have been raped which sent me into depression I lost my confidence all I had to help me was my ex husband who just couldn't care and didn't believe me. As a teenager I was always unsettled we moved a lot due to my dad's job I went to 5 high schools. I was an awful teenager and rebelled against everything, hence why I married at 16. I thought about all the crap I had been through and how I was an awful person as a kid, it got me down. Then I thought look at what I have achieved in the past four years, I got the strength to leave my ex husband I knew tho he would never change and that I had to leave, with the help of a friend and some family I did it. Yeah I was homeless and lost my job but I was free and finally making changes. I met my amazing boyfriend who accepts my faults and isn't too bothered that I can grow facial hair better then him, we had a baby who was early (3months early) but we got through it. Due to going to so many schools and just not caring I got poor grades people thought I was stupid but I started a law degree and got A's and B's I did it not only to prove others wrong it to prove to myself I can do it. After I was raped I never went anywhere on my own, two years ago I did I went places on my own walked among crowds, it's was scary but I conquered my fear. I finally found a job I love being a mental health support worker.

So now I'm twenty-five my next milestone is thirty, I hope by then I have my under active thyroid under control and understand more about it. Get some form of treatment for my hirsutism, progress further in my job and work towards becoming a mental health nurse. I would like to have another child or two. A house of my own would be nice and maybe some plans to marry my boyfriend but that parts up to him. Twenty-five years young and I may not have a lot in my life but I have survived so much, I have grey hair to prove that which I'm guessing was a gift from mother nature. 

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Dry Like Me Review

Potty training is under way in our house, and to help Jared along we got sent the early days training pads. When I first saw them I was a little shocked at how much they looked like ladies sanitary towels and was a bit reluctant about using them. They stick into your little ones pants just like sanitary pads sit in ladies pants. Each box contains 14 pads and are one size, the design is basic but they don't need a fancy pattern as like I mentioned they just stick inside the pants and act like liners. 

Before trying these we were using pull ups, which weren't working as Jared saw them as a nappy and didn't pull them down to use the toilet no matter how much we encouraged or asked him if he needed the potty. With the training pads he noticed that he had his big boy pants on and that if he needed a wee he needed to take them down and sit on his potty. Of course there were a few mistakes but not many. For the past few weeks we have been getting him used to using the potty and haven't yet ventured anywhere with no nappy. 

I have found with the pads it makes the transition from nappy to potty a lot easier and less stressful, also not as many accidents. When we do go out and about I know taking the pads will be much easier then the pull ups, for one the are much smaller so if like me you abandoned your changing bag months ago you can just pop a few in the free carry pouch and place them in your handbag. Another great thing is that they are simple to use, unlike pull ups you don't have to carefully pull them up in case the sides rip and no fight with your child who just wants to wear big boy pants. 

You can purchase these on the dry like me website, where you will also find other potty training products including the potty training book and night time pads. I think that the products are fairly priced in comparison to other potty training aids. Dry like me has had their first advert go live on TV this week but if you haven't already seen it then you can view it on their website.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Tips & Tricks

Everyone loves a little life hack here and there I have found a few that maybe you have tried out. I have been speaking to a few people who have gave me a few tips and tricks and others I have just done, maybe they were seen and I had totally forgot about them until that "Oh Yeah" moment. 

These first few tips are great for making life in the kitchen that little bit easier:

1. When making hard boiled eggs add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water, this will make peeling the shell off so much easier and quicker. 
2. If your anything like me you have lots of fancy kitchen gadgets except one a garlic crusher! So once your garlic is peeled just use a fork and press onto the garlic. 
3. I don't make stuffed peppers but with the warmer weather rolling in and BBQ's coming up it's a great little extra to have. When making stuffed peppers to ensure that the filling stays put and the pepper stays in place pop them into a muffin tray. 
4. Is it me or does nothing seem to stay fresh for very long? I was constantly buying potatoes but since placing an apple in the bag with the potatoes they don't seem to sprout. 

The following tips are just a bunch of random ones that I thought would be fab to share. 

