Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Oven Pride Review

I have wrote this post once before but for some reason it just wasn't working so I will try again. The problem I seemed to have last time was with the pictures that I used so I have decided not to use pictures even though it would make this post a lot more better in support my views. 

A while ago I was sent some oven pride. I left my oven for a good three weeks to get really dirty and greasy as I really wanted to push the product to it's limit. One box of oven pride contains a bag which seals, a bottle of the oven pride solution and a pair of gloves. I was impressed with the gloves, most products I have bought in the past that contain gloves are normally rubbish. The gloves weren't slippy like the ones you get with home hair dye kits, they were strong and fit nicely on my hands. On a Friday night after dinner I took the racks from inside the oven and the metal cover from off the stove and placed them into the bag, I poured about three quarters of the solution into the bag and gave it a shake to make sure everything inside was covered. Within seconds of doing this the clear liquid turned to a dark brown colour, which was the grease and dirt coming away from the racks. With the left over quarter of the oven pride solution I rubbed it into the inside of the oven and on the top on the stove. I then left this overnight to work it's magic. 

We have an old oven and it has never really had the new look that some ovens get so I wasn't expecting it to make my oven look like I had just bought it. I wanted to tackle the racks first and get them looking at least half the correct colour they should be. I filled my sink with hot soapy water and started to wash away the solution. The grease seemed to just slid off the racks and put no effort into trying to cling on to the racks. I now have shiny silver racks again apart from a few marks that look like the gas and flames have took charge of these parts. The water needed to be changed a couple of times as due to the build up of greasy water and it being so dark in colour I couldn't see my hand when placing it into the sink. I decided to leave the inside of the oven and the stove for a further two hours as these parts where really stubborn and held a lot of grease. When it came to cleaning this I used a sponge with a scourer on, again it got rid of all the grease and grim and made it look more appealing to cook on. I wish I could show the results as they were great, but I would like to point out if you do have an oven that has been well used over a long period of time please expect oven pride to make it look brand new. There are always going to be some marks that can't be removed and that is most likely because it is dirt it is just general ware and tear. 

Overall I'm extremely pleased with how clean my oven got and I didn't have to spend hours scrubbing at it to get it looking good. Oven pride tackles the grease and dirt and brakes it up to make it easier to wipe away and clean. I would recommend this product to anyone who doesn't like scrubbing their oven, if you like spending hours cleaning your oven then keep at that as this would cut the time in half and disappoint you. Since receiving this product to try, I have purchased more of this magic.  

*I was sent this product for free to try and to review, however this in no way effects my thoughts and feelings of this product*

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

My latest purchase

I have been super busy again so my blog has been left until last on my list of to do's. I hope you have all had a look at my competition on my previous post. 

Lately I have found a new little geeky love. The Hobbit!! One night last week we were flicking through the TV planner and nothing was on so we checked Netflix and Amazon and came across The Hobbit. I have never been into the whole Lord of the rings thing when it first came out. Anyway we watched The Hobbit and I was like "OMG how did I ever convince myself I would hate this thing". I have now bought The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug, plus Lord of the rings box set. I thought we would watch the prequels first as it always makes more sense to me doing it that way. Also Lord of the rings Lego was purchased which is a fantastic game, but I love the Lego games anyway. Of course like everyone else that finds there new geeky love you set a ringtone on your phone and think yeah now I am a true fan. I hope more than just me does this otherwise I may need help!!!! 

The Hobbit is a great film and I would urge anyone who hasn't seen it to watch it. I would suggest you start with the Hobbit films first then do the Lord of the rings set. As for the Lego games buy them all and some food and lock yourself in your room and do not leave until you have done them all. By far the best games available for any console. I will be writing a review of the first and second Hobbit film but I promise not to spoil it for you.