1. I don't own a watering can (are you surprised?!) so when it comes to watering what little plants I have in our dirt patch we use a milk bottle and punch a few little holes in the lid fill with water and bingo. Home made watering can. 
2. This tip is something that I will defiantly be using when doing drilling, I was told this a few weeks ago and it was a moment when you think, why didn't I think of that. So when your next drilling and don't want the dust getting on your floor pop a post it note just under where you are going to drill and it will catch the dirt and dust for you. 
3. I have a huge phobia of bee's and wasp's in fact it really effects me I cover up as much as possible in the summer to avoid getting stung, I run into roads and I have kung fu moments. I get stared at all the time because I'm constantly on edge. If I'm sat outside I'm super paranoid that something is going to fly in my drink (like a wasp did when I was younger). So I place a cake case over the top of my glass and shove a straw in through the top.
4. How I wish I was told about this tip sooner. A few people seem to be re decorating their houses this year and use many colours in different rooms. To keep you paint tray cleaner and to make it easier to clean up cover the tray with tin foil. So simple and saves at least a good half hour. 
5. Last but not least. If you have hairy pets then maybe you already do this or use a similar technique (my mum goes for rubber gloves on the stairs) use a squeegee on your carpets or furniture to get rid of pet hair, it saves hoovering 50 thousand times a day. 

I hope to bring some more tips onto the blog soon, I like to test them out or at least really look into them first to make sure that they really do work and save time, because lets face if we can cut out time and spend more time enjoying things we are much happier. 

Friday, 3 April 2015

Bakerdays Review and competition

It's always exciting when the postman delivers a parcel, you wonder what it could be or if what you have ordered will be as good as it looked online. We had a parcel arrive the other day and I knew exactly what it was and couldn't wait to open it. We were very lucky to be sent a letterbox cake by Bakerdays, I let Jared choose a design he went for a beautiful chocolate Easter themed cake. 

 The letterbox cake is big enough for 3-4 people or maybe just one person who will eat 3-4 portions (I was tempted). The letterbox is the smallest cake that Bakerdays offers being just 5 inches the biggest cake they offer is 12 inches which is 40-55 portions and comes with a free balloon. There are plenty of designs to choose from, birthday cakes and cakes for many occasions and events. If you prefer you can personalise your cake. As well as being able to choose the design and size you can choose the type of cake you would like from fruit cake, vanilla or chocolate chip. What I love about this is that Bakerdays caters for all an offer a dairy free cake also a gluten wheat free cake, I find these hard to find in shops or to order from local companies. The letterbox cake is ideal for sending to friends or family instead of or with cards, maybe to a son or daughter who is in university. The letterbox cake comes in a super cute cake tin which I plan to use to store all my kitchen recipes.

Another great product that Bakerdays offers is cupcakes, everyone loves cupcakes!! The cupcakes come in a box of twelve and are available in two different flavours. Again there is a wide variety of designs to choose from with some where you can add your own text. These could be used as wedding favours or for parties and many other occasions where cake is needed. Lets face it cake is always needed for a good party or get together. 

I had to show you a slice of our cake which we all loved and thoroughly enjoyed. We will defiantly be using Bakerdays to send cakes to our loved ones for birthdays. Thanks to Bakerdays for the cake!!

If you would like to win a letterbox cake then just fill out the rafflecoptor below.

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The letterbox cake was given to us to review. This does in no way influence my opinion on the product or the company.  

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A tour of Coronation Street

On Sunday I took my mum to the Coronation Street tour in Manchester, it was a belated birthday present. My mum loves her soaps so when it came to finding her something for her birthday this seemed perfect. It took around an hour and a half to get there, the tour doesn't actually have parking but there is a car park not far from them. We couldn't find the car park so I just left my car on a side street near some others and hoped for the best, the car was fine. If you know where you are going then that's great! We had no idea I had google maps open and the mini map of where it was also open, we eventually found a sign which was around the corner from the entrance. If you book a tour you need to arrive 15 minuets early I wouldn't get there any earlier otherwise you will just have to hang about in the crew kitchen. The prices of food and drink are what you would expect of any similar place. 

The tour starts here
Our tour began at half 4 we had our little lanyards with a card that said backstage pass, which was a really cute idea to make you feel sort of like a star. Our tour guide Katie was really bubbly and chatty which was great, there is nothing worse then a tour guide who just points out facts. Katie really engaged the group that we were in and made sure we all had a chance to look at what she showing/telling us. Unfortunately you can't take any pictures of the sets on the inside which was really annoying but they aren't going to change a habit of a lifetime. You can't go on to the sets which is also a bit of a shame as it would be good if you could just stand on them and do a pose for a picture, like they offer in the Rovers set. In the Rovers you can pretend to pull a pint and get your picture taken. You can purchase the picture in the medical centre/gift shop after the tour I will talk about that further on. So the set tour is great I don't know if it's always the same sets or if they change them sometimes but got to see Carla Connors flat, the Platt's house, Fiz and Tyrone's, the factory, the barge that Ken's naughty love interest lived on along with the Rovers and the inside of the Kabin. Along with the sets are some pictures and props, you can also see the stars dressing rooms and wardrobe department with the actual clothes they have worn in the show. 

Once the inside tour has ended you exit out of the Bistro on to those famous and cobbles and to the theme tune of Coronation Street. Once you are on the street you can wonder around at your own place and take as many picture as you want until they close which was 7pm for us. Me and my mum had a walk around and took various posing pics. We both knocked on the Platt's front door with no answer so we wondered round to their garden and we realised that no one was home. From there we took a stroll down the cobbles past the Rovers and Audrey's salon. We decided to wait for the bus but with it being a Sunday the service was limited so we went for a Taxi instead.


We also popped for a Kebab and to pay respect at where Tina died. It was so much fun that I'm sure if we had a larger group of us and a cam corder we could of made our own little episode. Maybe some people have? I would be very interested seeing the footage if you have. At the gift shop we bought our picture on a USB which I don't really understand, they offer the USB option but a person in front of us had 2 pictures and was told you can only have one picture on the USB meaning he would have to buy 2. Now in the off chance that any of the tour team are reading this I have a little idea, It would be great if you could just pose on a few of the sets and have the picture taken, I understand that you want to preserve the set and that some people are just really ignorant to that but lets say you can stand in Carla's Kitchen or sit on a stool at a sewing machine in the factory. These would be great little pictures to have and I'm sure that people would be willing to pay for a USB that contains a few pictures. Say maybe £10 per USB for a selection of pictures that they have had taken. That is the end of my pitch. So back to the gift shop they offer a few things which are kind of pricey I would of loved a mug but paying nearly £9 for one I just couldn't justify that price so I got a fridge magnet and a rugby ball for Jared-David. I really hope that you get the chance to go as it is a great day out and the tour itself is priced fairly and you never know if you go you might just bump into some of the cast unfortunately we didn't but apparently they do visit. 


Monday, 23 March 2015

Gro Clock Review

Getting your toddlers to go to bed can be tricky, they need a drink or they are hungry then there is the "can I just have 5 more minuets". If you have a child like mine you have a battle on your hands. We get snuggled in our jim jam's have a cuddle on the sofa, had a little drink and off up the wooden hill to sleep. If you read one of my previous posts you will have read all about how difficult my son makes bedtime, crying, screaming, throwing toys, books and anything he could pick up. After a few hours he is asleep. Morning comes around and just as the sun is opening it's eyes the child is awake and shouting to go downstairs and watch Spongebob. It's that time of the morning where you just don't want to get out of bed, you beg your child just have another hour or two. I have tried explaining time to my son but he is two and I'm basically asking for miracles. 

We were lucky enough to be sent a Gro Clock, the clock isn't your typical clock face. It has no numbers around the edge and no hands pointing at numbers. My first thought was how will this help my son with knowing when it is bed time and when it is time to get up? The clock works by using two different glowing screens, one which indicated that it is night time by showing a star with a blue background and little stars surrounding the big one. The little stars go out one by one to show the passing of time but hopefully your child will be sound asleep by then. The other screen is yellow with a big smiley sun indicating that it is time to rise and shine. You can set the clock to change from night time to day time to go with your children's routines. The process of doing this did confuse me at first but it is fairly simple to use. The great thing about this feature is you can change it when ever you want especially on a weekend when you fancy a lie in. 

In the picture above you can see the smiling sun showing your child that it's time to be awake. I would just like to point out that my son does not watch that DVD he just likes the funny chicken on the front and likes taking it everywhere. You have got to love your kids strange interests. The clock plugs into a mains plug socket so no worrying about if the batteries are going to run out. When our Gro clock arrived and we opened the box my son got so excited, not because of the clock but because of a little book that was tucked away inside. 

A few other things about the Gro clock, you can set the clock up for nap times as well as having the bedtime and morning time set. My son doesn't have naps now as I'm normally at work so he is at his Nans. There is also the option to have an alarm sound for those wake up times, which I'm tempted to use for myself as my alarm is really annoying, but I guess any is. Again this is a feature that we won't need to use. well not at the moment due to my son waking up early. The Gro clock is currently on sale for £19.99 which you can purchase by going to the website or following this link to the Gro clock. If you have a look around the website you can also purchase faces for your Gro clock we are ordering the face which has the Aliens on which is currently £4.99. If you are not in the UK then fear not you can purchase the clock with a euro plug. 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Twinkl Review

Over the past few weeks we have been using a website called Twinkl, the website is mainly aimed at teachers and teaching assistants. However on the site there is a section for parents and childminders. Twinkl offers resources for your childs learning, my boyfriends mum is a teaching assistant and she uses this website for the activities for her children in the school. There is also a section that shows you what the curriculum is and relevant work and activities that would help your child. 
Although there is alot on the site for teachers and that is related to school work I found it really good to help my son out. I spent a few hours looking around and seeing which activities would be both fun and helpful for Jared. Jared is two and is not yet at nursery but he is very cleaver (he does not get this from me) he can count to twenty and he knows his alphabet and can point out the correct letters, he has also just learned his left and right. This site has helped us keep up with things like his alphabet and numbers one of the items we have printed off is a picture dictionary, each dictionary page has squares for you to stick in pictures of objects that begins with the same letter. I'm currently collecting pictures of objects so we can work on this. One of the activities we have been doing is some emotion flash cards. I got all the flash cards and placed them down then I asked him to point to the picture where someone looks sad or happy etc. The more tricky words like confused and astonished he didn't really know and rather then pointing at one he just said "where it is mummy" 


On the website there is a section which will show you all the crafts that they have. This could be a print out sheet with just instructions to a print out of folding and colouring. We love crafts in this house so as you can imagine we have printed a few Easter crafts out ready to make in a week or two. We did do a few little crafts for mothers day and we gave them to Nanny and Nanna. One of Jareds favourites so far has been the dot-to-dots I have found this helps with number sequence at first he just wanted to colour in but once I explained that you have to join the dots by following the numbers he kind of got the hang off it, I joined the dots and he pointed to the number that came next. In time I'm sure his pen control with improve and I believe these dot-to-dots will help him with this. 

 This is Jared colouring in a lovely Mothers Day bouquet. I could resist joining in I guess I'm just a big kid as I love colouring.

 This is just one of the dot-to-dots it was of a dinosaur. Which Jared loves. We have so many dot-to-dots to do now. 

Another great thing they have is reward charts, this is perfect as we are teaching Jared to use the potty and rather then just a cheer and a well done from us he now has his own chart that we can fill in when he uses the potty. 

You can sign up to twinkl for free or you can choose the Gold membership which is £29.95 for 12 months and Platinum which is £44.95 for 12 months. I almost forgot to mention Twinkl also has a blog and a forum, you can also leave comments on the content that you have usesd. I'm looking forward to the rest of our Twinkl year and developing my son's skills further along with my two sisters who have had a look and found tonnes they want to download and do.    

* I was given a years free platinum subscription for writing this review. However this did in no way affect my views of the website and the resources it offers. All pictures are my own I do not give permission for my pictures to be use by any other person(s) unless consent is asked and given.